Airline Ticket Deals To Avoid

You may have been curious about ads or websites that promise no strings attached airline tickets to a great place like Orlando or Hawaii. Some of these might even include hotel rooms!

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, unfortunately, it is. These scams are usually set up by time-share companies and what they don’t tell you is that you will be required
to attend their seminars every day. You can live with a short seminar right? Think again.

These -seminars- last at minimum 4 hours each day you are there. If you don’t attend them, you may not be able to get your free airline ticket home or even have your hotel room

Sure it’s sneaky but legally these companies are doing what they say. They provide free airline tickets with the promise of vacation and in a way they do comply.

If you think you can listen to 4 hours of sales pitches every day and still try to have a good time later, go for it. If you know it’s a bad idea, stay away.

Many airline deals center around bad times of year. In the fall, you can see ads for very cheap Caribbean airline tickets.

Hmm..What is it that happens in the Caribbean every fall? Oh yeah! Hurricanes! The chances of a hurricane coming to the exact place you are visiting is pretty slim but if it does happen, you are stuck there for the duration of the storm.

Be very careful when drooling over these cheap airline tickets in the fall. The same applies for Japan and nearby islands in the spring.

Travel smart to Geneva with Important Travel Tips

Switzerland, truly a paradise on earth! Breathtakingly beautiful, scenic attractions, serene countryside, wineries, chapels, and many more attractions enthrall visitors coming to Geneva, one of the cities in Switzerland. Remarkable tourist facilities available here is another factor that makes this destination preferable. Besides picturesque locations, vibrant nightlife also makes the place happening. The destination has also gained recognition on the global front due to the UN international cooperation center with New York, its diplomacy and renowned Geneva Convention. Although the place is famous as a tourist destination, it has also gained immense repute being one of the eight most respected financial centers in the world. Visitors are awe struck to see the nature’s bounty spread all around the city. These days, several flights to Geneva are available by leading carriers.

Travel experts recommend keeping certain travel tips in mind before traveling to Geneva. These tips will help visitors to enjoy their vacation in a much better way. Though, any time of the year is suitable to travel to this magnificent destination, summer months i.e. July and August are considered to be the best time to travel to this chic and graceful Swiss city. Since less crowds flock to the city during spring and autumn seasons, many visitors find this time to be suitable for their travel. During this time, they can also get inexpensive flight tickets to reach here.

During peak season, that is, during the summer months, it is difficult to get accommodation at the last moment. Hence, it is advisable to reserve a room well in advance and avoid any disappointment later. Just like cheap ticket airline, budget accommodation is also available. Visitors traveling on a tight budget can book room in such accommodations.

The natural splendor of the city is globally renowned. Surrounded by Lake Geneva, the view of majestic Jura and Alps mountains adds serenity and calmness to the place. If one wishes to explore them, it is better taking help of a local tourist guide. Also, the city is not too vast hence can be explored easily. To visit countryside, renting a car would be a perfect idea. It will help visitors to see the area as per their convenience. They can stop midway to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the place immensely.

Take guidance from tour operators to know more about the place. They can visit the old town and see old mansions all around. The natives of the city have a unique fondness for flowers and one can see a riot of color in their homes.

To understand the history associated with the Gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Olympic Museum, the Lausanne Vivarium and the Musée de l’Elysée, assistance from a tourist guide should be taken. To explore all these unique architectural splendor, one should immediately book seat on any of the cheap flights to Geneva and reach here.
Honeymooners find this place simply amazing and they can buy cheap tickets to Geneva to reach here and enjoy quality time with their spouse.

Cayman Island Tourist Destinations for Fabulous Holiday Trip

Vacationers flock to Cayman Island tourist destinations for a fabulous Caribbean vacation. Moreover, the island serves the perfect combination of white sandy beaches and delighting recreations that too in a perfect climate. In addition, it offers an opportunity to relax in best beaches of the world. Also, the local people tell the astonishing tales of fearsome pirates, and shipwrecked souls that amazes the tourists. Furthermore, the Cayman Island tourist destinations consist of three islands – Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Nevertheless, there are many good scuba diving locations with all typical ingredients: strong currents, steep walls and shallow reefs.

