Safari in the Deserts of Dubai

November 3, 2015  —  By

Paragliding, desert driving, such activities in desert safari includes Camel Rides. Of all the fantastic attractions in Dubai though one stands out as the most popular and exhilarating experience, the Dubai desert safari. There is also the opportunity to do a quad bike run on the sand dunes. On the safari you may also get a trip to the traditional Bedouin village.

Driving in sand is wonderful and exciting activity. Dune bashing encompasses riding up and down the dunes in the sport utility vehicle while the guide criss-crosses sand dunes and traverses the narrow ridges. Enjoy cuisine of Dubai and return safely to the city depending on the time available and what the traveller wishes to see each of these options offers a fantastic time in the desert with the opportunity to take photos, ride camels. It is an adventure in itself which combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the challenge of remaining mobile on the shifting.

 You will find other attractions like Henna painting and Arabic costumes too. There were other tactic like driving right on the shoulder of the dune and then making a turn blowing the sand in the air etc. Desert Safari in Dubai is a trip into the desert that provides the opportunity to do some Dune bashing with the tour guides. The safari also includes camel rides and the opportunity to go sand skiing or sand boarding down the terrific sand dunes of the desert.  That is skiing on real snow in a controlled environment in the middle of desert, how cool is that. The safari expeditions all leave from the central city and take adventurers out into the dessert. Transportation is in a temperature controlled all wheel drive vehicle for safety and comfort. The feast is accompanied by entertainment provided by the famous belly dancers and musical bands. There is even skiing in an enclosed ski mall.

Travellers are able to choose from several options of the Dubai Desert experience. It is impossible for one to visit Dubai and not experience it’s desert because of the Dubai Overnight Desert Safari. Minutes later driver came to us and told us he was ready so were we and we started off Drive made a turn to a smaller road and all of a sudden there was no road we were driving in the sand wow that was first ever natural thing I saw in the desert. Dessert safaris generally take half a day and can include an overnight stay in Bedouin tents. This small city-country has more to offer than most countries that stretch across several time zones.

The government of Dubai and the businessmen are always inventing new and exciting ways to attract tourists and provide an action packed vacation. Desert Safari is a trip in to the desert and a great way to explore the sandy expanses. Dubai Desert Safari is one of the special attractions that Dubai offers. Dubai has become one of the world’s most sought after vacation destinations. If the deserts sound drab and uneventful, the Dubai Desert Safari will make you reconsider your thoughts. With Persian carpets and other customary accessories, and treated to the conventional barbeque of Arabia in Dubai desert safari the accommodation will be typical Bedouin tents.

 The “Shisha” or the traditional hubbly bubbly smoking will also be arranged for you. We went on the dunes and our Safari driver drove on a tall sand dune and Just at the very top he quite relaxingly descended down the steep dune the two ladies sitting behind nearly screamed but it was fun they enjoyed it so did I.