The Exotic Beaches of Tenerife

Tourists who choose Tenerife as their ideal destination for a holiday find that they are compelled to visit the city over and over again. This is because the city has lush gardens and an atmosphere that is nothing short of welcoming and amazing. This is one of Spanish places that you can make those lasting memories without even trying too hard to achieve that.

It is also a place that has lots of monuments and buildings all of which have rich artistic and historic value. The churches are the main monuments within the city although there are other grounds that make it to the attractions list. The most interesting thing about Tenerife is that it experiences sunshine throughout the year meaning that it is ideal for any kind of holiday at any given time within the year. You can enjoy your time best at the exotic beaches and resorts that are strategically placed within the region.

Martianez Beach: it is strategically placed between cliffs and is made outstanding by the black sandy layers on some sections. It is a beach that is open to the powerful sea actions and has scenery that is simply breathtaking. You can enjoy the sand and sun as well as have an interesting time in surfing.

Teresita Beach: the golden sand beach is very popular and is located on Santa Cruz. You will find sea grapes and Canary palms adorning the wide beach and it also has a water breaker making it quite safe for people looking to spend some time in the cool waters. It is also a fishing ground and this only means that you will get to enjoy seafood at its best adding to the fun you will find within the beach.

Roque Beach: this is a unique beach whose sand is quite dark. You will find it most ideal to spend some time in during the periods with low tides and you can enjoy surfing ferienwohnung spanien. It is however of great importance to note that the surfing can be dangerous since this is a beach that experiences sudden swells and currents even though it generally has good conditions. You can enjoy all types of foods especially seafood in the open fish restaurants and cafes.

Jardin Beach: it is located on Puerto la Cruz and is also an amazing beach that has plenty of activities to offer to those who are looking for some fun during their holidays and vacations. The facilities within this beach are quite modern and you can find most of the equipment you need on hire and at a very affordable rate for that matter.

Exotic Wine Country Tours from San Francisco

Life as such is pretty complicated and highly unpredictable. Every single day from the time it is dawn to the time it becomes dusk is a new mystery to us we do not know what might unfold for that day. As such we are entangled in a very complicated scenario where we do a lot of things simultaneously every single day with very little dedication or improper assessment. We lead a hectic life style by working 24×7 all through the week and throughout the year. Thus the consequences that we are put through are quite understandable and highly unnecessary. We need to make better judgments from the experiences we gain over the years.

Taking time off every once in a while is only good for us as it gets us get rejuvenated and find the zest we need to follow up in life. There are lots of stress related issues developed over the years thanks to the complicated lifestyle we lead. And ironically, it is because of us mankind that things have become such a pitiful state. Under worst case scenarios people even die due to various health related issues and diseases and some even committed suicide. All you need to do is take a Napa valley wine tour when you can to distress yourself. It is absolutely crucial that you do so. Besides, you will be rejuvenated of doing so which will only improve your efficiency and output at your work.

First thing you ought to do once you decide upon taking a holiday, is to decide a place to visit. Also figure out how many people will be accompanying you for the trip. It is always good to spend some quality time with the ones you love, your relatives and friends to nourish one’s relationship which helps a lot of people around us to sustain life in a happy way. Happiness is just momentary and vacations always fills your heart and minds with several moments you can cherish in the future.

Come to San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the beautiful cities of California wine country tour in USA. It has everything to offer you, things that you would need in a vacation to get rejuvenated. The cultural experience and the moments you take back with you will always be wonderful as you relish good times. You must visit the city especially if you are a wine lover. San Francisco is very famous for its wineries. It has two counties literally filled with several wineries namely Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. These two places manufacture the best wines of the world and these wines are highly exotic. You also get to taste them for free.

There are many websites online promoting many wine country tour packages which are highly substantial and wonderful. Much more they are highly organized and structured in terms of their itineraries. You can always make use of such packages to have a well organized agenda when you get there. Also you can stay there in many guest houses in case you wish to spend more time in the same places. All you need to do is research around and gather details. All the details are available online just for you. Make good use of them.