Cayman island tourist destinations have attractive stretches of the shoreline but, Seven Mile Beach is one of the finest beaches in the world. And, this beach offers a lot of activities and ample resorts due to which it has become a popular place to savor the precious time of vacations. Moreover, it is a long crescent-shaped, coral sand beach located on the western shore of the island. In addition, it is the most developed and most popular beach amongst other Cayman tourist destinations, and there are many luxury hotels and resorts here to accommodate the tourists. Furthermore, the beach side resorts serve multi cuisine platter with a unique Caribbean touch. Also, the Seven Mile Beach is a perfect place to enjoy lots of water sports, for instance snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Additionally, vacations love to watch sunset in the beach paradise of Cayman island tourist destinations.

Governors Beach is spotted right next to the governor’s house. Moreover, it’s a perfect spot to relax, offering picnic tables in the shaded spots under the seagrape trees to enjoy the picnicking. And, the Spotts beach of Spotts Newland is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Also, the white sandy beaches are surrounded by beautiful Ironshore cliffs. In addition, the water of this beach is perfect for swimming since the barrier reef keeps water calm year round. Furthermore, the National museum is one of most visited Cayman Island tourist destinations, which is established as a place of learning with enjoyment. And, the museum educates the vacationers with a rich understanding of the Caymanian heritage through special activities and exhibits. Moreover, the museum boasts a collection of over 8000 objects that resembles the rich heritage of the Cayman Island tourist destinations.

Furthermore, Hell is a place of mysterious beauty because of its peculiar black rock formations. Additionally, the Cayman Turtle Farm displays hundreds of turtles of all shapes and sizes, illustrating why this island was named as “The Turtles”.

In conclusion, the tourists can truly enjoy a dream-like vacation at Cayman Island tourist destinations. And, the tourist spots of the island open a world of opportunities that is already quite promising. In addition, a journey to the Cayman Island tourist destinations is sure to restore and relax vacationer’s world weary self. Moreover, it is the most inviting cluster of isles in the Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, the white sandy beaches, calm water, sea facing resorts, rich cultural heritage, magnificent natural views, and mouthwatering cuisine of the local peoples are the prime factors that attract millions of people towards Cayman Island tourist destinations.


Bali Tourist Destinations For Amazing Holiday Trip

Bali tourist destinations are famous for its breathtaking natural beauty that transcends the limits of imagination. Moreover, diverse landscapes, rich culture, tourist friendly places, and affordable prices of everything from hotels to public transport are drives lots of vacationers towards this Indonesian island. In addition, this island is also renowned as island of the gods, due to its marvelous scenic beauty, magnificent view of the sea, and pristine beaches. Furthermore, the Bali tourist destinations are decorated with mountains, and variety of natural ambience.

This lovely island offers an opportunity to enjoy the wild nightlife, and abundant shopping in various Bali tourist destinations. Moreover, the biggest town of the island is Kuta or Seminyak which is famous for ideal surfing conditions. In addition, for tourists who are interested in discovering the culture and traditions of Bali tourist destinations can head towards Ubud which is an inland town of the island. Moreover, this town is the arts and crafts centre of the island. And, Canggu is a small town which fulfills the vacationer’s desires to enjoy the everyday life of the local peoples. Also, this town can provide the opportunity to experience some very picturesque settings of the Bali tourist destinations.

The capital of the island is Denpasar which marvels the tourist with its rich architecture of the medieval period. In addition, there are many magnificent temples and picturesque historical sites that tell the tourists about the rich taste of Balinese peoples in architecture. In addition, while enjoying the vacations in the Bali tourist destinations it is an amazing experience to visit the villages Celuk and Bedulu that are famous for their fabulous silverware. In addition, these villages are also renowned for its finest sculptures, beautiful paintings, and leather work.

The clean, serene beaches of Bali tourist destinations are an ideal ambience for vacationers to chill out. Moreover, the beaches provide florid combination of placid breezes, sandy beaches, and azure sea. Also, the fabulous beaches of the island represent mix of crystal clear waters, magnificent coastline, and most wonderful views to take the breath away. And, the tropical climate is quite perfect for a family vacation, or a romantic vacation, or getting in some golf time. Furthermore, the famous location for surfing in the Bali tourist destinations is the Sanur beach. Additionally, the beach is famous for white sand which is both, clean and soft. Also, it is a famous location to experience a beautiful sunrise.

