A Handy Dandy Checklist: 39 Things to Do Before Leaving on Vacation

How many times this happen that you forget something important and it ruins your perfect vacation? I am sure almost all of you have gone through this. So here is a perfect checklist that makes you absolutely ready for vacation.

A Week to 48 Hours Before:

  • Put a hold on the delivery of your mail, or ask someone to collect it for you (same goes for any packages that might be coming your way)
  • Put a hold on the delivery of your newspapers
  • Arrange pet sitter or kennel stay
  • Pay bills
  • Check toiletry/gear/clothes supply — buy new items as needed
  • Load up on reading material — buy magazines and books, check out books from library, download books on Kindle/iPad
  • Order and pick-up a refill on your medication if it’ll run out while you’re on your trip
  • Let friends and family know about travel itinerary
  • Arrange for a ride to the airport, or reserve a parking spot (if your airport is big enough for that to be needed — not the case here in Tulsa!)

The Day Before:

  • Throw away perishable food items from fridge, as well as any fruit/veggies that might go bad while you’re away
  • Notify alarm company that you’ll be away
  • Get all laundry done (including bed sheets — nothing better than coming home to fresh sheets!)
  • Check-in for flight online and print off boarding passes
  • Print off driving directions (yeah, you can look these up on your phone, but there are plenty of times when your digital map of choice doesn’t work properly)
  • Write down/print off destination addresses
  • Check weather of destination
  • Confirm hotel reservations
  • Confirm rental car reservations
  • Program phone numbers you’ll need into phone
  • Download apps, music, and movies/shows for yourself and the kids
  • Set up email away message
  • Fully charge phone/tablet/laptop
  • Withdraw cash and change it for single dollar bills in case you need to tip shuttle drivers, skycaps, hotel valets, etc.
  • Call bank to let them know you’re traveling
  • Run the dishwasher
  • Pack everything (minus what you’ll be using on travel day) in your suitcase and carry-on bag

Morning of Departure:

Note: If you have a very early flight, some of these things should be done the night before. Just grab a protein bar and head out the door.

  • Pack dopp kit after getting ready for the day
  • Make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked
  • Make sure the garbage disposable is clear of food scraps
  • Take out last bag of trash to garbage can
  • Wash any dishes you used for breakfast by hand and put away (really, protein bars are the way to go)
  • Turn off lights and turn on timer for lights
  • Unplug electronics
  • Water house plants
  • Set thermostat for away temperature (upper 70s in summer, upper 50s in winter — the rule of thumb is 4 degrees off of what your normal temperature is)
  • Close blinds and curtains
  • Double-check bags/clothing for loose ammunition
  • Be sure your EDC is TSA compliant; pack into suitcase the forbidden items that you normally carry on your person (pocket knife, gun, etc.)
  • Double check that you have IDs and itinerary packed in carry-on bag

Check for items you often use right up until leaving, and end up forgetting:

  • Medicine
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet
  • Phone

Suggested Packing Checklists

Dopp Kit:

  • Travel bottle of shampoo
  • Bar of your favorite soap
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Shaving supplies: razor, brush, and cream
  • Nail clippers
  • Lip balm
  • Band aids
  • Safety pins
  • Aspirin or Tylenol
  • Lint roller
  • $20 bill
  • Extra pair of contact lenses
  • Cologne
  • Medications


  • Itinerary
  • Smartphone power cords and adapter
  • Paperback book/magazines
  • Tablet/laptop and power cords
  • Paper copy of driving directions
  • A change of clean underwear
  • Pens/pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Headphones
  • Snacks

Baby/Toddler Bag:

  • Diapers
  • Diaper disposal bags
  • Wipes
  • Snacks
  • Books (way, way more than you might think you’ll need — they’ll go through ‘em quick)
  • Small toys
  • Bottle/cup with built-in straw (sucking will help pop their ears)
  • Benadryl and/or Tylenol (see here for proper dosing)
  • Toddler headphones
  • Tablet with downloaded movies/shows


9 of the Most Exclusive Vacation Destinations

We all looking  for exclusive vacation destination to unwind and relax in our deserved holiday away from our hectic life away from work. Here is a refined list of most exclusive vacation destinations.

Mustique located at St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The British royal family has called this private island in the Caribbean a second (or fifth) home for years. Princess Margaret had a villa built there, while Prince William and Kate Middleton (when not birthing kids with 12 names) regularly rent one of the 100 available homes. You must be a guest of the island to stay there, though, and you can expect to pay at least $20,000 per week.


