Peak season holiday tips for Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination from December through to Febuary and it can get very over crowded in the  popular tourist destinations. Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok are by far the most popular and busiest places in Thailand  during peak season. People often try to avoid these places and go to the next popular places like Koh Samui, Krabi,  and Chiang Mai but sometimes even these places can be hard to find accommodation and can also get very crowded.
Price in these destinations also are up due to these places having a lot of tourists who spend big, so it might be  better to try and find other destinations which will be cheaper, less crowded and more importantly also have just as  good of a time or even better than the usual tourist hot spots.

Below are some of other great places to visit during the peak season in Thailand

Trang, One of the most underated places in Thailand, most tourists who come to Thailand have never even heard about  this place, this is one fo the favourite places the local Thai people like to visit and it is very beautiful. If the  locals are raving on about it then it has to be good. Trang is a few hours south of Phuket, cheaper, cleaner and a  lot more friendly than Phuket.

Khao Sok, A place which is growing quickly as a great destination to visit. A holiday in a rainforest which is even  more diverse and older than the amazon rainforest. The wild life and eco tourism in Khao Sok is definitaly the best  in Thailand and perhaps Asia. This has been kept a secret for awhile and tourists and expats in Thailand are only now starting to see why Khao Sok is a great this place to visit.

Hua Hin, is about 3 hours drive from Bangkok and is has only started to become popular over the last few years, the  main beach is one of the cleanest I have seen in Thailand and usually only has a handful of people on it due to  hotels being built right next to it, it makes the access for other people harder. The nightlife is also starting to  get bigger with a number of new bars opening every month, it is a great place to go that is not too far from Bangkok.

There are other places in Thailand that are off the beaten track that are emerging, but the above are the best alternatives in peak season for now.

Top tips for winter holidays

The two main factors in people’s vacation decision-making is how much money they can afford to spend and where their budget enables them to travel to.

Indeed, whilst the final destination will very much be dictated by fiscal matters, it’s worth remembering that travel prices are also affected by the seasons – so a third factor could also be introduced to the decision making process. So, when is the most cost-effective time to travel?

Well, this very much depends on the type of holiday you’re going on. As a general rule, summer is normally the most expensive time of year to travel, as this is when most countries have the best weather – and it’s also when millions of children are off school and at a loose end.

But not all holidays are about the sun. For example, if skiing is your thing, then the peak season will naturally be winter and, therefore, will be the most expensive time for any snow-sports holiday. Now, for a cheap ski holiday you would hardly want to travel in the summer for obvious reasons, but there is what’s known as the shoulder season – the period between low and high seasons.

Ski resorts tend to open around late November but generally don’t hit peak season until the Christmas period – so hitting the slopes in early to mid December or even much later in March or April is a good idea, though you’ll obviously need to check what the chances are for snow during your chosen period.

If you want a winter holiday involving sunshine, then there are plenty of destinations across the globe that enjoys year-round warm weather. Florida, for example, is known as The Sunshine State for this very reason and you are more or less guaranteed warm weather any time. In fact, you could even be better going in the winter months as hurricane season runs from June through November.

If your finances are central to your decision making process, then you may also want to consider a currency card over other methods of travelling with money, such as travellers’ cheques or even debit and credit cards.

Currency cards enable you to top up your card in your desired currency in advance of travelling, and they can be used at millions of ATMs across the globe, as well as in shops, restaurants and other venues. So in effect, you enjoy the same flexibility of standard debit or credit cards, but with fixed ATM fees amongst other key benefits.

So if you like to avoid peak season prices and pandemonium, a winter break could well be the answer. And whether you opt for a ski holiday in the shoulder season, or a beach holiday in a year-round warm climate, you’re well catered for.

Mexico Travel Tips

As we already observed during our first visit, construction on Mega Resorts was well under way, but I had no idea how fast the landscape would change. Charming little fishing villages, such as Punta Bete seem to be completely gone. Giant Hotel Complexes now stand where once empty Caribbean beaches with little restaurants were.

