Cayman Island Tourist Destinations for Fabulous Holiday Trip

Vacationers flock to Cayman Island tourist destinations for a fabulous Caribbean vacation. Moreover, the island serves the perfect combination of white sandy beaches and delighting recreations that too in a perfect climate. In addition, it offers an opportunity to relax in best beaches of the world. Also, the local people tell the astonishing tales of fearsome pirates, and shipwrecked souls that amazes the tourists. Furthermore, the Cayman Island tourist destinations consist of three islands – Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Nevertheless, there are many good scuba diving locations with all typical ingredients: strong currents, steep walls and shallow reefs.

Cayman island tourist destinations have attractive stretches of the shoreline but, Seven Mile Beach is one of the finest beaches in the world. And, this beach offers a lot of activities and ample resorts due to which it has become a popular place to savor the precious time of vacations. Moreover, it is a long crescent-shaped, coral sand beach located on the western shore of the island. In addition, it is the most developed and most popular beach amongst other Cayman tourist destinations, and there are many luxury hotels and resorts here to accommodate the tourists. Furthermore, the beach side resorts serve multi cuisine platter with a unique Caribbean touch. Also, the Seven Mile Beach is a perfect place to enjoy lots of water sports, for instance snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Additionally, vacations love to watch sunset in the beach paradise of Cayman island tourist destinations.

Governors Beach is spotted right next to the governor’s house. Moreover, it’s a perfect spot to relax, offering picnic tables in the shaded spots under the seagrape trees to enjoy the picnicking. And, the Spotts beach of Spotts Newland is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Also, the white sandy beaches are surrounded by beautiful Ironshore cliffs. In addition, the water of this beach is perfect for swimming since the barrier reef keeps water calm year round. Furthermore, the National museum is one of most visited Cayman Island tourist destinations, which is established as a place of learning with enjoyment. And, the museum educates the vacationers with a rich understanding of the Caymanian heritage through special activities and exhibits. Moreover, the museum boasts a collection of over 8000 objects that resembles the rich heritage of the Cayman Island tourist destinations.

Furthermore, Hell is a place of mysterious beauty because of its peculiar black rock formations. Additionally, the Cayman Turtle Farm displays hundreds of turtles of all shapes and sizes, illustrating why this island was named as “The Turtles”.

In conclusion, the tourists can truly enjoy a dream-like vacation at Cayman Island tourist destinations. And, the tourist spots of the island open a world of opportunities that is already quite promising. In addition, a journey to the Cayman Island tourist destinations is sure to restore and relax vacationer’s world weary self. Moreover, it is the most inviting cluster of isles in the Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, the white sandy beaches, calm water, sea facing resorts, rich cultural heritage, magnificent natural views, and mouthwatering cuisine of the local peoples are the prime factors that attract millions of people towards Cayman Island tourist destinations.


Bali Tourist Destinations For Amazing Holiday Trip

Bali tourist destinations are famous for its breathtaking natural beauty that transcends the limits of imagination. Moreover, diverse landscapes, rich culture, tourist friendly places, and affordable prices of everything from hotels to public transport are drives lots of vacationers towards this Indonesian island. In addition, this island is also renowned as island of the gods, due to its marvelous scenic beauty, magnificent view of the sea, and pristine beaches. Furthermore, the Bali tourist destinations are decorated with mountains, and variety of natural ambience.

This lovely island offers an opportunity to enjoy the wild nightlife, and abundant shopping in various Bali tourist destinations. Moreover, the biggest town of the island is Kuta or Seminyak which is famous for ideal surfing conditions. In addition, for tourists who are interested in discovering the culture and traditions of Bali tourist destinations can head towards Ubud which is an inland town of the island. Moreover, this town is the arts and crafts centre of the island. And, Canggu is a small town which fulfills the vacationer’s desires to enjoy the everyday life of the local peoples. Also, this town can provide the opportunity to experience some very picturesque settings of the Bali tourist destinations.

