Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori trekking is one of the right ways of make your dream come true of climbing. The compelling attractiveness of the Rwenzori Mountains keeps you mesmerized for a long time and persuades you to come here again and again. Rwenzori trekking is surely the right way of venturing a trip to the Uganda-Congo border. This beautiful and amazing mountain range stretches more than one hundred and twenty km from corner to corner the border and stands high at the altitude of 4.500 m.

According to geographical records and surveys, Rwenzori Mountains are the biggest mountain ranges in Africa with its six distinguished mountains that are Mt. Stanley, Mt. Speke, Mt. Baker, Mt. Gessi, Mt. Emin Pasha and Mt. Luigi de Savoia. All the aforementioned six mountains are known for snow capped peaks along with lush green cover of the mountains. These mountain ranges truly offer exceptional amalgamation of beauty and escapade, and are a enjoyment for any hiker.
Rwenzori trekking endows climbers with an experience that give then an adrenaline rush. The trekking to this mountain range starts from village of Nyakalengija, along the Mobuku River, then taking the slope of Mt. Baker till one reaches the most important trail leading to Margherita peak of Mt.Stanley that is the highest peak of Rwenzori Mountain range.

Today, with the increasing interest of people towards jungle safaris, especially Rwenzori trekking, leading tour and travel operators have come up with attractive tours packages to Rwenzori trekking. The leading tour operators offer attractive packages that include pick and drop, comfy accommodation, sightseeing, camping with security in the jungles, multi-cuisine meals and a number of other things. Getting an attractive tour package to Rwenzori trekking would surely be an amazing experience for you to cherish for lifetime.

In order to get the right tour package to Rwenzori trekking, what all you have to do is simply select the right tour provider and place your order online. Booking a tour package in advance is the right way of saving your time and money and making your Rwenzori trekking hassle-free and memorable. So what you are waiting for, book your tour right now to enjoy the real wildlife in the East Africa.

Periyar Lake

The 26 Periyar Lake lies in the center of the Cardamom hills and is surrounded by southern part of Western Ghats. Periyar is situated in Idukki, the southern district in Kerala. The Periyar Lake was created after the Mullaperiyar Dam was constructed by the British Government, in the year 1895, which is 117 years ago. It is due to this dam, there is a constant supply of water for all the wildlife living here.

All the animals like elephants, tigers, and others come to this lake to drink water. The perfect way to enjoy a lake cruise and a safari is to hire a boat ride for a day and enjoy watching the flourishing eco-system of this Periyar National Park.

Tourists from around the world visit the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Periyar Tiger Reserves and to top it all, they also take full advantage of the Periyar Lake safari. It is a best way out of your hectic schedule in the city. Spending memorable days with your children, who will truly enjoy being here, could do well to you. You can also enjoy Elephant Safari, Lake Safari and trekking in the woods. So, contact a reliable tour & travel agency, and make bus ticket reservations to travel with utmost comfort.

You will be delighted to know that while you are at this place, you are surrounded by 2000 types of flowering plants, 169 species of grasses, 155 types of Fabaceae and 170 species of ferns. Besides, there are 62 various types of mammals, 45 different reptiles and 320 bird species.

The popular birds and animals that can be seen around are Tigers, Elephants, Mongoose, Wild dogs, Deer, Fox, Leopard, Mouse deer and Sambar. Well, all this isn’t enough, as there is more to excite you while you are at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You opt for charter bus rental, which will be very comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, including you and family members.

The lake is the only place, where animals come to drink water and hence, most of the tourists prefer to take boat rides organized by the forest department. The boats smoothly cruised over the lake water, showing you the place around. These boats are safe and are an interesting way to tour the forest.

During the peak season, which the summers, you’ll get to see elephants bathing and playing in the lake. If you are lucky, then you might spot a few other animals that often come to drink water at the Periyar Lake. There are many different species of birds, which you can spot near the lake.

The boats can carry 50 to 150 people at a time for a ride, which are popular attraction for tourists and locals in Periyar. A boat ride through the Periyar Lake with its beautiful surroundings along with the thrill of exploring wildlife makes it an overall a wonderful experience, which you could treasure for years to come.

The centrally located Periyar Lake, surrounded by a wide spread National Park, attracts numerous kinds of wildlife, thus making it the most flourishing tourist spot. If you want more information regarding a charter bus rental while travelling in group or with family members, then it would be best to contact a local travel agent.

Powered Paragliding In Pattaya

Everyone dreams of flying at some point in life that crosses a meadow and over the houses, streets and landscapes. The wind in your face, cruising like a bird to all your worries and stress left. It is no longer just a dream but a reality with the help of a glider and powered flight. Things have progressed since the triangular delta wing in 1970, the development of paragliding was released today gliding is a popular sport.