In the southern part of the island, Nusa Dua is perfect for enjoying the natural beauty of Bali tourist destinations. And, the Nusa Dua is also famous for the naturally grown lime stones. Moreover, the sacred ground for Hinduism is Tanah Lot. Moreover, this place is famous for the beautiful views of two temples that are located on large rocks. Also, there is a sea temple where locals worship the god of the sea.

In conclusion, apart from the beautiful beaches, historical sites, perfect weather, and beautiful landscapes, the Bali tourist destinations has lot to offer on its entertainment platter. In addition, the island offers opportunity to munch mouthwatering seafood delicacies, for example fish, prawns, squid and lobsters. Finally, Bali tourist destinations are perfect to enjoy every aspect of the natural beauty that can refresh the mind, body and soul.

Rome Travel Tips

Rome is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. There ancient city offer great attractions and activities. Here the styles of art is different, it is fascinating and mighty. And also Rome is the most important city of the western antiquity and the cradle of the European civilization, where the past and the present is blended in perfect harmony. The most unique features of this old world city such as magnificent thrill of centuries of turbulent history, natural occurrence, architectural jewelry from the history’s greatest artists makes traveler in love with Rome.

Rome is truly an open-air museum, a city that has retained a real architectural uniformity; here, no changes due to industrialization and modernization, but a city that retains much of its charm. No wonder you can enjoy a day walking among the temples, squares, stores, bell-towers and more those will create a memorable and unforgettable images on travelers’ mind.

Theaters, Temples and spas next to stunning monuments gave the city a steady growth and a dazzling brightness that concluded in the decay of so great empire. Christian Rome is born then, and the city wearing Renaissance and Baroque art.

Born on seven hills (Capitoline, Quirinal (Quirinale), Esquilino, Viminale, Celia, Palatine, and Aventine), criss-crossed by the River Tiber, Etruscan settlement of brave warriors and powerful imperial metropolis, Rome (founded in 753 BC) is today proud of its immense historical and cultural heritage.

At present, Roma is divided into two fundamental areas: the interior, or historical center, surrounded by the walls of Aurelius, built at the end of the third century AD to fence the area of the Seven Hills, and the area of neighborhoods or suburbs.

In the communal territory of Rome is the State of Vatican City, headquarters of the papacy of the Catholic Church, recognized as independent state by the Italian government in 1929 by the Lateran Pacts. It has a surface of 42 m2. and approximately 1,000 people live there. The majestic Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the largest in the world, stands on the horizon of the city.

The best time to visit Rome is in April, May, October and November. During these seasons, the landscape of the fields that surround the city is fascinating, the temperatures are pleasant. The visitor should try to avoid August, as this is the month in which the majority of Italians take their holiday and consequently many shops are closed. Although winter can be very cold, the sun appears frequently, there are less people and prices fall considerably.

Beach Fun and Adventure While in Devon

Devon holidays are truly wonderful experiences and spending it on the beach makes it more worthwhile. The county of Devon is known as the English Riviera because of its stunning coastline with hundreds of picturesque beaches and rustic coves. You can have unlimited shore destinations that would cater to your particular needs, skills, and preference. There are beaches that offer complete amenities to both young and old. There are also beaches that are far from the noisy crowd. Take a pick and have the best time of your life at the sun, sea, and sand of Devon.

Afterwards, you can explore other famous spots in this charming county in the south western of England. You can visit gardens and parks, museums and castles, boutiques and markets, and even pubs and bars. Engage in an exciting activity or discover a new hobby. Meet new friends or just enjoy the company of your love ones. There is no shortage of thrilling endeavours when you want to make the most out of your Devon holidays. If you are looking for the ultimate beach fun and adventure, here are some great choices.