The capital of the island is Denpasar which marvels the tourist with its rich architecture of the medieval period. In addition, there are many magnificent temples and picturesque historical sites that tell the tourists about the rich taste of Balinese peoples in architecture. In addition, while enjoying the vacations in the Bali tourist destinations it is an amazing experience to visit the villages Celuk and Bedulu that are famous for their fabulous silverware. In addition, these villages are also renowned for its finest sculptures, beautiful paintings, and leather work.

The clean, serene beaches of Bali tourist destinations are an ideal ambience for vacationers to chill out. Moreover, the beaches provide florid combination of placid breezes, sandy beaches, and azure sea. Also, the fabulous beaches of the island represent mix of crystal clear waters, magnificent coastline, and most wonderful views to take the breath away. And, the tropical climate is quite perfect for a family vacation, or a romantic vacation, or getting in some golf time. Furthermore, the famous location for surfing in the Bali tourist destinations is the Sanur beach. Additionally, the beach is famous for white sand which is both, clean and soft. Also, it is a famous location to experience a beautiful sunrise.

In the southern part of the island, Nusa Dua is perfect for enjoying the natural beauty of Bali tourist destinations. And, the Nusa Dua is also famous for the naturally grown lime stones. Moreover, the sacred ground for Hinduism is Tanah Lot. Moreover, this place is famous for the beautiful views of two temples that are located on large rocks. Also, there is a sea temple where locals worship the god of the sea.

In conclusion, apart from the beautiful beaches, historical sites, perfect weather, and beautiful landscapes, the Bali tourist destinations has lot to offer on its entertainment platter. In addition, the island offers opportunity to munch mouthwatering seafood delicacies, for example fish, prawns, squid and lobsters. Finally, Bali tourist destinations are perfect to enjoy every aspect of the natural beauty that can refresh the mind, body and soul.

Argentina Tourist Destinations

Argentina is one of the major countries of South America neighbored by Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. Buenos Aires being the major city of Argentina also known as “Paris of South America” because of its distinctive character of European influences. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer to tourists and backpackers like wines, exotic food, tango, its architecture.

If you visit the central region of Argentina which is centered around Pampas, there you will find cattle ranches, maritime resorts such as Pinamar, Villa Gesell, Miramar, Monte Hermoso, Bahia Blanca and Coastal District.

The most popular sport of Argentina is soccer. It’s always a good idea to watch a professional match live. Soccer itself is the reason for most soccer fans to make Argentina tourist destination. The breakfast in Argentina is light as compared to English speaking countries but the lunch is quite big. Yerba mate is an herbal drink, usually drunk hot. Argentina is also known for its wine. Beer is offered in small glass or served in bottles or cans. The cuisine of Argentina is a high protein cuisine resembling certain European cuisines. Beef is common meat there. Parrilla is a kind of grilled meat which is quite common there. Sausages such as Chorizo, Morcilla and Chitterlings are a local variety there.

The northern region consists of beautiful natural sites and places that are of extreme beauty only to be described by the eyes of the very own visitors who have experienced the view of it. Iguazu Falls is one of the most famous falls, surrounded by the Iguazu National Park consisting of rainforest. But the most beautiful and famous fall is the Devil’s Throat. Every January there is this National Folklore Festival in Cosquin which is visited by many tourists. There are good resorts like Calamuchita Valley, Sierra de Cordoba, Villa Cura Brochero, Mina Clavero, Mar Chiquita, Pampa de Achala and others. Those people who are looking forward to explore natural beauty can make Argentina tourist destination. Southern region boasts about Los Glaciares National Park, known for its glaciers. The southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is also a major tourist destination.

There are certain shopping malls in Argentina such as Alto Palermo Shopping Mall, Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall, Unicenter Shopping Mall, Abasto Shopping Mall and many more. Many shops in Buenos Aires sell antiques. Calle Florida is famous for its malls offering huge variety at really cheap prices. But if you are a big spender and looking for designer and branded stuff you won’t be disappointed, because there are showrooms of Armani, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Because of so many things Argentina has to offer, travelers from all parts of world make Argentina a famous tourist destination.