Lake Como in Italy


A lake getaway usually includes beer, tubing, and attractive coeds wearing rebel flag bikinis — if you’re lucky. For George Clooney and the celeb set, however, a vacation on the lake means stunning waterfront villas surrounded by breathtaking mountainscapes.


To really get away from it all, the rich head to this tiny string of islands south of India. Surrounded by deep blue ocean and known for its romantic feel, a lot of Hollywood couples indulge in the over-water spa services and underwater restaurants offered at many of the five-star properties.

St. Barts at French West Indies

While the rest of us were digging out from under three feet of snow, Hollywood glitterati and Wall Street VIPs were splashing about the crystal blue waters of this Caribbean island, which boasts only about 24 hotels with rooms that are extremely difficult to reserve. Even the yacht moorings are booked well in advance! If somehow you manage to score a reservation, expect to rub elbows with folks like Beyonce, Jay Z, Gwen Stefani, and Derek Jeter.

St. Tropez at French Riviera

In the South of France, you’ll often find the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham, and Tom Cruise lounging on one of their super yachts just off the coast of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Fancy glacier skiing in August? Well, that isn’t far away either.

Necker Island in British Virgin Islands

To even stay on this Caribbean gem, you’ll need an invite from British billionaire Sir Richard Branson; he purchased the island in the late ’90s and rents it out to A-listers like Steven Spielberg and Kate Winslet for special getaways. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of the running; the mogul opens up his 74-acre property to the public several weeks a year, renting rooms to 15 couples. Included in their stay are food/drinks, a dedicated staff, two infinity pools, two tennis courts, and unlimited water sports. Also, wireless internet. The price for a piece of paradise? That starts at $28,805 per couple.

Los Cabos in Mexico

Sure, anyone can vacation in this Baja Peninsula hot spot. But sharing a room with six buddies after a long night of tequila shots hardly counts as luxurious. That’s why celebrities like Jennifer Aniston sip their cocktails/do their shots poolside at a private villa or at the One&Only Palmilla retreat, where, for around $9,000 a night, private butlers are on call 24/7 to answer any request.


Kenya in Africa

For some wealthy types, poolside massages don’t equal the ideal getaway. No, they want to do stuff, like stare at lions, glamp in luxury tents, and roam the plains on a wildlife safari. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are two of those people. And when they traveled to Kenya, they stayed at the $4,000-a-night Alfajiri Villas.


Like the Maldives, the Seychelles is all about total privacy, incredible scenery, and high-end amenities. The ultra-exclusive North Island — where royals shell out almost $10,000 a night for villas complete with a chef, butler, and beach buggy service — is only accessible by private helicopter.

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Pros & Cons of Home Rentals on Business Trips

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day’s work, putting your feet up and just relaxing. And sometimes that means getting out of the mold of universal hotel brands and finding some place with more personality to lay your head.

To many business travelers, the idea of not staying at a hotel could be considered heretical. The predictability of hotels makes them a solid, albeit impersonal, bet. However, in the last few years, one of the fastest growing segments of business travel is home and apartment rentals.  Data from Concur show that while the total volume of short-term apartment rentals is still small, it’s growing exponentially.

Home and apartment rentals from companies like Airbnb, FlipKey, Homeaway and VRBO offer millions of listings around the world. Traditionally, these companies have focused on vacationers, but you can also use home rental on business trips


Benefits of Short-Term Business Rentals


Let’s face it, business travelers are often status conscious. This kind of dynamic is especially important in the impress-to-get-the-deal world that many business travelers live in.  When the hotel brand you chose reflects on you personally, a private home or apartment rental can send a unique message. Instead of taking a client out for dinner, it gives you the option of hiring a chef for a night and having a private dinner in an atmosphere where your client can’t be distracted. You can be the gracious host even while on the road.


More Homey Comforts

If you want a hotel, you’re going to stay in a hotel. When it comes to business travel, you’re often choosing a short-term rental because of a personal interest or specific lifestyle need. I once had a co-worker who had food allergies. She lamented that the grind of restaurant and hotel travel was difficult for her and she was always worried about allergic reactions. It was easier for her to stock up on food and cook in her own apartment. That’s just one of many reasons why someone might chose a rental over a hotel.



