Accra Travel Guide and Travel Tips

November 1, 2015  —  By

 Accra Travel is gradually getting easier and more convenient for international tourists. Accra, the capital, is the main entrance to Ghana. Located in western Africa, Ghana is one of the most economically flourished countries in Africa. Being the capital, Accra has a very good transportation system as well as several other modern facilities for recreation and amusements. Therefore, you will find Accra Travel enjoyable. This Accra Travel Guide provides necessary information to make your journey to Accra comfortable.

Facts about Accra

Accra has a population of 1,661,400. The main local languages here are Ga, Twi, pronounced as ‘ch-wee’ Ewe and Hausa. Besides, there are many other languages in the country. The co-existence of the rich and the poor can be seen in Accra. It is evident in the city’s rich western looking buildings and dusty shanty areas.

Transportation in Accra

A good network of road and standard transportation system in the city make Accra Travel easier for visitors. Taxis are available of three varieties in Accra. Metered taxi, shared taxi and Tro Tro. Metered taxis have meters while shared taxis follow fixed routes and have fixed rates for each passenger. TroTros are private vans larger in size. Tro Tros ply on most of the routes in Accra. If your budget is high you can hire a sedan, another form of vehicle, from the car rental section of upscale hotels in the city.

Airports in Accra

Kotoka International Airport is the only airport that serves the city of Accra. It is a major air transportation hub in Ghana as there are direct flights to many international destinations from this airport.

Flights to Accra

Ghana International Airlines is the most dominant airlines in Accra airport. It operates passenger and cargo service at Kotoka International Airport. Apart from this, there are several other airlines that have flights to various international destinations such as New York, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Beirut, Washington and neighboring countries like Nigeria, Kenya and more.

Getting to Accra

Kotoka International Airport is the gateway to Accra for the international travelers whereas domestic tourists can follow roadways. The most convenient way for Accra Travel is to catch the flight to Accra and land at Kotoka Airport. From airport you can take a taxi towards downtown. Accra lies on railway lines to the neighboring cities of Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Your Travel to Accra will remain incomplete if you do not visit the popular tourist attractions in the city such as the National Museum, Ghana Academy of Arts and Science, Christianborg Castle, Independent Square and the National Archives of Ghana. Another tip which you should keep in mind during your Accra Travel is that your should try to not confuse the commercial vehicles with the private ones, as these look similar. Just be careful that commercial transports have yellow color with black lettering while the private ones are white with black lettering.