Maldives an Exotic Holiday Destination

The Maldives which is officially known as Republic of Maldives is an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean and is the smallest Asian country. It is said that this island was formed from the double chain of twenty-six atolls stretching in a north-south direction of the Lakshadweep islands of India. Male, the capital city of Maldives is also the largest city of the island. This capital city is also the Administrative division of the Maldives. Maldives is also the lowest country on the planet.

Places of Tourist’s destination in Maldives

There are various places of tourist’s attraction in Maldives; the striking beaches of this island attract people in large numbers. There are many luxurious tourists’ resorts in Maldives which will offer to you a dreamlike experience. The visitors can spend some leisure time on the lovely palm laced beaches. Water sports activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, underwater coral watching; water scooters add much fun to your trip.

The magnificent National Museum in Male is known for exclusive and antique collection of things. Here one can find the ornaments and garments which were worn by the Kings in early times. There are also some religious places in Maldives like the Grand Friday mosque, which is the biggest mosque of the country and the Islamic Centre. Hukuru Miskiiy is considered to be the oldest mosque in Maldives. One can also take pleasure in the marvellous recreational options which are offered at various atolls.

Maldives holidays can offer you some lifetime memories. Some of the areas of Maldives are still not under urban influence; here you get the feel of paradise as serenity prevails all over. Some other tourist’s places of major tourist’s attraction include Baa Atoll, Fuamulaku and Kudahuvadhoo. Some of the islands in Maldives also have exotic spas to relax you.

Maldives is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts, the beaches of Maldives are considered to be the hottest beaches of the world and therefore water sports become fun over here.

Fish market in Maldives is another major attraction of Maldives. Tourists visit the fish market in large number just to see the different fish products. Those interested in fishing can also spend their leisure time as usually fishing takes place in Maldives after the sunset. Anybody who desires to go for fishing during the morning hours can do so by taking special permission. You can spend time just rocking in the fishing boats even of you fail to catch one. Maldives holidays can therefore load you with some beautiful memories which you would cherish lifelong.

Maldives holidays can be more fun when the time is spends with your near and dear ones. You can take a flight from UAE to Maldives Air Berlin, Air India, Finnair, British Airways, BMI, Emirates, Ethiopian, Indian, Lufthansa are some of the airlines that operate between UAE and Maldives.

Exotic and Tropical Thailand Holidays

Thailand holidays are probably the best experience you will ever have in your entire life. People all over the world yearn to visit there one day, picturing themselves lying on a beach holding a hollowed out pineapple with an umbrella on it, enjoying ocean views with crystal clear waters, beautiful white sandy beaches and all the Thai food you can possibly handle. You can experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, walking through market places that are filled with weird and wonderful things, or you can spend some your time fulfilling that dream with the pineapple.

No matter what it is that you decide to do while you are there, you need to ensure that your Thailand holidays are spectacular. Even though that isn’t really difficult to do, you should at least put in a bit of effort into finding a few interesting things to experience and broaden your horizons a little. The temples are well known all over the world and their ancient stature gets you in touch with their culture and sense of tradition from the moment you first lay your eyes on them. You can explore the mainland and take hikes through forests and up mountains, shop for cheap clothes in the market places and grab a bite of something weird to eat if you are in the mood to try something different. The nightlife in Thailand is always alive with all kinds of things, ranging from snake blood drinking competitions to Lady-boys that dress up in drag. When you are done with the mainland, you can venture out to sea and explore the surrounding islands, where you can cut yourself off from the rest of the world completely. It’s the perfect thing to do for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon. Water sports and activities are also great way to spend your time, because you get to parasail along the coastline where you get to see the place from a completely different perspective. You can snorkel along coral reefs where you can get to see some of the most amazing tropical marine life in the world. The best part about Thailand is the fact that it is so affordable, no matter what part of the world you are from. The exchange rate is usually quite good and most of the stuff you buy there is exceptionally cheap without compromising on quality.

So get your bags packed and make sure you have spending money available for your trip, because you are in for the trip of a lifetime.


