Mount Kinabalu Climbing Experience

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia and also ranks the 20th place among the highest peaks in the world, in terms of prominence. This and its impressive biodiversity makes Kinabalu one of the most important and far-famed mountains in the world. It is the main attraction in Sabah, along with the Kinabalu National Park- the park surrounding the mountain, which has a variety of flora and fauna that covers not less than 4 climate zones. You can now see why “Mount Kinabalu climbing” is such an imposing phrase. Most people think about is as a dream. But this is a dream that can come true. Below are some tips that can be very useful if you decide to follow your dreams.

Mount Kinabalu climbing preparations for beginners

First of all, you should know that climbers must be accompanied by guides at every moment of their hike. These are the park’s rules and everyone must follow them. Secondly, if you want to have a total experience then you should allocate 3 days to the climbing, meaning you will spend 2 nights on the mountain. The mountain’s physical properties and its abundance in unique species of plants require that.

If you are a beginner, Low’s Peak is not too hard to be climbed if you are in good physical shape. However, other peaks are not that accessible and require more advanced climbing skills.

Mount Kinabalu climbing- starting points

The hike has 2 main starting points:

Timpohon Gate – located 5 km away from the park entrance. The place is also known under the name “Pondok Timpohon”, meaning “Timpohon Shelter”, because of the large wooden shelter that was built here. The place is peaceful and offers a spectacular view. The place has a check point for climbers, where they can file their permits to the stationed ranger. It also has a shop, providing snacks and refreshments.
Mesilau Nature Resort- a tourist resort built in 1998, which is a great lodging place for ecotourists. It is 30 minutes far from the Kinabalu Park and 2000 meters above the sea level. This is also a peaceful place and its meeting room stands for motivational training, seminars, meetings and retreats for small groups.

The two trails cross two kilometers before Laban Rata.

Mount Kinabalu climbing tales

There are many tales regarding Mount Kinabalu, but one of them is absolutely breath-taking. It claims that “Kinabalu” means “Cina Balu” or “A Chinese Widow”. The story says that a Chinese prince was rescued by the natives of Borneo after his ship sank. The prince fell in love with a local woman and then abandoned her because of his parents. The woman died at the top of the mountain, which she used to climb every morning to see if her husband would return home.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan is a unique tourist location resting in the southern regions of the Himalayas and widely known as ‘the land of the thunder dragon’. Bhutan Tour is popular because it comes under the world’s top travel destinations. Perched on high altitudes, you witness mystical beauty spread across acres of land. The Bhutan kingdom is manifested by its natural beauty of flora and fauna, and is also home for varied species of animals. Bhutan’s sacredness, culture and heritage, in essence, make up its unique identity.

Touring Bhutan

The mountain ranges are home to sacred monasteries. Bhutan is known for many spiritual people, with Buddhism practiced by majority of the nationals. A trip to Bhutan covers destinations like Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, Gogona etc. These places expose the natural splendors and cultural highlights of the place. Bhutan tour includes visiting museums especially the National Textile and Folk Heritage.

The Trekking Paradise

Bhutan Tour is specially enjoyed if you love trekking and adventure. This trekking helps you get close and personal with nature. The landscapes, with deep valleys surrounded by dominating mountains are perfect for long treks. There is a whole list of trekking routes, taking you to various places such as Phobjhika valley, Khotokha and Gogona villages, juniper and magnolia forests and other remote villages. These routes give a glimpse of Bhutan’s magnificent glacial valley. The forests, fields and meadows make the trek an exciting experience.

Trekking in Bhutan offers breath-taking views of the Himalayan range, mountain lakes, and monasteries. As you pass through rocky and rough trails you will encounter rare endangered species of birds like the magpie, woodpecker, and black-necked crane. Bhutan protects and preserves the natural habitat of many rare species in the animal and bird kingdom. Trekking in Bhutan is one of a kind because the environment is as diverse as the culture.

Seasonal Trekking

Spring, summer, autumn, winter are the four seasons found here? Taking a trip to Bhutan in each of these seasons has its own delightful pleasures. Summer trekking unveils green-covered valleys and blossoming flowers. Most trekkers enjoy trekking between March and May. Spring brings in colorful meadows and wildflowers. Autumn is the season which brings in the maximum number of tourists. There are treks specific and suited to winter. Some of the hardest treks in the world are covered in winter. These are challenging, yet adventurous treks, leaving explorers with a lifetime experience. A Bhutan tour truly reveals so much of its richness that is usually hidden in the hills.

