Rwenzori Trekking

October 20, 2015  —  By

Rwenzori trekking is one of the right ways of make your dream come true of climbing. The compelling attractiveness of the Rwenzori Mountains keeps you mesmerized for a long time and persuades you to come here again and again. Rwenzori trekking is surely the right way of venturing a trip to the Uganda-Congo border. This beautiful and amazing mountain range stretches more than one hundred and twenty km from corner to corner the border and stands high at the altitude of 4.500 m.

According to geographical records and surveys, Rwenzori Mountains are the biggest mountain ranges in Africa with its six distinguished mountains that are Mt. Stanley, Mt. Speke, Mt. Baker, Mt. Gessi, Mt. Emin Pasha and Mt. Luigi de Savoia. All the aforementioned six mountains are known for snow capped peaks along with lush green cover of the mountains. These mountain ranges truly offer exceptional amalgamation of beauty and escapade, and are a enjoyment for any hiker.
Rwenzori trekking endows climbers with an experience that give then an adrenaline rush. The trekking to this mountain range starts from village of Nyakalengija, along the Mobuku River, then taking the slope of Mt. Baker till one reaches the most important trail leading to Margherita peak of Mt.Stanley that is the highest peak of Rwenzori Mountain range.

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