The glider was first coined in 1970 by paratroopers running springs Ram Air Alps in France, over the years, these slides have been changed in a very effective wing to give pilots more power and greater wing aircraft fixed. Flights of more than 200 km are often using thermal and skill of the pilots in the air, raise and spend long hours on end. Training in most countries, the will of heaven, seeing one a few days ago and it is possible to base a license in a couple of weeks. The device is relatively inexpensive, a new wing, harness, parachute, boots, helmet, various can be seen safely in the air less than 4000USD! With a lot of used equipment available, is less than 2000USD on a plane is impossible!

In late 1980 he entered the world of motorized glider and received the name? PPG? Was quickly adopted. These units were glider pilots the ability to receive air from a floor area, and then you find a hill or mountain to begin their flights. Also gave these leaflets in the air when it was over by the updraft of the day or even before it starts.

These units are very popular in Thailand, which has developed the first powered flight in the last 20 years have seen the game easier, more powerful and cheaper each year. Training time is similar to paragliding and there is a wide selection of round new and used motorcycles. That can be removed easily in the boot (trunk) comes into the car and just need a small soccer field and off the field. Prices range from $ 10,000 for a full team, including wings in tandem, rescue tools, two-seater tricycle and U.S. $ 1,000 for a solo instrument. There are dangers associated with these sports, which will undoubtedly be appreciated as an extreme sport, but with an attitude responsible for dozens of years, pilots flying at 12,000 feet above some of the most beautiful scenery in the world order.

There are safety courses available for the shortcomings of the turbulence on the flight and all drivers with a rescue deal. It is easy to combine sport at their own pace, in the evening and early morning flights were observed in the still air, the sun (or fall) are a favorite with an advantage, benefit, while others are noon strong thermal pulse. If you are interested in this sport, why not cut from a sports club and see-motor glider abound, some experts, cats, and once the pleasure of flying in a tandem paramotor.

Some other facts: If the engine is not yet in a glider, no problem! A rescue operation is extremely rare in the world distance record in paragliding (No. PPG) is 349 km

Come and seek the Amazon Jungle

Take pleasure in a thrilling and exhilarating adventure with family or friends in the miraculous Amazon Rainforest – one of the chief influences on the world’s delicate ecology – with Amazon holiday deals from Ariau Amazon Towers! Scheduled as one of the 1,000 destinations to visit before you leave this world, Ariau Amazon Towers is an experience you will by no means stop thinking about in your life span. Our attitude or viewpoint is to forever think primarily about how we can create your tour exceeding your outlook. This is the reason we have fashioned exclusive comprehensive packages that provide a wide variety of the Amazon and its natural riches and possessions. Whether bumping into resident Indian tribes or swimming with unusual pink dolphins, your Amazon journey will set your soul free.
Ascertain the immaculate beauty of Amazon Rainforest – the biggest tropical rainforest on Earth. You will be overwhelmed by the splendor , magnificence and diversity of the Lungs of the World and enthralled by its untamed, inexplicable wonder. Then you will get on on a tour to the mysterious coastal towns of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo – where the force of Brazil will hypnotize and fascinate your soul.

Brazilians declare that almighty shaped the world in six days and on the seventh formed Rio. Sanctified with tropical white sand beaches, pleasing fishing villages, eye-catching landscapes, harmonious spirit, urban nightlife, spectacular Pao de Acucar (Sugar Loaf Mountain), the imposing and extraordinary Corcovado ,figure of Christ the Redeemer, jaded granite peaks, and the undomesticated Carnival, this awe-inspiring town is truthfully one of the most fine-looking and electrifying destinations in the whole world. Walk around Copacabana – the coronet jewel of Brazilian beaches – and Ipanema, a peaceful and relaxing family beach with soft white sand and cool turquoise water.

Discover the arresting coastal town of Sao Paulo, considered to be one of Brazil’s most splendid jewels. With stunning beaches like Santos and Praia do Encanto ,Charm Beach, fine-looking art museums, exceptional structural design, magnificent restaurants and shopping malls, outstanding parks, enlightening places of interest, top-notch zoos, diverse vicinities like the Japanese District, and countless of exhilarating pulls, such as Ipiranga Imperial Museum, this glowing and joyful town 45 miles away from the Atlantic Coast is a energetic, Brazilian metropolitan.

With these electrifying and exiting holiday packages, the elegance, panorama, times past and magnificence of Brazil comes to life right before your eyes!

Adventure Holidays in Sikkim

Welcome to the Himalayan land called Sikkim, where you will find a unique landscape, fast flowing rivers and lakes, nurtured varieties of flora and fauna and different animal species. Sikkim is such a unique place where you will find every reason for an adventurous trip and can make your imagination come true. If you are an enthusiastic and daring traveler, Sikkim adventure holidays is the great opportunity to explore yourself.

From trekking to biking or river rafting and mountain climbing, you will find everything when you will decide for Sikkim adventure tour.