Experience an African Safari on Foot

A Walking African Safari

An African safari is an unforgettable experience. And while cruising along on the back of an open-top 4×4 or taking to the skies in a light aircraft maybe a delightful way to see this amazing country, a walking African safari is the real key to the discovering hidden treasures you wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

What To Expect on a Walking Safari

Making your way through lush vegetation in glorious sunshine as your guide rattles off interesting facts about your surroundings and the animals you have encountered is surely one of the best African safari experiences in the world. Listen to leaves crackle under foot, or paw, and wonder just what type of animal may be nearing, keeping out of the wind in order to prevent your scent being carried to them. Nothing will top the feeling of finding a herd of elephants and, being advised of the best procedure, approaching them to watch first-hand how they interact with one another and go about their business in their natural environment – that is before they sense your presence and disappear across the plains. Watch as an excited troop of baboons descends on the left behind elephant dung, joyfully sifting through in search of their spoils. An African safari really is the most surreal experience you won’t be able to forget in a hurry. Imagine spending a few hours huddled in a secluded spot near a lagoon, with birds flying low in sky and crocodiles regularly bursting forth from the water to snap at any creature that dared approach the water’s edge. Your heart will be in your throat as you witness nature at its most basic and raw.

Best Walking African Safari Destinations

Zambia is renowned for its parks, African safari experiences, and walking excursions, having been the originator of the foot safari back in the 1950s. The country is extremely popular with tourists because it offers one of the highest concentrations of game in the continent. Go to Uganda to embark on a difficult yet rewarding trek to see mountain gorillas and witness first hand scenes you’ve only previously seen in films. Or wonder at the sheer diversity of wildlife housed in Botswana and gorge yourself on extraordinary sights as you follow the trails left behind by animals overnight on one of the many bush walks offered by the parks and game reserves here. A bush walk really is the only way to achieve an authentic African safari experience, so grab yourself an experienced guide and get out there!

Great Climbing Experience at the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

The in the state of Colorado is a popular climbing destination. There are different trails for someone like you who wishes to take on a great adventure. The place has stunning granite formations and mountain peaks that would surely increase your excitement once you see the view. It is very favorable when you plan a trip in between the months of June and September of during the season of summer. In order to perform such outdoor activity, you must learn about the following.

If you are a beginner, you must familiarize yourself with the Hallet Peak and Notchtop. They are very easy climbing routes. You can bring your family and friends along especially for those who want to try this kind of outdoor adventure. Since you will be traveling to get on these sites, you can have a stun gun because it can be a form of safety device that will keep you, your family and your friends protected at all times.

You have to remember that there are many areas within the park wherein you can choose the one which suits your level of expertise when it comes to this recreational activity. The Diamond of Longs Peak is known as the highest among all other areas for climbing. The trails can be moderate to hard that is why you must be ready for such adventure. You will need to hike about 5 miles of trail before you will be able to reach this place.

Other spots that is best for this sport is just above the Black Lake. There are many trails that you can follow and they all have different levels of how easy and hard they can be. But generally, they can range from moderate to hard. You can bring all the gear that you need. Be sure to cover your head with a helmet to protect yourself from any rocks that might fall. For more safety especially that this is a famous destination for tourists, rechargeable stun guns would be effective devices.

Another climbing site which is one of the crowd’s favorite is the Petit Grepon. When you will be able to reach the peak of one of its trails, you will surely be amazed by the beautiful view that you will be able to see. Since this is one of the places where it is mostly crowded not only by some locals but also by tourists, you might want to make sure that you avoid going there during the weekend or holidays. But if he crowd is just fine for you, you can follow the trail anytime.

If you wish to camp within the site, you can do so. There are many campgrounds within the area. This would allow you to explore the place as much as you want most especially that you can extend your stay and camp around. Remember to bring all the things that you need on your stay. There are also fine restaurants around the area. You can try the different types of food that they serve.

These are the things that you have to remember when you want to have a great experience of climbing at the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Ream National Park Experience

Cambodia is also about nature too! Sure, many quickly, almost instinctively associate the Southeast Asian country with ruined temples. Any why not? Some of the world’s best call Cambodia home. But don’t forget, the country is in the tropics. Meaning that some lush jungles and warm beaches also call this country home. Experience the pristine environs of the kingdom as part of a combined jungle adventure and undisturbed beach break. Some light adventure awaits!

Embark on the scenic three and a half hour journey to Ream National Park from the capital. See the Cambodian countryside firsthand. It is quite beautiful and will make the travel time fly. And your destination is also quite the catch. Ream National Park is a beach/jungle nature paradise, renowned for its bird and monkey population. You will be transferred to one of Ream’s most scenic beaches, Koh Sampouch, one of the few in Southeast Asia that has yet to see any development. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed to your comfortable and well-equipped tent right on the beach.

If trekking is your thing, then Ream is the place to be. Check out the base of the mountain, filled with tropical jungle which leads you to a nearby fishing village. Look out for the park’s animal residents, who are just as curious as you to the stranger staring back at them. Trek back to the campsite. End your day with enjoy a beautiful sunset from your private tent veranda. Of course, the water itself is quite tempting. A swim is understandable.