The sites in Mexico like Chichen Itza, Palenque and Uxmal are fabulous. Merida is a nice city, especially on Sundays. However, it’s much more expensive than Guatemala, and it also lacks the atmosphere of Guatemala. The Caribbean coast (Playa Del Carmen, Tulum) could definitely not seduce us: it’s hypertouristic and quite expensive also.Still, we went back to Mexico in 12/99 to finish the trip we had stopped in 1993. From Tikal we went to Bethel, crossed the Usumacinta river into Mexico, and then visited Yaxchilan, one of the highlights of our second trip (don’t miss it). From there onwards toPalenque with side trip to Agua Azul. Then San Cristobal, Oaxacaand finally Mexico City. I think we”ll need a third trip to visit the Nothern part of the country.

While the area was hit hard by Hurricanes during the last season, Mega Resorts have recovered quickly, fueled by foreign investments. Areas such as Puerto Morelos however did not recover as quickly. Little Hotels are still struggling to clean up and rebuild. Financial bankruptcy will only result in the inevitable, more Mega Resorts.

As an enthusiastic traveler, I do not feel well in all inclusive style resorts. People are not interested in the country they visit, just how to get the most out of the buffet and the most Drinks in their alcohol ridden bodies while trying to obtain the best tan to show off at home. I never understood this kind of travel culture, but if you like to spend your vacation in comfort and style without having to worry about anything and if you like group tours instead of exploring a country on your own, the Mexican Caribbean is just the place for you. If you are looking for empty beaches and romantic little villages, go somewhere else.

This article outlines the changes that I observed between my two visits to the Mexican States of Quintana Roo and Yucatan and about some general Travel Advice for Mexico SIM Card and Mexico Cell Phone Rentals .

Andorra Travel Tips

Andorra is among the world’s smallest independent countries and is perched high in the Pyrenees mountain range between its giant neighbors, France and Spain. When you stick to the Andorra journey tips you can come to learn a lot regarding the place. Andorra journey tips may even help you look for an excellent hotel in Andorra.

1.Attractions of Andorra – The country’s highlights include picturesque locations, world-class skiing, and duty-free shopping. In northwestern Andorra, probably the most most attractive sceneries may be discovered. In eastern Andorra the best skiing might be found at Port d’Envalira, which at 8,500 feet (2,600m) could be the highest ski run at the country. For all seasons there are excellent hotels in Andorra.

2.When to visit Andorra- The best time for Andorra tour is from May to the end of September. In late spring and early summer season the landscape is filled with verdant green. The local weather is mild and excellent for exploring by mountain bike or on foot. This is a fantastic time also for discovering the bounty of nature. Some hotels in Andorra deal good discount rates for this time period.

3.Getting to Andorra- There are no airports in Andorra. The nearest regions that you can fly to, to reach Andorra are Barcelona in Spain or Toulouse in France. If you want to go to Andorra by car you can find two significant roads from Spain- form Madrid and Barcelona, and one form France- driving form Toulouse.

4.Currency in Andorra- the country has no currency of its very own; the Spanish peseta would be the currency used here. All prices in shops, hotels, and restaurants are shown in pesetas. French francs are also accepted in shops, hotels, and restaurants however the exchange price is not as good as the bank rate. Major credit cards are widely accepted for goods and amenities.

5.Shopping in Andorra- Shopping in Andorra la Vella is a real fun as you can get some great bargains here on all types of imported goods. The city is the tax-free shopping capital of the Pyrenees. The common buys of Andorra are cameras, perfume, and electronics.

6.Tourist Activities in Andorra-Skiing- The greatest ski resorts of Andorra are Soldeu El-Tarter, located 124 miles (200km) from Barcelona; Grau Roig-Pas de la Casa, located on the French-Andorran border; Arinsal, at the northwest; Pal, south of Arsinal; and Arcalis, north of Arsinal. All they offer excellent accommodation for the skiers.