Exotic Cuba Holiday

Cuba has a subtropical climate and you can have holidays here at any time of the year. Cuba is a very popular tourist destination. There are various famous cities in Cuba like Havana, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba. Varieties of accommodation in different ranges and qualities are available in Cuba so it becomes easy for you in fixing up the most suitable hotel according to your needs and budget.

An all inclusive Cuba holidays have wonderful things to offer you like white sand beaches, turquoise waters and light entertainment. All-inclusive holiday deals are gaining popularity due to their convenience, pre-determined prices, and the peace of mind they give you. These types of deals remove all sort of time consuming research work that is often considered necessary when planning a holiday with family and friends.

All inclusive holiday packages to Cuba are simple, affordable, and allow travelers to experience, explore, enjoy, dine and wine with friends and family without any worries, tensions or hassles. It allows you to have much more thrilling experiences, which will enhance your agile nature and after your holidays to Cuba you will surely become much calmer and sober than before.

A Cuba holidays is distinct and exotic. It is more than just a beach holiday as they create a chance to peek inside the extraordinary history of this island which in itself offers a unique blend of sunshine, sea, unusual culture and Cuban characteristics. If you’re looking for that something extra, a little bit more adventurous than just a wonderful beach holiday or a lively break away, then Cuba combines both of these, plus added extras and could just be the holiday for you.

For those who are into architecture, prepare to experience the stunning beauty of the Spanish colonial houses in Havana, the red-roofed buildings and mansions of Trinidad, or the grand plazas in every city you visit.Cuba is a dream vacation in every way. It is a place that lets you step into the past, forget about the future and just get right into the present. It is an amalgamation of unforgettable experiences all rolled into one.

Exotic Holidays to Mauritius

Mauritius, situated on the south-western side of the Indian Ocean is a stunning island. Replete with scenic spots, salubrious beaches, romantic gardens, striking wildlife parks, remarkable monuments, medieval remnants and overwhelming religious sites, Mauritius has become quite a favourite of all. Listed below are the five benchmark attractions of Mauritius that are responsible for making this island nation such a popular tourist spot.

Port Louis

The capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis flaunts a spectacular blend of cultures and traditions. The tourists planning luxury holidays to Mauritius never forget to include this beautiful port city in their itinerary. The fascinating Chinatown, spiritual Jummah Mosque, spectacular Père Laval’s shrine, splendid Mauritius Natural History Museum, incredible Mauritius Postal Museum, and the charming Caudan Waterfront are the main lures of the city. These attractions narrate the stories of the region’s rich glorious past, marvellous culture and excellent contemporary development in the city.

Shopping is another great allure that entices people to plan Mauritius holidays. Being a duty-free zone, shopping here is pretty easy on the wallets of the tourists. The bazaars in the city display a wide array of goods and garments that reflect the culture of Mauritius.

Pamplemousses Garden

Also known as the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, the Pamplemonsses Garden is very popular among tourists. Located in a small village called Pamplemousses, the garden is home to the striking chateau of Pierre Poivre and several unusual indigenous species of flora and Queen Victoria water lilies. This place is a feast for the nature devotees who plan holidays for Mauritius just to explore the authentic beauty of the region. Moreover, the unique architecture of the wrought iron gates and white iron grills boost the magnificence of Pamplemousses Garden.

Grand Bay

Mauritius holidays stay incomplete without witnessing the stunning Grand Bay Beach. Located in the north-eastern coastline of Mauritius, the Grand Bay is a paradise for beach lovers and takes the holiday pleasure to the zenith. The far stretched coastline of the beach features numerous water activities such as yachting, water-skiing and windsurfing to name a few. Moreover, the multihued beachside bazaars and restaurants offering lip-smacking food stay highly popular among the tourists. Grand Bay Beach is also host to some of the top hotels in Mauritius which promise comfortable stay long with all the modern amenities.

La Vanille Crocodile Park

La Vanille Crocodile Park is located at the South of Mauritius close to the famous Riviere des Anguilles River. Due to the pleasant weather of the place, it is home to numerous varieties of flora, wild crocodiles and various other species of animals like such as monkeys, stags, fruit bats and tortoises. Travelling through this park and exploring the unique natural wonders bestow pleasure to the tourists of all age groups.