Pack your bag for a great exploring trip where you will get your interest of activities at a single destination.

Trekking in :-

Trekking is the most amazing possibility of getting a closer look to lofty peaks, dense forests, winding rivers, spring and to know the village or mountain life. You can experience the thrill and excitement related to trekking and can have wonderful moments. Some of the wonderful treks can make your trekking experience more excited, and they are: Dzongri – Goecha la Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Singalila Ridge trek, Green Lake treks etc.

Sikkim is embraced with the gigantic peaks of Himalayas including Mt. Kanchenjunga which is 8586 m high. Sikkim trekking tour will give you the towering moments and inner strength to feel the natural wonders of the world. Trekking in Sikkim is exciting both in spring and during autumn. You can get clear view of mountains with variety of blossoming flowers. On the other hand, in autumn you will find dry and clear mountain views.

Mountain Biking in Sikkim:

Visiting Sikkim is incomplete without having fun of mountain biking. Most of the adventure lovers must take the opportunity to experience the thrilling and excitement while biking. It is the best way to know this place while riding. Since many of the routes of Sikkim are suitable for mountain biking, you can easily explore many of the mountains of Sikkim. The starting point for mountain biking in Sikkim is Gangtok.

Mountain biking routes from Gangtok:-

Gangtok – Phodong – Rangrang – Dikchu – Makha – Singtam

Gangtok – Lingdum – Rumtek – Martam – Sang – Makha – Singtam – Singchuthang – Temi Tea Garden – Ravangla – Dentam – Sombarey.

Peak climbing in Sikkim:

Whenever a mountaineer comes to Sikkim his/her utmost desire is to climb the Rocky Mountains or high altitude mountains. It brings energy and motivation for some exploring activities. Sikkim offers for such curious climbers the most toughly and exciting mountaineering routes. You can enjoy conquering the mountain with peak climbing in Sikkim.

Enjoy the full fledged activities provided in Sikkim adventure holidays and become a daring traveler to explore the unidentified regions in the world and unfold its beauty. ♥Saibal~M♥

Enjoy Adventure Holidays in Nepal

Experience the panoramic views and make the most of adventure sport delights as Nepal is an ideal tourist destination that serves the finest of both the world’s pleasures. If you are craving for the most exciting Nepal adventure holidays and can reach to limitless extends to experience its limits, travel to this beautiful state of Nepal is certainly the most joyful ride in nature’s arms. Insane sport activities including trekking in Nepal, are surely one of the finest experiences for tourists from all around the world longs to indulge in.

Nepal has its own incredible beauty that lies in eyes of its beholder with world’s highest mountain ranges in the state. Deep and dense picturesque panoramas of Nepal, makes it an ideal destination to experience complete adventure tour for tourists around the world. Since Nepal offer amazing adventure tourism and best outdoor activities to enjoy, numerous adventure activities provide ample of opportunities for cultural and heritage tourism. Experience eye catching landscapes, snowy mountain passes and scenic glaciers on Nepal adventure holidays and indulge with few fun loaded activities as mentioned below:

Trekking activities: The most striking sport activity, trekking in Nepal is surely not to be missed as Nepal is famous among enthusiastic trekkers around the world. With an appealing and well organized trekking tour in Nepal, explore the finest natural beauty with hiking trails in country that provide scenic views of landscapes, mountain passes and spectacular glaciers. Since Nepal is famous for numerous trekking trails, Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region are among some of popular trekking regions exhibited that attracts millions of trekkers from all around the world every year.

Tourists can explore famous snow peaks like Mt Everest, lakes like that of Gosain Kund, flowing rivers, streams and falls are all there to delight its visitors. Spectacular views of rhododendrons forest, with diversity of plant and animal species can be explored on trekking tour in Nepal Protected regions along the Himalayas like Shey-Phoksundo, Langtang, Sagarmatha, Makalu-Barun, Rara, Kanchenjunga and Shivapuri national parks along with Annapurna and Manaslu conservation areas, provide excellent trekking option to its visitors.

Mountain Biking: Discover the spectacular mountain beauty of Nepal and boost your fondness for mountain biking in Nepal. Known as an ultimate adventure activity for enthusiasts, mountain biking is surely fun loaded experience in zigzag trails of mountains. Since sport is really renowned with endless tracks and trails to explore in Nepal, bikers can experience remote wilderness, life changing culture and unbelievable views.

River Rafting Experience: Nepal offers some of the ideal rivers along with mountain ranges, which offer rafting opportunities for tourists. White Water rafting in Nepal is the perfect way to enjoy water adventure sports. Some of the famous rivers for rafting are Karnali, Trisuli, Sun Koshi etc. The flow of water in these rivers is intense rapid and ideal for rafting.

Adventure holidays in Nepal is a life changing journey to abode of snows, life experience to the world of bio diversity, and an enchanting thrill in the mystery of distinct culture.