Iceland Tourist Destinations

Iceland is a mountainous island nation in North Atlantic Ocean, located between North America and Europe. Although it is not the part of continental mainland but it is considered as a part of Europe. Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place if you like to enjoy desolate and strange landscapes. The natural features of Iceland such as hot springs, grinding glaciers, eruptions of lava, and gushing geysers attracts many tourists. The natural reserves make most of the Iceland tourist destinations.

The Reykjavik city of Iceland is considered as one of the world’s trendiest city. Cafes, clubs, pubs, and colorful wood houses in the city make the old town one of the world’s most expensive cities. The Blue Lagoon of Iceland is a popular geothermal pool that has milky-blue water and is huge. The seawater of the spa is rich in minerals and is warmed by the geothermal plant located nearby. Spas of this country have become one of the major Iceland tourist destinations.

Iceland is home to many natural reserves and one of the most famous one is Dorsmork. Around Reykjsvik there are 300 square kilometers consisting of natural wilderness, offering a great challenge for the hiking amateurs. The West Fjords is 13 million years old and is actually a spectacular chain of mountains, mostly made of rhyolite and basalt. Gullfoss in Iceland is the most popular waterfall and has a height of 105 feet. The sprays of water above this tourist spot during sunny days produce beautiful glimmering rainbows. One can take a good hike to reach the top and enjoy the scenery. These Iceland tourist destinations attract many visitors every year.

The glaciers in Iceland are known for their vivid features. Covering approximately 11260 square kilometers-4328 square miles or you can say that 10.9 percent of Iceland is covered by glaciers. Many kinds of glaciers are found in Iceland. From the months of September to April, Northern Lights are visible in the sky. When you look at the northern skies of the country, you can enjoy the natural wonder of lights dancing in the sky. Iceland tourist destinations such as those mentioned above, provide a unique experience to tourists who visit this beautiful country.

The cuisine of Iceland basically consists of lamb, fish and seafood. Lamb meat is served in many forms of frankfurters and sausages. This lamb meat along with potato flour is made into a paste and this paste is used in making fried patties. Some popular sausages are blodmor and lifrapilsa. Svid is basically a traditional dish which is a boiled lamb’s head. A glass of cold milk is served with every meal. The national drink of Iceland is Brennivin and it is very much similar to brandy.

Israel Tourist Destinations

Israel is a fascinating country which is located on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is also a pilgrimage spot for Muslims, Jews and Christians. Israel has a variety of landscapes, people, climates and history. Israel tourist destinations provide a huge variety of pilgrimage to tourists.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, also known as the city of the Bible. Jerusalem is sacred place for three religions; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Western Wall (The Kotel) is a sacred site for the Jews. In order to walk in the footsteps of Jesus many Christians visit Jerusalem. Dome of the Rock is a Muslim holy site. Jerusalem is also home to Yad Va-Shem which is an official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Jerusalem is in fact one of the major Israel tourist destinations.

Tel Aviv located in the Mediterranean coast is the second largest city in Israel. Ben Gurion International Airport of Tel Aviv is the largest international airport of Israel. Some popular places of attractions in Tel Aviv are; Rabin Square, Beit Ha Tefutsot, Yarkon Park, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, King Albert Square, Central Bus Station and many more. Tel Aviv is also famous for shopping.

Nazareth located in north of Israel is a beautiful city. It is also known as the home of Joseph and Mary. Muslims and Christians live here in harmony. Some important places to visit in Nazareth are; El Mas-Jad El Abiad, Greek Orthodox Church of Annunciation, El-Babour, and St. Joseph’s Church.

Dead Sea offers various baths, spas and hot springs which attracts many tourists every year. Some popular ones are; Mineral Beach, Neve Midbar, Ein Bokek, Ein Gedi Spa and whirl pool of Khamam Tse’elim. Eilat is the Red Sea beach with fancy night life and high quality hotels. In its local coral reef tourists can enjoy scuba-diving and snorkeling. Elite Mountains are high granite mountains which are red in color and are a favorite place for hikers. These Israel tourist destinations are meant for those who are either looking for some adventure or just want to relax on the beaches.