Goa Beaches

If you are planning to visit India, you can’t forget to visit Goa. Goa is one of the most preferred and most beautiful states in India. Goa has almost every quality which makes a place perfect for a tourist spot. Goa is known as the Beach capital of India. You will experience beautiful and exotic palm fringed beaches with silver sand, unique flora and fauna, gorgeous and stunning churches, amazing landscapes, colorful festivals and marvelous Goan lifestyle and other superb and impressive attractions that can never fail to mesmerize the heart of a tourist. Goa will give you an environment of relaxation and pleasure so that you can enjoy your vacations to the maximum. Not only for the families, Goa is also a perfect place for honeymooners, newly wedded couples, family vacations and other people who want to have a charming and pleasant vacation.

Goa is an all season tourist destination; you can visit Goa in any season. No matter it is summer, winter, autumn or spring, you will find the crowd of visitors. There are various tour packages offered by different tour operators from which you can choose according to your requirements, preferences and budget. There are different categories like Goa Family Tour, Goa Honeymoon Tour, Goa Beach Tour, Goa Wildlife Tour and Goa Heritage Tour etc which will take you to the heritages of Goa. No matter, ant tour you choose, you will be spell bounded by the beauty of Goa.

Goa is known for its serene beaches internationally. That is why Goa is known as the beach capital of India. The palm trees fringing the white and silvery beaches enhance the beauty of place by manifolds that you are bounded to enjoy the exquisiteness of the place. The famous beaches of Goa are Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Benaulim Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Dona Beach, Colva Beach, Paula Beach, Miramar Beach and Candolim Beach etc. Goa beaches also offer you to enjoy various water sports and different kind of water activities like Speed Boating, Scuba Diving, Wind Surfing, Cannoeing, Ski Surfing, Kayaking, Swimming, Trekking, Skiing, Rafting and Angling etc. It is a best option for the water sports lovers.

The other aspect which attracts the different tourists globally is its awesome flora, fauna and wildlife. The Western Ghats of the eastern Goa is known for its biodiversity in the world. Goa has different wildlife parks and sanctuaries from which the famous are Madeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigoa Wildlife Sanctuary Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Molem Wildlife Sanctuary. These parks and sanctuaries house various wildlife species, birds, amphibians and other creatures. You should never miss the chance to enjoy the adventure safari in these dense jungles to explore its rich, unique and diverse flora and fauna of the place.

Your tour to Goa will also take you to the famous historical monuments and churches of Goa. These churches represent the Portuguese art, culture and their architecture. You will find churches as well as the temples in Goa as there is the diverse culture in Goa. Apart from the temples and churches, you will find various forts to visit as well such as Chapora, Gaspar Dias, Tiracol, Aguada and Cabo de Rama etc. Well, overall you just visit Goa once and you will find a lot of reasons to be there, to spend your vacation in a place which will add some eternal and awesome moments to your life which you will cherish forever.

A Getaway to Exotic Manila

The capital of Philippines, Manila is a historic city which every travel enthusiast will love to visit. Located on the shores of Manila Bay, the city is an international hotspot for great holiday. A trip to Manila will fill you with energy and contentment. It is one of the perfect destinations to go on trip with your friends and family. You can also enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one in this exhilarating city. Just get your air tickets booked and board any of the cheap flights to Manila for a great holiday.

You can also contact any good travel company for getting information about the availability of the direct flights to Manila. If you are internet savvy, you would surely find cheap flights to Manila yourself. You can check on the websites of different airlines or any travel company to get the details of the flights, its arrival and departure, air ticket cost etc.

If you don’t want any trouble, a holiday package for Manila will save you from hassle of searching and booking of air tickets, hotel stay and sightseeing. Always try getting air tickets well in advance otherwise it will cost you more at the last hour.

Manila is like a dream destination for many who visit it. Though the city is known for its history, but you will get amazed to see the other face of the city. Manila which was once occupied by Spain then by British and lastly United States is now the commercial hub of the country. Besides, the city boasts of fascinating forts, sports facilities, museums and parks attracting millions of tourists every year.