Beach Volleyball

The Ilfracombe Tunnels Beach offers breathtaking sceneries to anyone who wants to make Devon holidays truly special. It is a fabulous place to engage in beach volleyball with your family and friends. Tunnels Beach is located at Ilfracombe which is just a short drive away from most holiday cottages. All you need to do is just take a short trip and you can have a whole day of pleasure and relaxation at this beach. Since the 1920’s, the Ilfracombe Tunnels Beach is a favourite holiday destination for couples, families, and different groups. The tunnels here came about as miners during those times needed an easier and faster way to reach the North Coast of Devon. The miners carved tunnels to create access ways. While enjoying a game or two of beach volleyball with family and friends, the younger and smaller members of the group can waddle and frolic in the tidal pools of this beach. This relaxing activity is something that you would look forward to do again during your Devon holidays.


Spending the day with the family at Instow Beach is a great idea during your Devon holidays. This beach has very calm waters so even if you have young kids in tow, you would not worry about safety while they are swimming. The shore is made up of soft golden sand, which will entice you to take a stroll. These are just some of the reasons why organizing a beach picnic here is such a wonderful thought. Prepare all your favourite dishes at the holiday cottages and head out to Instow Beach for a whole day of fun and adventure.

Safari in the Deserts of Dubai

Paragliding, desert driving, such activities in desert safari includes Camel Rides. Of all the fantastic attractions in Dubai though one stands out as the most popular and exhilarating experience, the Dubai desert safari. There is also the opportunity to do a quad bike run on the sand dunes. On the safari you may also get a trip to the traditional Bedouin village.

Driving in sand is wonderful and exciting activity. Dune bashing encompasses riding up and down the dunes in the sport utility vehicle while the guide criss-crosses sand dunes and traverses the narrow ridges. Enjoy cuisine of Dubai and return safely to the city depending on the time available and what the traveller wishes to see each of these options offers a fantastic time in the desert with the opportunity to take photos, ride camels. It is an adventure in itself which combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the challenge of remaining mobile on the shifting.

 You will find other attractions like Henna painting and Arabic costumes too. There were other tactic like driving right on the shoulder of the dune and then making a turn blowing the sand in the air etc. Desert Safari in Dubai is a trip into the desert that provides the opportunity to do some Dune bashing with the tour guides. The safari also includes camel rides and the opportunity to go sand skiing or sand boarding down the terrific sand dunes of the desert.  That is skiing on real snow in a controlled environment in the middle of desert, how cool is that. The safari expeditions all leave from the central city and take adventurers out into the dessert. Transportation is in a temperature controlled all wheel drive vehicle for safety and comfort. The feast is accompanied by entertainment provided by the famous belly dancers and musical bands. There is even skiing in an enclosed ski mall.

Travellers are able to choose from several options of the Dubai Desert experience. It is impossible for one to visit Dubai and not experience it’s desert because of the Dubai Overnight Desert Safari. Minutes later driver came to us and told us he was ready so were we and we started off Drive made a turn to a smaller road and all of a sudden there was no road we were driving in the sand wow that was first ever natural thing I saw in the desert. Dessert safaris generally take half a day and can include an overnight stay in Bedouin tents. This small city-country has more to offer than most countries that stretch across several time zones.

The government of Dubai and the businessmen are always inventing new and exciting ways to attract tourists and provide an action packed vacation. Desert Safari is a trip in to the desert and a great way to explore the sandy expanses. Dubai Desert Safari is one of the special attractions that Dubai offers. Dubai has become one of the world’s most sought after vacation destinations. If the deserts sound drab and uneventful, the Dubai Desert Safari will make you reconsider your thoughts. With Persian carpets and other customary accessories, and treated to the conventional barbeque of Arabia in Dubai desert safari the accommodation will be typical Bedouin tents.

 The “Shisha” or the traditional hubbly bubbly smoking will also be arranged for you. We went on the dunes and our Safari driver drove on a tall sand dune and Just at the very top he quite relaxingly descended down the steep dune the two ladies sitting behind nearly screamed but it was fun they enjoyed it so did I.


Argentina Tourist Destinations

Argentina is one of the major countries of South America neighbored by Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. Buenos Aires being the major city of Argentina also known as “Paris of South America” because of its distinctive character of European influences. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer to tourists and backpackers like wines, exotic food, tango, its architecture.

If you visit the central region of Argentina which is centered around Pampas, there you will find cattle ranches, maritime resorts such as Pinamar, Villa Gesell, Miramar, Monte Hermoso, Bahia Blanca and Coastal District.