Israeli cuisine has adopted different styles of Jewish cuisines. Traditional dishes are basically kept kosher. In fact the cooking methods and culinary traditions of Israel span more than three thousand years of history. Some of the important cuisines of Israel are; Blintzes (thin and flat pancake rolled around with filling), Cholent (stew of beans, barley, beef and potatoes), Gefilte Fish (fish balls made of finely minced carp and pike, served in their own jelly) and Kishke (peppery bread crumbs, chicken fat and onions prepared like a sausage).

Therefore it is a known fact that Israel tourist destinations attract people from different sects and religions from the different parts of the world.

Algeria Tourist Destinations

Algeria is a least explored place on earth by travelers and tourists, not because it’s not worth exploring but because of the less information about the region among the tourists. There are so many places of interests in Algeria that it cannot be ignored at all.Just like prehistoric rock art of Tassili n’Ajje and botanical gardens and impressive palaces of Algiers. The ancient towns and desert region of Algeria makes it unique in a way too.

Many people like the idea of Algeria tourist destination, due to its locality in North Africa. Those who are looking for beautiful beaches visit the northern side of the country. Some common beach resorts are Les Andalouses, Canastel, Mostaganem and Ain El Turk. To study the tribal and cultural aspects of Algeria you can visit places like Tassili N’Ajjer and Hoggar regions, near the town of Tamanrasset, unique on its own and because of this reason most people are considering Algeria as tourist destination.

You should also visit the Monument des Martyrs, which was created to remember the struggles and sacrifices of its people for the Algerian war for Independence. The monument basically features Eternal Flame shelter and palm leaves which contain the statues of soldiers symbolizing the struggles of Algerian people during war.

One of the UNESCO world Heritage Sites in Algeria is Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad, the place used to be the first capital of Hammadid Empire. Did you know that Algeria is second largest country in Africa? The Atlas Mountain separates it into two halves. The city of Annaba is also one of the major tourist attractions in Algeria, and is one of the major industrial centres of Algeria. One of the most visited places in Algeria is Constantine.

Other significant monuments of interests are, Our Lady of Africa (Algiers), New Mosque (Algiers), Ottoman Hanafi Mosque (Algiers), Roman Ruins (Timgad), Roman arch of Trajan (Timgad), Central Sahara (Assekrem), Santa Cruz castle (Oran) and Hoggar mountains (Sahara desert) and Blezma National Park at Batna province, home to more than 447 flora species and 309 fauna species.

The top rated restaurants of Algeria are Le Taj Mahal, Restaurant Chez Sauveur and Auberge Du Moulin. Those who like shopping can buy local carpets, jewellery, crafted woods, can visit street markets for local handicrafts. But Friday is not a good day for shopping because most of the shops are closed on Fridays, so keep that in mind while you are there. You can always find olives and dates, local spices in Algeria.

Nepal – One Of the Best Trekking Destinations

Nepal is home to a lot of lofty mountains. This country is a real paradise for adventure lovers. It is the homeland of Himalaya, offering people sky touching mountain picks as well as ambitious hills. Therefore, Nepal is known as one of the greatest trekking destinations. Also, visiting Nepal, travelers will have the opportunity to see stunning langscapes, exotic wildlife and lush natural vegetation.

Nepal has a number of tourist destinations. Now let’s know about important trekking destinations in Nepal.

Ghorepani Poon Hill:

Ghorepani-Poon Hill offers all the best trekking in Nepal. Enjoy the wonderful view of Dhaulagiri and the Kaligandaki gorge during the trek. You will come in contact with charming villagers, spectacular mountain ranges, dense lushly forest and exotic wildlife in course of trekking this hill. You can accommodate at the hill in a teahouse in a very homely manner. The hill offers you wonderful view of Annapurna region at high altitude.

Mount Everest:

Trekking Mt. Everest can be a lifetime wonderful experience. It is among one of the most sought trekking destinations in the world and during the Nepal Trekking Tour. Trekkers can acknowledge with Buddhist monasteries and Sherpa villagers during trekking Everest. Some of the best trekking routes in these regions are Everest Base Camp trek, Lukla trek – Phakding and Kathmandu-Namche Bazaar trek. Enjoy trekking at these adventurous routes.