A home or apartment rental gives you the ability to get a lot of space for a similar amount of money. You can stretch out and really make the space your own.


Less Variability in Pricing

Hotels are notorious for demand-based pricing. During peak times such as those around big events, a hotel can dramatically increase prices—sometimes by as much as 350 percent. Home and apartment rentals tend to have much less price flexibility. Put differently, the price of a rental tends not to change as much as hotels. This means you can often get a really good deal on a home or apartment rental if you plan ahead.


Longer-Term Work Assignments

Short-term rentals make a big difference in longer-term work assignments. Having to work at a tradeshow or conference for a week or two can be a draining experience for you and a significant cost to your employer. A home or apartment rental is ideal for these situations.


Sharing is Caring

Renting a multi-bedroom home or apartment can save your company money if several employees go in together. Instead of two or three hotel rooms, you can rent a nice place for everyone to share.


Drawbacks of Short-Term Business Rentals

Policy Barriers

Many companies, particularly larger companies, have very strict travel policies that prescribe where you can stay. Many of these policies are built on favorable contracting rates to middlemen, who in turn negotiate rates directly with hotels. These middlemen return a portion of the discount to the companies—essentially a kickback. Many companies find these rebates highly lucrative, so they are unlikely to allow employees much latitude in selecting accommodations. Check your company’s policy to see if home or apartment rentals are possible.


Onsite Support

Home and apartment rentals are unlikely to have onsite support or assistance.  If you need someone to sign for a package or if the Wi-Fi goes down in the middle of the night, you’re on your own. It’s important to check reviews to know exactly what you’re getting.

Top 10 Tallest Bridges In The World

Tall bridges are very common in today’s world though it was not so even hundred years before. Some of the engineering marvels that often fail to get the appreciation they richly deserve include bridges. Bridges are remarkable structures constructed for connecting two points, which are otherwise difficult to access in the shortest and safest possible manner. It also contributes to the development of areas and affect their economy. The list of 10 tallest bridges in the world are described below:

10. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, New York

The Verrazano- Narrows Bridge – tallest bridge in New York

This 211.3 meters tall bridge with a central span of 1,298 meters connects Staten Island to Brooklyn and has been largely instrumental in developing of the Big Apple Area. It was built in 1964 at the cost of nearly $320 million. Till 1981, it continued to be the largest suspension bridge of the world.

9. The Runyang Bridge, China

9. The Runyang Bridge – China

The bridge forms a part of Beijing-Shanghai superhighway and crosses the river Yangtze in Jiangsu district of China, downstream of Nanjing.  The main span of this suspension bridge is 1,490 meters and its height is 215 meters.  Its 39.2 meter wide deck can accommodate 6 traffic lanes with a narrow walkway on each side for the purpose of maintenance.

8. The Pont de Normandie, France

the Pont de Normandie – France

This is also a cable stayed bridge that connects the Siene River to Normandy.  It’s 215 meters tall and has a length of 2143.21 meters. Built at an expense of $465 million, it was opened on 20th January, 1995. It is more than 250 meters long between the piers and was considered to be longest cable-stayed bridge at the time of its construction till the title was snatched in 2004 by the Rio Antirrio.

7. Tatara Bridge, Japan

Tatara Bridge – Japan

Tatara bridge in Japan is also one of the tallest bridges worldwide. With a central span of 890 meter and steel towers measuring 220 meters, it’s recognized for having the longest span for any cable stayed bridge worldwide. It connects the Japanese island of Shikoku and Honshu over the Seto Inland Sea. Forming a part of the renowned Mishieto Expressway it was opened in 1999. The entire construction was completed in only 6 years, setting an excellent example of Japanese engineering competence. It has been designed to withstand earthquakes of high intensity.

6. Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Golden Gate Bridge – USA

Having a height of 227.4 meters, the Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate, meaning the opening of San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. At the time of its completion in 1937, it was the longest suspension bridge that became symbolic of California and San Francisco. Its construction started on 5th January and was over by April 1937. At that time its cost exceeded $35 million. The American Society of Civil Engineers acknowledges it as a modern wonder.

5. The Great Belt Fixed Link, Denmark

great belt fixed link bridge denmark

Constructed at a cost of DKK 21.4 billion this is the costliest bridge of Denmark and expected to justify that expense in due course. This is the tallest bridge in Europe with a height of 254 meters.  The two islands of Denmark that it connects are Zealand and Funen and got competed in 1998. Comprising of road suspension bridge and a railway tunnel it is also considered to be the second largest bridge in the world with respect to its span of 1.6 Km.

4. Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong

Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong

This suspension bridge from Hong Kong is at the 4th place in the top 10 tallest bridges list. Spanning over Hong Kong’s Rambler Channel this is a high suspension bridge. It connects Nam Wan Kok Island and Stonecutters Island. It is 298 meters tall and the fourth tallest bridge worldwide.  The construction was started on 27th April, 2004 and on 20th December, 2009 it was opened to public. The estimated cost is HK 2.76 billion. It was a challenging project that formed a part of Route 8 of Hong Kong.  Discovery Channel featured it in its Extreme Engineering series in April 2009.

3. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

akashi bridge

This high bridge is also known as the Pearl Bridge. Its central span is the longest among suspension bridges. The construction of this bridge with a height of 298.3 meters and central span of 1991 meters was finished in 1998. It connects the city of Kobe located on the mainland of Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island and crosses the busy Akashi Strait. It also contains a part of the Honshu Shkoku Highway.

2. Sutong Yantze River Bridge, China

sutong bridge china

This bridge over the Yangtze in China is cable stayed bridge and has a span of 1,088 meters 3,570 ft. That was the longest span any bridge had till 2010.  It has two side spans of 300 meters each. The bridge has two towers each having a height of 306 meters and is the second tallest bridge worldwide. Its estimated cost is US$1.7 billion. The construction was started in June 2003 and the bridge was thrown open to traffic in May 2008.

1. Millau Viaduct Bridge, France

  • millau bridge
  • millau bridge under cloud
  • millau bridge highest bridge in the world

Located in south of France this bridge covers the width of river Tam near Millau and hence the name. Its imposing height of 343.0 meters (1,125 ft) makes it the tallest bridge of the world. You would know that makes it slightly shorter than the Empire State building but taller than Eiffel Tower. “Megastructures”, the popular show of National Geographic also featured it.  Built at an expense of nearly 400 Million Euros, it was formally opened on December 16, 2004 and in 2006 it was given IABSE Outstanding Structure Award.

With the evolution of new technology, the possible construction height of the bridges are increasing. The Millau Viaduct Bridge that is the tallest bridge now may will not be the highest within years. Hope you have liked the post and give your opinion in the comments.

California Road Trip Planner

With stunning coastlines, majestic natural landscapes and some of America’s most treasured cities, California effortlessly upholds its title of The Golden State. California has some of the most iconic driving routes in the United States, including Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway and Highway 101. Planning a road trip in a state that is nearly 800 miles from north to south is no small task. Luckily, TripIt is here to help.


North Coast

If you’re coming from the state of Oregon, you might want to dip your toes into California by taking a tour of the North Coast. Coastal towns like Eureka, Mendocino and Crescent City offer romantic luxuries such as wineries, art and even Victorian-era settings. The North Coast is also home to Redwood National and State Parks.


San Francisco Bay Area

Cable cars, cultured cuisine and a crimson bridge are just some of the many eccentricities San Francisco has to offer. Surrounding metropolitan areas like San Jose and the Silicon Valley are also worth exploring for their museums and state-of-the-art technology. Just beyond the “City by the Bay”are the Napa & Sonoma wine countries, boasting some of the finest wines in the world.


california road trip


Gold Country

Explore the territory of pioneers past by heading east to California’s Gold County, where the discovery of gold in 1848 ignited the largest mass migration in American history. Empire Mine State Historic Park and The American River are perfect places for outdoor adventures and educational experiences. For modern-day excitement, visit Sacramento, which is the state capital as well as “America’s Farm-to-Fork”capital.


High Sierra

“California’s backbone”(otherwise known as the High Sierra region) is full of awe-inspiring nature for the classic outdoorsman. The Mark Twain-recommended Lake Tahoe features gorgeous overlooks and topaz water begging to be explored by kayak, paddle board or just about anything that floats. Yosemite National Park attracts four million visitors each year with its geysers, glaciers and meadows. While lesser known than Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks possess just as much breathtaking natural beauty.


