Beach Fun and Adventure While in Devon

November 3, 2015  —  By

Devon holidays are truly wonderful experiences and spending it on the beach makes it more worthwhile. The county of Devon is known as the English Riviera because of its stunning coastline with hundreds of picturesque beaches and rustic coves. You can have unlimited shore destinations that would cater to your particular needs, skills, and preference. There are beaches that offer complete amenities to both young and old. There are also beaches that are far from the noisy crowd. Take a pick and have the best time of your life at the sun, sea, and sand of Devon.

Afterwards, you can explore other famous spots in this charming county in the south western of England. You can visit gardens and parks, museums and castles, boutiques and markets, and even pubs and bars. Engage in an exciting activity or discover a new hobby. Meet new friends or just enjoy the company of your love ones. There is no shortage of thrilling endeavours when you want to make the most out of your Devon holidays. If you are looking for the ultimate beach fun and adventure, here are some great choices.

Beach Volleyball

The Ilfracombe Tunnels Beach offers breathtaking sceneries to anyone who wants to make Devon holidays truly special. It is a fabulous place to engage in beach volleyball with your family and friends. Tunnels Beach is located at Ilfracombe which is just a short drive away from most holiday cottages. All you need to do is just take a short trip and you can have a whole day of pleasure and relaxation at this beach. Since the 1920’s, the Ilfracombe Tunnels Beach is a favourite holiday destination for couples, families, and different groups. The tunnels here came about as miners during those times needed an easier and faster way to reach the North Coast of Devon. The miners carved tunnels to create access ways. While enjoying a game or two of beach volleyball with family and friends, the younger and smaller members of the group can waddle and frolic in the tidal pools of this beach. This relaxing activity is something that you would look forward to do again during your Devon holidays.


Spending the day with the family at Instow Beach is a great idea during your Devon holidays. This beach has very calm waters so even if you have young kids in tow, you would not worry about safety while they are swimming. The shore is made up of soft golden sand, which will entice you to take a stroll. These are just some of the reasons why organizing a beach picnic here is such a wonderful thought. Prepare all your favourite dishes at the holiday cottages and head out to Instow Beach for a whole day of fun and adventure.