The airport of the city ‘Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport’ is located 12 km from the city centre and is served by all major international as well as domestic airlines. You can easily find taxis available outside the airport and reach your hotel. Hotel-run cars can also pick you if an advance booking has been done.

Manila is busiest and second-most populated city in Philippines and tourists still admire this city. The major attractions that the city offers are Intramuros, Ocean Park, Taal Volcano, Malacanang Palace etc. With the intriguing history to narrate, a visit to different historical sites will thrill you. Interestingly, people are surprised the way Manila has transformed itself into an international holiday destination in short span of time after it faced heavy destruction during the World War II.

Other than sightseeing, the city will also enthrall you by the shopping opportunities that it offers. All those who thought Bangkok and Hong Kong to be the only shopping destinations in Asia will be surprised to see the malls and department stores of Manila. In addition, the city also has a number of local markets where you can get traditional and antique pieces, souvenirs etc.

If you feel Manila is only good for family fun-fare, then you must see the nightlife of the city. Manila which is already so colorful and vibrant gets more glossy and glamorous as the sun sets. And the locals of the city can be seen having great fun at various pubs and bars. You can visit any bar or nightclub and enjoy the dynamic nightlife of the city having some of the finest wines from around the world.

Before coming to this exotic city, make sure you have enough information about the flights to Manila so that you can choose the best from it which suits to your budget. In fact as mentioned above, a good travel company will give all details about cheap flights from London to Manila. So, get the tickets booked and fly to this amazing city for great fun and excitement.

Cape Maclear: Exotic Bay in Malawi

Situated in the Mangochi district of Malawi’s southern region, Chembe or Cape Maclear is the busiest town on Lake Malawi. The history of Cape Maclear states that the cape was found by David Livingstone and he named it after the loving memory of his friend Thomas Maclear, a great astronomer. The graves of some of the missionaries who arrived along with David Livingstone can still be found near the bay. The presence of a good natural harbour makes Cape Maclear the busiest resort in the Nankumba Peninsula.

In the year 1980, Cape Maclear and its islands was declared as National Park, which made Lake Malawi, the first ever freshwater national park in the world. Blessed with the highest diversity of freshwater fishes in the world, Lake Malawi has always surprised the and attracted many tourists around the globe. The perfect conditions like sand, rock water depth and underwater radiance make the lake the perfect habitat for the fishes, underwater plants and other living beings in the lake. Onshore the island and its surroundings also make it a perfect dwelling place for other flora and fauna, several breeds of birds in their natural habitat gives a pleasant treat to the eyes of the tourists.

Tourism and related offices contributes the major share of Cape’s revenue, baptized recently into a busiest and leading tourist destination on Lake Malawi, the tourist activities are very much promoted by the government. Restaurants, bar lounges, guesthouses and motels make the place popular among backpackers. Boat cruises, kayaking, diving, and snorkelling are the water sports activities in Cape Maclear. More investment is being made from the part of government to increase the tourist activities in the area. Ecotourism is also being promoted by the government and has become a hot commodity in the area. The yacht race held every year on Lake Malawi is the major  tourist sport attraction it assembles lots of tourists and adventure sports lovers to the Cape. The multiday race course starts at Cape Maclear and the finishing point is situated at Nkhata Bay situated at the north.

Though the roads in Cape are not in such good condition, efforts are being put together to build new roads and revive the existing ones. For backpackers who love to walk through the unaltered rustic life, the place is the best option. This place offers a great day at safaris and a comforting stay at the hotels in township. Considered among the must visit tourist destination, Lake Malawi and Cape Maclear attempts to stay unique.

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

A romantic unforgettable honeymoon sets the tone just right for starting a journey of marital bliss. The creator has generously bestowed different parts of the world with numerous such places. Take a look at some of the honeymoon destinations worth buying luxury holiday packages to.