Central Coast

An elegant expanse of coastal hills and valleys spotted with idyllic towns makes the Central Coast a driving destination. Monterey’s award-winning aquarium and Carmel’s storybook setting are stops every driver should make on their tour of the Central Coast. Big Sur’s luxury lodging and photo-op pullovers like Bixby Bridge make for a stop-and-go (but mainly stop) drive. Sneak away to Santa Barbara, or what many A-listers call “The American Riviera,”for sensational shopping, a Mediterranean-style atmosphere and the city’s own International Film Festival.


Los Angeles County

The urban adventurer will love driving through the star-studded Los Angeles County. Those caught in LA’s allure should make sure to turn off the major highways for the minor side streets that hold rooftop pools, museums, galleries, beaches and boutiques. Enjoy the sexy nightlife of Hollywood or glam it up with shopping on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. Beyond the skyscrapers of the City of Angels is the fun-filled Santa Monica with its world famous pier and edgy art scene. Take a break from the driver’s seat by hopping on a ferry to Catalina, an island getaway complete with water-sports, golf and gambling.


california road trip


Orange & San Diego Counties

Nowhere in California has more family fun than the counties of Orange and San Diego. Anaheim, the second largest city in Orange County, holds the crown jewel of children’s entertainment: Disneyland Resort. But beyond that, Orange County has a prominent surfing culture that dates back more than 100 years, with Huntington Beach serving as Surf City, USA. The giant pandas and fuzzy koala bears alone are worth a visit to San Diego, which has a world-renowned zoo. If the zoo wasn’t enough to put a smile on your child’s face, then San Diego County’s LEGOLAND California might do the trick. A magical world created by about sixty million LEGO bricks, LEGOLAND in an imaginative playground with plenty of rides, shows and attractions to keep even the most restless road trip passengers entertained.



An oft forgotten area of California that never sees the crests of the Pacific Ocean is the southeastern desert region. For those that can stand the dry heat, outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing await at Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks. Stunning sand dunes and clear starlit skies are just some of the natural features of these national parks. Every desert has its oasis and Palm Springs is no exception. Fusing a mid-century vibe and a next-generation energy, Palm Springs has relaxing resorts, sleek estates and hot new restaurants for those looking to vacation like Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley once did.

Whether you glide on Sunset Boulevard or drive through the Redwood Forest, California has something to offer anyone with a license to drive and a lust for adventure.


5 Largest Crocodiles In The World

Crocodiles are categorized among large aquatic reptiles and inhabit tropics of Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Of course, they are big but we do frequently come across exaggerated stories of their size and behavior. In this technologically advanced age it is not difficult to manipulate their size but here are the records of the 5 biggest crocodiles so far.

5. Puente Noire Crocodile (Congo)

puente noire crocodile - one of the biggest crocodiles

This nameless enormous crocodile has been attracting many rumors but in fact this hostile monster from the Nile was killed near Puento Noire, Republic of Congo as a result of a safety operation. Its estimated size was 5.4 meters or 17 feet and 8 inches.

Watch the documentary on rare gigantic crocodiles.

4. Cassius (Australia)

cassius crocodile

Inhabiting in Marineland Melanesia on Green Island in Australia, this is the biggest crocodile in captivity. After the crocodile Cassius started creating a nuisance and attacking boats, he was captured from the river Finis in Northern Territory. The age of this 5.48 meter long reptile is estimated to be about 110 years.

3. Brutus (Australia)

brutus crocodile

Brutus is a huge saltwater crocodile but has three limbs only. One of his front legs is missing and it is thought to be the result of his having a conflict with a shark in the river. People keep wondering how big the shark might have been. It is believed that he often appears in the river Adelaide, Northern Territory, Australia. His size is predicted to be 5.6 meters while estimated weight is nearly one ton.

2. Gustave (Burundi)

gustave crocodile - 2nd largest crocodile in the world

It may not be the biggest, but this man eating crocodile is among the most feared beasts. “Gustave” is a large man eating crocodile from Burundi. It is rumored that this male crocodile killed 300 humans on the banks of river Ruzizi and northern coast of Lake Tanganyika.

A herpetologist, having studied and investigated this large crocodile during late 1990s named it a Gustave. Most of the information concerning Gustave has been derived from the movie “Capturing the Killer Croc” that was relayed by PBS in 2004. The movie records the attempts to capture and study Gustave. Since its capture has not been successful, its exact weight and length can’t be known. Reports appearing in 2002 suggested that its weight should be over a ton and length at least 7.5 meters or 25 feet. Going by his size, his age was estimated to be around 100 years. Howsoever, Gustav exposed his complete set of teeth and since a hundred year old crocodile can’t be expected to have all teeth, his age was concluded to be around 60 years.