Annapurna region:

The sky-touching Annapurna is the best trekking region in Nepal. It is not for ordinary trekker. Only skilled trekker can enjoy best trekking here due to dangerous path. Interesting trekking route in Annapurna region are Kathmandu-Pokhara, Nayapul, Poon Hill, Base Camp, etc. During trekking you will also cross the home of Tibettan Buddhist and many Hindu pilgrimages. Muktinath is the great Hindu pilgrimage site that comes in the way. You can also see the world’s deepest river gorge here. You can also enjoy panoramic view of Nilgiri Hill and Dhaulagiri Hill from the Annapurna mountain range. Trekker can visit holy Kali Gandek.

Kanchenjunga region:

Kanchenjunga is the highest peak in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Sikkim. The region is a very rich in flora and fauna and offers an ideal habitat to various exotic animal and plant kingdom. Trekking here is a nit difficult but is considered challenging among trekkers and so they try to exploit this isolated trekking part.

Langtang, the valley of glacier:

This region is both a trekking spot and natural tourist spot. The area is dominated with snow capped mountain, thick lush forest, rare species of wildlife, flowing glaciers and Buddhist monasteries. Nepal Trek can be made more enjoyable while trekking in this naturally endowed place.

Some of the other popular regions for Trekking in Nepal are Mustang, Ganesh Himal, Arun Valley, etc.

Croatia Tourist Destinations

Croatia is a country in Central Europe and Southeastern Europe, stretching from the slopes of the Alps and deep into the Pannonian Valley to the Drava River and banks of the Danube. Croatia is divided into three geographically distinct zones – they are coastal region, the mountain region and the pannonian region. Because of its vivid geographical aspect many tourists like to visit Croatia tourist destinations.

Istria is known for its historical towns dating from Roman times, such as the city of Umag. Umag hosts yearly Croatia Open ATP tennis tournament. You can visit city of Porec known for Euphrasian Basilica. Euphrasian Basilica includes the renowned 6th century mosaics showing old-style Byzantine arts. Those who are interested in the historical aspects of Croatia tourist destinations can visit here.

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, also known as the political, economical, intellectual and cultural centre of the country. Rovinj is a famous resort which holds many historical sacral buildings and Renaissance and Baroque palaces. The Brijuni Archipelago has two large and twelve smaller islands off the west coast of Istria; it is one of the seven National Parks of Croatia. The most popular resort in Adriatic is Opatija, used by the Central European elite and aristocracy in older times.

The ancient city on the southern tip of Isria is known as Pula. Pula is the largest city and port in Istria. It has 2000 year old amphitheatre. The cuisine of Croatia changes with its region. Mainland cuisine has influences of earlier Proto-Slavic and recent Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish. The cuisine of coastal region has influences of Greek and Roman, as well as Italian and French. Some popular cuisines of Croatia are; Burek (a heavy cheese, meat or apple pastry), Cevapcici (a meatball made of spicy beef or pork), Raznjici (kind of shish kebab), Palacinke (pancake stuffed with walnuts and chocolate), Blitva (Swiss chard boiled and served with olive oil, potatoes and garlic) and Bakalar (dried cod prepared in variety of ways). In order to taste different Croatian cuisines travelers can visit Croatia tourist destinations and have a wonderful and delightful experience.

At the Eastern Side of the Diocletian Palace, you will find big open air market place. Here you buy cheap and low quality clothes and shoes from China. You can buy Croatian natural cosmetics at Zagreb or you can buy cravat a kind of scarve. You can buy pens, sunglasses, sweets, chocolate, lighters from Tisaks, often found at train, bus and ferry station. Shopping is quite cheap, so those visiting Croatia tourist destinations will not be disappointed at all.