The most popular sport of Argentina is soccer. It’s always a good idea to watch a professional match live. Soccer itself is the reason for most soccer fans to make Argentina tourist destination. The breakfast in Argentina is light as compared to English speaking countries but the lunch is quite big. Yerba mate is an herbal drink, usually drunk hot. Argentina is also known for its wine. Beer is offered in small glass or served in bottles or cans. The cuisine of Argentina is a high protein cuisine resembling certain European cuisines. Beef is common meat there. Parrilla is a kind of grilled meat which is quite common there. Sausages such as Chorizo, Morcilla and Chitterlings are a local variety there.

The northern region consists of beautiful natural sites and places that are of extreme beauty only to be described by the eyes of the very own visitors who have experienced the view of it. Iguazu Falls is one of the most famous falls, surrounded by the Iguazu National Park consisting of rainforest. But the most beautiful and famous fall is the Devil’s Throat. Every January there is this National Folklore Festival in Cosquin which is visited by many tourists. There are good resorts like Calamuchita Valley, Sierra de Cordoba, Villa Cura Brochero, Mina Clavero, Mar Chiquita, Pampa de Achala and others. Those people who are looking forward to explore natural beauty can make Argentina tourist destination. Southern region boasts about Los Glaciares National Park, known for its glaciers. The southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is also a major tourist destination.

There are certain shopping malls in Argentina such as Alto Palermo Shopping Mall, Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall, Unicenter Shopping Mall, Abasto Shopping Mall and many more. Many shops in Buenos Aires sell antiques. Calle Florida is famous for its malls offering huge variety at really cheap prices. But if you are a big spender and looking for designer and branded stuff you won’t be disappointed, because there are showrooms of Armani, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Because of so many things Argentina has to offer, travelers from all parts of world make Argentina a famous tourist destination.

Nepal and Bhutan Tour: A Pleasurable Journey of South Asia

Nepal and Bhutan are the perfect tourists destination located in South Asia. Both the countries are famous for their heritage sights, wonderful mountains, royal monarchies, attractive art, etc. Nepal and Bhutan both have richness in all walks of life. The fresh and clear atmosphere of the place will make your trip pleasurable. You can experience number of new things from this journey. The astonishing landscape beauty of these countries will make you amazed. The unique culture and tradition of these countries attracts the tourists most. On this wonderful journey you can gather lots of new memories.

Let’s first talk about the home of world’s highest and stunning mountains “Nepal”. The country includes eight peaks from the ten highest peaks of the world which grab the tourist attraction. This is a best place for adventure lovers as it offers you the many adventurous sports like: Rafting, trekking, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Kayaking, Ultra light Aircraft, Hot Air Ballooning, Rock Climbing, etc. But from all these sports, Trekking in Nepal is unique and breathtaking because of the world’s highest mountain “Mount Everest”.

Apart from adventurous sports the other famous tourists attractions are: Mount Everest Trekking Route, Annapurna Range, Pashupatinath Temple, Royal Chitwan National Park, Changunarayan Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Golden Gate, Bodhnath Stupa, Syambunath, Hanuman Dhoka, Kali Gandhaki Valley, Kathmandu Valley, Langtang Valley, Sagarmatha National Park, Royal Chitwan National Park, Rara Tal, Phewa Tal, Gosikunda Tal, Pokshundu Tal, etc.

After visiting all the remarkable places of Nepal now move towards Bhutan “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”. It is a place where you can explore many astounding attractions. The two major attractions of the place are Thimpu and Paro valley. The other attractions which you can explore are: Wangdiphodrang, National Museum of Bhutan, Tongsa, Bumthang Valley, Mongar, Lhuntse, Rinpung Dzong, Folk Heritage Museum, Ta Dzong, Taktsang Monastery, Druguel Dzong, National Textile Museum, Chendebji Chorten, National Memorial Chorten, Bhutan Palaces, temples, etc. All these superb places will win your heart. Bhutan Tour Operator is a marvelous tour where you can enjoy a lot with new experiences.

The journey of these countries is incomplete without shopping. You can do the shopping from the best shopping points with hot and yummy cuisines. You can easily get the hand made items in the market. The things you buy will make you remember about the journey of these places. The ultimate nature of these countries will compel you to visit the places again. So come and visit the countries for exciting and inimitable experiences with your close ones.