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1. Lolong (Philippines)

  • lolong biggest crocodile ever
  • lolong
  • lolong largest crocodile
  • lolong longest crocodile

The longest crocodile recorded in Guinness Book of World was Lolong, measuring 20.25 ft (6.17 m). It was so named to honor Ernesto “Lolong”, a veteran crocodile hunter from the Palawan Crocodile and Wildlife Reservation Center. Unfortunately, Ernesto died before the animal could be captured. Lolong got caught on 13th September, 2011 in Agusan del Sur district of Philippines. A joint operation undertaken by the local government, residents and hunters in Palawan led to capturing of the animal. It took them three weeks to capture Lolong and required nearly a hundred people to bring it to land. While in captivity he got aggrieve many a time and twice broke the ropes holding it before finally getting adequately secured. Its age was estimated to be over fifty years. Lolong crocodile was alleged of having eaten fishermen and seahorses which kept disappearing from the area. However, an examination of its stomach after captivity did not reveal any remains of humans and all that they could find were remains of water buffaloes.


Winter in Armenia – a fairy tale in reality

Breathtaking Views of Armenia in Winter – you will be Amazed

Our Planet has four seasons of the year, everyone has their favourite weather, but if you are the follower of the World Adventure Tourism, it means you like any weather, hours and seconds of the year, because еvery instant of life has its own beauty.

In Armenia the climate is very diverse and you can enjoy all four seasons in the year. This is due to the peculiarities of the geographical location, large height differences. In winter Armenia attracts tourists with not only its sight and winter landscape, high and gorgeous mounts, but also the ski resorts that are designed for both professionals and amateurs.

Tsakhadzor – Beautiful Spa Town in Armenia

Tsakhadzor is a spa town and a popular health resort in Armenia surrounded with alpine meadows, at a height of 1841 meters above sea level. With the many luxurious hotels and sanatoriums, the town is a major winter resort attracting large numbers of ski and snowboard enthusiasts from all over the world. The Olympic Sports Complex of Tsaghkadzor was built in 1967, specifically to serve for the preparation of the Soviet athletes for the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. Currently, the city is considered one of the most developed training facilities in the South Caucasus.

The Ropeway is an integral part of the city, the 5 stations were built during 2004-2008 by the Austro-Italian company  “Lightner”. The stations with their technical equipment and services correspond to the modern international standards. Тhe total length of the routes 30000m, down hill 1966m, high hill 2819m, difference of heights.

Тhose who did not have time to master skiing, can join this occupation in Armenia with the help of professional instructors. Moreover, there is no need to carry huge sports equipment – in Tsakhadzor one can rent all the necessary equipment.

Jermuk – Maintain Spa Town in Armenia

Jermuk is a mountain spa town in the southern Armenia. It is a popular destination and is famous for its hot springs and mineral water brands bottled in the town. The town is located at a height of 2080 meters above the sea level, within the mountains. It is attractive for its fresh air, waterfalls, artificial lakes, walking trails, healing waters, the surrounding forests and mineral water pools. The name of the town derives from the Armenian word of “jermuk” or “jermook”, meaning “warm mineral spring”. In ancient times the mineral water of Jermuk was known for its curative features.

Dilijan – Resort Spa Town

Dilijan is one of the most important resort, spa town of Armenia. Usually called Armenian Switzerland or Little Switzerland by the locals, it is, situated within the Dilijan National Park. Dilijan lies on the banks of Aghstev River with a length of more than 20 kilometres (12 miles) and at a height of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) above sea level. The climate in Dilijan is cool during summer and cold with snowfalls in winter. With its Alpine climate, Dilijan is a town-resort with favorable oxygen regimen, unique landscape features and curative mineral water. In autumn Dilijan forests transformed into fairy-tale that amaze with it’s colors.

Mount Aragats – an extinct volcano and the highest point of Armenia (4090 m). Alpine meadows with a variety of aromatic flowers surrounding the mountain, as well as hundreds of cold springs can not leave indifferent the connoisseurs of beauty.

Aragats - lake Qari_edited.Mount Aragats – Lake Qari

In the slopes of Mount Aragats is located Lake Kari mostly formed by ice and snow. It is located 3,190 m above the sea level and has a perimeter of 1,150 m.