Egypt Tourist Destinations For Amazing Holiday Trip

Egypt is a north-eastern African country with its capital located in its largest city, Cairo. This country is bounded by the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and geographically dominated by both by the Nile River and its fertile well-watered valley, and by the Eastern and Western deserts. Egypt is best known for its ancient Egyptian civilization, with its temples, hieroglyphs, mummies, and pyramids. Egypt tourist destinations are world famous and are frequently visited by the tourists.

Near Cairo lie the world famous pyramids of Giza. These are favorite Egypt tourist destinations. These are basically three towering structures built in ancient Egypt as tombs for powerful kings and queens. Tourists can visit the pyramids by taking a bus or taxi from Cairo. The Sphinx is a great stone carving of a lion with a human head, rests near the Giza Pyramids. It is carved out of a huge block of sandstone and represents Re-Horakhty, an ancient Egyptian sun god.

The Cairo city has more than 16 million inhabitants. It is one of those Egypt tourist destinations which are visited by many travelers. Cairo is known for its tourist spots such as the Citadel and the Khan Al Khalili Bazaar. You can also visit the oldest university on planet earth, since 970 A.D, and the Al-Azhar mosque, the mosque of Mohammed Ali, Idn Tulin. The Nile River played an important role in ancient Egyptian society, serving as transportation and trade route and a source of food. Travelers can take a narrated cruise on the Nile to know about the ancient life in Egypt.

On the edge of Great Sand Sea, Siwa Oasis is known for its rich history including a visit from Alexander the Great to consult the Oracle of Amun in 331 B.C. The King of Persia lead a 50000 man army to the area to destroy the oracle, but the entire army was lost in the desert.

Temple of Horus is the second largest temple in Egypt, located in Edfu, about 115 kilometers from Luxor. Visitors can see its towering columns and pylon in excellent form. It is in fact a remarkable example of ancient Egyptian architecture. Valley of Kings is the burial site for 62 ancient pharaohs, located behind the Theban hills near Luxor. It has famous burial sites such as the tombs of Ramses I, Tutankhamen, and Amenhetep. It is a known fact that the Egypt tourist destinations live to their reputation.

Egyptian cuisine has a very long ancient history but basically it echoes many flavors of the East, eating out in Egypt can range from the traditional to the international. Native food is quite cheap but the Western-style fast food is expensive. Bread is the mainstay of the Egyptian food. The most common form is pita type bread. Beans are also the staple part of Egyptian food. Molokihyya is an Egyptian green, summer vegetable often used to make a thick soup, which is served with bread or over rice.

Palakkad Holiday Packages – Best Tourist Destinations

Palakkad, enriched with natural beauty is the best known tourist spot in God’s own country. Alluring rivers, popular wildlife sanctuaries and evergreen forests present in this tourist place pleases the hearts of visitors. It is equipped with more than half a dozen of dams like Malampuzha, Pothundi and Siruvani. This tourist destination located at the foot of Western Ghats is a perfect destination for enjoying your holiday trips. Palakkad, adjoined to the state of Tamil Nadu plays a key role in promoting Kerala tourism. This charming district in Kerala is famous for jewellery, handicrafts and Travancore saris. Following is the itinerary of a holiday package to Palakkad, covering best known tourist places within four days time period.

Day 01: Upon arrival at Coimbatore Airport, guides from Palakkad holiday package will transfer you to pre booked hotel. Enjoy dinner and stay whole night at hotel.

Day 02: Post breakfast in the early morning, Palakkad holiday package will start its journey by exploring historic Palakkad Fort. Palakkad Fort, else known as Tippu’s Fort is one among the best preserved forts in Kerala. This protected area under Archeological Survey of India stretches over 15 acres of land. It was built by famous Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan. Best time to visit Palakkad is from the month of September to April. Traditional architecture and style of Palakkad Fort clearly depicts the glorious history of princely states. After viewing the fabulous sight scenes of Palakkad Fort, tour trip will now move on to Malampuzha.

Malampuzha located 13 Kms from Palakkad city is a beautiful tourist destination. You can see here an enchanting garden built in Japanese style. This garden located below the dam beholds attractive sight scenes like Yakshi statue of Kanai Kunhiraman, amusement park, fish- shaped aquarium, Snake Park and rock garden. Ropeway and boating facilities provided in Malampuzha widens the interests of tourists. In the late evening, tour trip will return to hotel. Dinner and overnight stay will be provided at hotel.

