Maras Moray

February 20, 2014  —  By
These interesting archaeological places are less visited in the Sacred Valley, Moray is a group of concentric terraces considered as an agricultural laboratory replicating various different microclimates. The other important place is the salt pools of Maras, still in use today by the community of the same name.

ITINERARY private  tour

The group will be picked up at the hotel  8:30 am to head to the Urubamba valley. We´ll pass beautiful landscapes before entering the Maras Salt Mines, thousands of small pools constructed by the Inca in staggered terraces along the hillside, through which a small saltwater stream from the interior is channeled. Evaporating water leaves behind salt which the families of Maras, each entitled to a pool, ready to Peruvian and international consumption. We´ll spend around 1  hour exploring this visually stunning site, where the sun playing off the different salt levels creates a range of tones and textures.

Later we head towards Moray by a dirt road. The Inca Agricultural laboratory of Moray comprises a set of circular concentric terraces possessing various microclimates, with each terrace representing a difference of about 1000m of altitude under normal farming conditions. We´ll spend around 1 hour  in this site examining its construction, design, and uses before sitting down to a box lunch. Later we will return to Cusco arriving near midday.

Price per person: USD 40

Our Service includes

  • Private Transport
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Box Lunch