Iceland Tourist Destinations

Iceland is a mountainous island nation in North Atlantic Ocean, located between North America and Europe. Although it is not the part of continental mainland but it is considered as a part of Europe. Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place if you like to enjoy desolate and strange landscapes. The natural features of Iceland such as hot springs, grinding glaciers, eruptions of lava, and gushing geysers attracts many tourists. The natural reserves make most of the Iceland tourist destinations.

The Reykjavik city of Iceland is considered as one of the world’s trendiest city. Cafes, clubs, pubs, and colorful wood houses in the city make the old town one of the world’s most expensive cities. The Blue Lagoon of Iceland is a popular geothermal pool that has milky-blue water and is huge. The seawater of the spa is rich in minerals and is warmed by the geothermal plant located nearby. Spas of this country have become one of the major Iceland tourist destinations.

Iceland is home to many natural reserves and one of the most famous one is Dorsmork. Around Reykjsvik there are 300 square kilometers consisting of natural wilderness, offering a great challenge for the hiking amateurs. The West Fjords is 13 million years old and is actually a spectacular chain of mountains, mostly made of rhyolite and basalt. Gullfoss in Iceland is the most popular waterfall and has a height of 105 feet. The sprays of water above this tourist spot during sunny days produce beautiful glimmering rainbows. One can take a good hike to reach the top and enjoy the scenery. These Iceland tourist destinations attract many visitors every year.

The glaciers in Iceland are known for their vivid features. Covering approximately 11260 square kilometers-4328 square miles or you can say that 10.9 percent of Iceland is covered by glaciers. Many kinds of glaciers are found in Iceland. From the months of September to April, Northern Lights are visible in the sky. When you look at the northern skies of the country, you can enjoy the natural wonder of lights dancing in the sky. Iceland tourist destinations such as those mentioned above, provide a unique experience to tourists who visit this beautiful country.

The cuisine of Iceland basically consists of lamb, fish and seafood. Lamb meat is served in many forms of frankfurters and sausages. This lamb meat along with potato flour is made into a paste and this paste is used in making fried patties. Some popular sausages are blodmor and lifrapilsa. Svid is basically a traditional dish which is a boiled lamb’s head. A glass of cold milk is served with every meal. The national drink of Iceland is Brennivin and it is very much similar to brandy.

The Exotic Beaches of Tenerife

Tourists who choose Tenerife as their ideal destination for a holiday find that they are compelled to visit the city over and over again. This is because the city has lush gardens and an atmosphere that is nothing short of welcoming and amazing. This is one of Spanish places that you can make those lasting memories without even trying too hard to achieve that.

It is also a place that has lots of monuments and buildings all of which have rich artistic and historic value. The churches are the main monuments within the city although there are other grounds that make it to the attractions list. The most interesting thing about Tenerife is that it experiences sunshine throughout the year meaning that it is ideal for any kind of holiday at any given time within the year. You can enjoy your time best at the exotic beaches and resorts that are strategically placed within the region.

Martianez Beach: it is strategically placed between cliffs and is made outstanding by the black sandy layers on some sections. It is a beach that is open to the powerful sea actions and has scenery that is simply breathtaking. You can enjoy the sand and sun as well as have an interesting time in surfing.

Teresita Beach: the golden sand beach is very popular and is located on Santa Cruz. You will find sea grapes and Canary palms adorning the wide beach and it also has a water breaker making it quite safe for people looking to spend some time in the cool waters. It is also a fishing ground and this only means that you will get to enjoy seafood at its best adding to the fun you will find within the beach.

Roque Beach: this is a unique beach whose sand is quite dark. You will find it most ideal to spend some time in during the periods with low tides and you can enjoy surfing ferienwohnung spanien. It is however of great importance to note that the surfing can be dangerous since this is a beach that experiences sudden swells and currents even though it generally has good conditions. You can enjoy all types of foods especially seafood in the open fish restaurants and cafes.

Jardin Beach: it is located on Puerto la Cruz and is also an amazing beach that has plenty of activities to offer to those who are looking for some fun during their holidays and vacations. The facilities within this beach are quite modern and you can find most of the equipment you need on hire and at a very affordable rate for that matter.