Awake to a fresh sea breeze and sounds of nature nicely paired with a fresh breakfast. Another interesting hike awaits through large sandy clearings, fallen logs and curious locals until you reach a boat keeper’s house situated on the northern part of Ream. From here, embark on a traditional sampan and go on an interesting boat ride along Prek Toeuk Sap River.

Spend the final day here at total leisure. Jump in the warm ocean waters if you want to. Or relax on the inviting sand and catch some rays. Or walk along the beach. It is up to you. Or if you just have to continue trekking, then by all means go for it. This is your final day at Ream National Park.

Trekking in Bhutan: The Land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan the wonderful country in South Asia is also known as “The Land of Thunder Dragon”. The country has richness in all aspects of life. The country has stunning mountain peaks, amazing landscape beauty, beautiful art and architecture, historical relics, exotic wildlife, etc to attract the tourists. Their unique heritage culture will grab your attention. The spiritual people of the place will greet their guests with full respect. Apart from all these it is a perfect destination for trekking lovers. Trekking is the best way to explore the loveliness and wilderness of the country. The trekking of the country will give the thrilling and breathtaking experience which you can’t forget throughout your life.

The country is situated on the mountains and valley of Himalaya range that’s why it is the preeminent option for trekking. The country offers you finest foot treks which makes your trekking more delightful. Trekking the best adventurous sport for which thousands of people make special tour. Apart from trekking you can also practice the other adventurous sports like: trekking, kayaking, rafting, day hikes, bicycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. All these sports will give you an exciting and unique experience.

The country offers you various dangerous and boundless treks which will make the visitors thunderstruck. The famous treks of the country are: Snowman Trek (Lunana Trek), Snowman Trek short version, Laya Gasa Trek, Gangtey Trek, Druk Path Trek, Haa Valley Trek, The Chomolhari Trek, The Bumthang Cultural Trek, The Lhuntse Trek, Chele La Nature Trek, Punakha, Samtegang Winter Trek, Winter Trek, Snowman Trek with Gangkar Puensum, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, Jumolhari Trek, etc. While doing the trekking on these treks you can see picturesque landscapes and lush green valleys. The best time for Trekking in Bhutan is from March to April and late September to mid-November. The large number of tourists visits the country in the season of spring and autumn every year.

You can also explore the wildlife while doing the trekking because most of the treks pass through the green forest. The tourists can see the Takins, Blue Sheep, Monkeys, variety of birds and many more. While going for trekking always remember to carry your all important items in your bag. The tourists have to carry different things like: eatable items, medicines, toiletries, batteries, water bottle, jackets, etc. If you want to capture the beautiful pictures of the place then also carry the camera which helps you to click the different memories.

Jungle Safari And Camping Tours In Tanzania

Tanzania camping tours will typically involve game viewing all evening lengthy. You may invest the nights in the bush exactly where you may check out the sky with hundreds of thousands of shinning stars. You might hardly stop hearing the noise from birds, insects and lions roaring from the distance. Because the night falls, it will be like the beginning of yet another journey, exactly where gazelles will make their method to a water drop in search of water. Together with your cameras prepared, you may have good photo shoots on curious Baboons which will arrive to inspect your tent. You need to nonetheless carry enough clothing to cater for the cold nights though you may want to remove them during the day once you will experience hot weather.

Tanzania camping tours are done in 4 by four wheel drive land rovers having a pop-up-roof to existing outstanding wildlife viewing. Meals are prepared by properly experienced camp cooks. Serengeti National Park is the most well-known park in Tanzania and also the Biggest. Numerous tourists come to this site to witness the migration of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest each and every year.

February is the best time for you to visit the park when these herds of wildlife are gathered all over the Serengeti Plain to graze about the short grass. It is also during this time many calves are born and you may not regret watching the newborn calves sucking and jumping up and down as their mothers graze.

With Tanzania camping tours, you might journey the Olduvai Gorge site, via Serengeti exactly where Dr. Leakey discovered fossils of animal and human ancestors dating again pretty much two million a long time in the past. Tour the Tarangire National Park which is 2,600 sq km. This park contains a concentration of wild, bird and plant existence. The park is named after the Tarangire River which is the only lasting river passing via the park. All wildebeest in Tangarire National Park rely on this river. This park also offers an amazing watch of grass, the acacia and baobab trees.

Tanzania is situated in southern Africa. Swahili is the main language utilized. Tanzania camping tour will get you to Mount Kilimanjaro which is the largest mountain in Africa along with the tallest free standing mountain on earth. Here you might have an exciting climbing and hiking. Tanzania camping tours also give Honey Moon Safaris for couples from all elements of the world. Visit Tanzania and experience the most effective vacation vacations you may ever before imagine.