If you are looking for luxury holidays in some exotic honeymoon destination, Thailand can prove to be a pretty good bet. The destination is well serviced by an extensive network of cheap flights and almost each and every Thai location offers abundant scope for romance. While spots like Phuket are perfect for spending serene romantic times, Bangkok and Pattaya are full of actions. Similarly, Koh Samui, Krabi, and other Thai destinations all have their own brand of charm.


Sydney may or may not be the most liveable city in the world but the destination is definitely one of the best places in the world for one’s honeymoon. Going on river cruises, watching plays at the Opera House, recreating history at ‘the Rocks’ area, and indulging in some great shopping all do their bit to make Sydney honeymoons an excellent choice. Couples with more adventurous tastes may try out the bridge climbing experience. Another very popular place is the Bondy Beach.

Sharm el Sheikh

Many honeymooning couples seeking a romantic sun, sand, and surf experience often land up in Sharm ek Sheikh. Although, luxury hotels at the destination may prove hard to come by, a Sharm el Sheikh honeymoon experience proves well worth the expense. The captivating sight of the ‘Coloured Canyon’, parties at Na’ama Bay, and invigorating sea cruises all spell sheer bliss. If candle lit dinners and romancing on the beach seems to become a drag, couples can replenish themselves with a dose of adrenalin pumping activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, and parasailing.

New Zealand

Often called ‘God’s Own Country’, New Zealand’s beauty is just postcard perfect. Glistening glaciers, waters teeming with colourful aquatic life, lush jungles of exotic flora and fauna all make New Zealand honeymoons spell binding. The country also proves irresistible for adventurous couples as there are scores of adrenalin pumping activities here such as skiing in the Southern Alps, bungee jumping, and jet boating. Be it Auckland, Queenstown, or Wellington, every nook and cranny of New Zealand seems to be the perfect place in itself for one’s honeymoon.

New York

New York is like a world of endless fun and frolic and many newly weds inevitably get drawn to this wonderful honeymoon destination. Be it the ravishing beauty of the Niagara Falls, views from the Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty, or larger than life Broadway shows, New York definitely adds more than its fair share of cherished memories to one’s honeymoon. The destination also overflows with opportunities for shopping at some of the most famous shopping areas in the world and feasting at similarly well-known restaurants.

Costa Adeje Trekking and Beaches

Costa Adeje is a fabulous resort offering the best action and excitement that the Canary Islands have to offer. Whether you want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife or simply relax on the beaches, there is something in Costa Adeje to suit even the pickiest holidaymaker! If you want a holiday but not sure how much you can afford, you can stay confident that this resort caters for all tastes and budgets. Many tour operators offer unbelievably good package deals to the area, perfect for those looking to avoid hefty credit card bills that often come hand in hand with summer holidays.

Costa Adeje is located on the west coast of Tenerife, one of the most popular islands in the Canary family. The idyllic setting and lively atmosphere ensures that once you arrive in the resort immediately to escape from everyday life. Couples, families and groups of young travellers are popular visitors to the resort, each find their perfect holiday mix.

One of the key elements of the resort is a long promenade that is lined with bars, restaurants and gift shops. Day and night, this area filled with tourists enjoying a stroll or taking a bite to eat. The popular promenade is overlooked by the majestic Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain and a great place to enjoy a trip during a vacation to Costa Adeje. If you prefer to stay active during your holiday there are plenty of sports and enjoy recreational activities within the resort.

Golf is a popular choice, there is a large modern course is located in Costa Adeje which caters for both novice and expert players. Tennis and bowling facilities are also available along with jeep safaris and camel rides for the more adventurous traveller! Take to the seas and enjoy a spot of deep sea fishing or boat trips to the dolphins and whales, a great experience for the whole family will remember watching.

Adeje Old Town is a great place to explore if you fancy learning more about the history and culture of the resort, with its picturesque harbor that more restaurants and bars. The beach is Costa Adeje is one of the main attractions of the resort, covered with fine black volcanic sand; the beach is full of exciting facilities including water skiing and snorkelling to try during your vacation.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder Costa Adeje is one of the most popular Canary Islands resorts. But you want to spend your vacation; you can find it in this truly unique holiday haven.