Tips For Climbing Kilimanjaro

First of all, you need to plan ahead your trip to Kilimanjaro and be fully aware of the fact that the treks are not available through the entire year. The most recommended period to climb the mountain would be between June and October and you should know that there are a couple of recommended routes up the mountain.

If you want to avoid the crowds in July and August, it would be best to choose a less popular route like Rongai or Machame. While you are on the trek, it is very important that you are fully prepared for probable changing weather conditions. Despite the fact that the Kilimanjaro treks start in a warm and pleasant climate, conditions at the top of the mountain can sometimes get brutal. It is highly recommended to get a full set of waterproof clothing as well as a hat to sleep plus Heat Mate hand warmers for the final and most exciting ascent of the mountain.

What most people don’t know is that the sun rays are considerably more powerful at altitude because of thin air so this is why you should take a hat along with you. It is best to get one that covers your neck too and also pack a considerable amount of sun-screen. It goes without saying that the local guides basically know all there is to it about the mountain and it would be wise to ask them things that you don’t know as they can tell you just about everything regarding the flora and fauna there.

Another consequence of high altitudes is the headaches climbers get. For this reason, it would be very wise to pack a lot good headache pills. In most of the cases, these headaches can be a symptom of altitude sickness so you need to tell your guide if they persist.

When you are planning your day pack, be very attentive and try not to do it in a hurry. Remember to pack everything you need for the daily hikes and don’t forget about the crucial water, cereal bars, fresh fruit snacks because the porters will not carry any type of perishable food. It would be wise to pack also a change of socks, blister plasters and some foot lotion in order to refresh aching feet during breaks.

Once you manage to arrive at the final ascent, it is highly recommended to keep moving in a slow and steady pace. Remember these words: “pole, pole” which mean “slowly, slowly” translated from Swahili. You might as well get some extendable walking poles as they will prove to be very useful with steep portions of the climb and descent.

Don’t forget that porters and their families basically rely on this income so it would be clever to do some generous tipping as they do all the hard work by carrying  the equivalent of your body weight on their heads as well as prepping out meals and camps each and every single day.

One last piece of advice would be to choose your tent-mate carefully as the adventure of climbing Kilimanjaro requires a serious team effort as well as moral support so choose wisely. Try not ending inside the tent with a guy that is a heavy snorer as those sleep hours will prove to be crucial during the adventure. It is best to get some earplugs to have a good night sleep and fill up your batteries.

All things considered, there are many things that can be said about the whole adventure of climbing Kilimanjaro. The adventure can get a little bit difficult but with careful planning and a well-thought plan, anything can be achieved.

Travel Tips for a Spanish Holiday

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, a place where you will find hundreds and hundreds of things to do and places to visit. It is that type of country where you will love the Moroccan style of the architecture, the old cave paintings, Moorish palaces, Renaissance cathedrals, flamenco dancers, bullfights, and last but not least, a pleasant weather. How can you escape from falling in love with something like this?

The main attractions

Spain is an extremely diverse country that has a special atmosphere; it is mostly this special atmosphere that can’t be described into words the reason why so many people visit Spain. Now, there are a few things that you should know before visiting Spain. For example, a very important aspect about Spaniards is that they value their customs and traditions; they are not conservative people, but when it comes to those traditions that helped them survive as country, there is nothing you can change. If you plan to visit someone at his or her house, make sure you bring a small gift; they will be delighted.

NOTE: Spaniards generally save the flower bouquets for special occasions in order to express the importance of an event. You’ll notice the fact that their fiestas and celebrations are always full of color from the amount of perfumed flowers they use. When it comes to shopping, if you want a souvenir for those back home, try the crafts shops, as many of those who own such a store have passed the tradition from generation to generation; the leather objects and porcelain are always handmade and became famous thanks to their beauty. Getting to Spain should not be a problem, regardless of the country you travel from. ‘’Iberia’’ is Spain’s national airline and it has flights all over the world; the international airports are present in almost every important tourist destination, while the hire desks are spread all over the country with attractive offers for tourists.