Day 03: After breakfast, you can get ready for enjoying the sight scenes. Third day of Palakkad holiday package will first focus its attention on Parambikulam wild life sanctuary. It was established in the year 1973 in the Sungam range of hills. You can reach this destination by traveling 125 Kms from Palakkad. This spectacular place is located in the valley between Annamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. Sambhar, chital, kraits, vipers, panthers, crocodiles and elephants are some among the living species found in this wildlife reserve centre.

Silent Valley National Park, producing summer rains in Kerala is an important tourist destination visited during Palakkad holiday package. You can find here a wonderful collection of peninsular mammals, 400 species of moths and over 100 species of butterflies. Great Indian hornbill, lion-tailed macaque and Ceylon frog moth are some among the wildlife species found in this park. After viewing the sight scenes of Silent Valley National Park, tour trip will now return to hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 04: Post breakfast, representatives from tourism department will assist you to Coimbatore Airport. By here, Palakkad holiday packages ends with evergreen memories.

Matheran, India – Best Tips for Travel

Matheran, beholding fabulous sight scenes is an important tourist attraction in Maharastra. Gorgeous landscape situated at an altitude of about 2516 meters above sea level presents a real feast for visitor’s eyes. This tourist place in Maharastra with serene surroundings can be chosen as an ideal destination for enjoying your holiday packages. Scenic spots located in Matheran please all eyes and attract thousands of visitors from all over the globe. It is located at a distance of about 100 Kms from Mumbai city. Following is the itinerary of an interesting holiday package covering prime attractions of Matheran within four days time period.

Day 01: After arrival at Mumbai Airport, guides from Matheran holiday package will assist you to pre booked hotel. Have delicious north Indian dinner and enjoy the whole night at hotel.

Day 02: Post breakfast from hotel, you can get ready for enjoying the sight scenes of Matheran. First, tour trip will focus on famous Echo point located at 2 Kms distance from Post Office. This is a perfect place for enjoying your echoes. Echo point also presents you a wonderful view of surrounding places like Louisa Point. View of beautiful waterfalls during the month of September and October pleases your eyes. Next, tour trip will move on to Louisa Point.

Louisa Point is a favourite destination of all nature lovers. Exotic view of Echo Point, Chowk Point, Lake Gardens and Tent Hill from this flat plateau is remarkable. After enjoying the sight scenes of Louisa Point, tour trip will now move on to famous Sunset Point in Matheran.

Sunset Point in Matheran is located at a distance of 3 Kms from Post Office. Breathtaking view of sunset from this tourist place at dusk captivates the hearts of tourists. More over, this tourist place also delivers you a marvelous view of Panvel and Mumbai. In the late evening, tour trip will return to hotel. Dinner and overnight stay will be provided at hotel.

Day 03: After having breakfast in the early morning, Matheran holiday package will start its third day journey by visiting Charlotte Lake. It is located at a distance of 1 Kilometer from Matheran market. This charming lake is the main source of water supply in Matheran. Beautiful scenery and greenery of this tourist place grabs the hearts of visitors. Charlotte Lake is also known as Sharlott Lake. Famous tourist places like Echo Point, Louisa Point and Pisarnath Temple are located on the banks of this charming river.

Alexander Point, located 1 Km north of Matheran is an important tourist destination explored in Matheran holiday packages. It is situated on the side of Madhavji road. This favourite destination of sightseers delivers an exotic view of Chowk Valley, Garbut Point and Ulhas River. It also presents you a wonderful view of Bhivpuri Power house. This scenic spot in the background of lush greenery and cool breeze is an ideal place for relaxation. After enjoying the sight scenes of Alexander Point, tour trip will return to hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 04: Post breakfast, representatives from Matheran holiday package will assist you to Mumbai Airport for your return journey to home. Tour ends here with beautiful memories to relish in for lifetime.