If you need any type of information, go to a tourism office, as there surely is one in every city, town and village; you’ll find details regarding the most important sights, the best restaurants and the best hotels. While in Spain, enjoy the delicious food, the breathtaking landscapes and the outstanding customs and traditions that survived over the passing of years and make sure your holiday is a perfect one!

Peru Trekking Tips

If you have been thinking about going on a Peru trekking trip then it is good to know that these treks are regulated under the Inca Trail regulations and you will need to get your permit for trekking in advance before going out. You can get your permits from 5 months in advance and you can look into the trek permits in real time. However, before you get your permit from any company, ensure that they have their special Inca Trail license.

Inca Trail is the most popular Peruvian treks and when you go on the hike, you will be experiencing a combination of mountain scenery, Inca ruins, rich subtropical jungle, and a lush cold forest. There are over 250 species of different orchids that can be found in the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary. Along with these flowers there are numerous different birds like the waterfowl, hummingbirds, and the majestic Andean Condor. However, what everyone will be enjoying on their Machu Picchu hike is the spectacled bear, which is an animal that is close to extinction that is very shy and is also herbivorous.

The Inca Trail takes you through a mountainous jungle that leads to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. You will need to set a few days aside for this trek because it is normally done in four days for you to get to Machu Picchu and then you will return to Cusco by train the same afternoon. This trek can be taken by any fit person; however, the trek can be very challenging and you will have to withstand altitudes of 4200m.

If your option is to get to Cusco by sea, you will need to spend at least 2 days before going on your trek. By staying there for this period of time you will get acclimatized and it will also allow you sufficient time to go to the city of Cusco and different ruins such as the Pucapucara, Sacsayhuanman, Tambomachay, and Q’enko and you can also spend a few days exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The trail that you will be taking is at times referred to as the the Camino Real de los Incas. The hike will start at 104KM along the railway from Cusco, then you will need to go on a walk that is expected to last for four hours to Winay Wayna and then there will need to be a couple more hours before you get to Machu Picchu.

Micronesia Travel Tips

The Federal State of Micronesia is an amount of tiny islands scattered across the vast North Pacific Ocean. Famed for its Planet War II sunken relics, Micronesia boasts of its magnificent lagoons and coral reefs that sustain a vibrant aquatic lifestyle, and is considered as a paradise for scuba divers. These islands reflect a variety of remote settlements and commercial tourist spots. Micronesians have a variety of not only customs and folklore, but language as properly. This is recognized as a product of colonialism and consumerism that has transpired through the centuries.

Most outstanding among the islands of Micronesia is Guam. Frequent visits to this island are attributed to its nice beaches, stylish hotels and impressive malls. The coral reefs of Palau are famous worldwide, whereas Chuuk is renowned for its sunken relics. Kosrae is called the jewel of Micronesia for its well-preserved natural natural environment.

You can find a number of historical websites that would interest tourists. Large amount of these are The Catholic Bell Tower plus the Spanish Wall. Museums and ancient ruins are likewise worth exploring. The waterfalls inside the islands are likewise enticing to people who wish who take a dip.

Vacationers interested to discover diverse lifestyles would never be disappointed.
Kosrae is usually a state that strictly observes the holiness in the Sabbath day. Expect the shops to shut on Sundays, as they spend the day engaged in the church’s joyous ceremonies. Yap’s are truly interesting individuals who preserved their classic standard lifestyle – their skills, culture, customs, architecture, religion, and even their enormous stone funds. Pohnpei holds its nearby governance thru its system of chiefs, in addition to clan titles.

The people of Micronesia are friendly, but it is advised that we pay attention to some social conventions. In photography, for example, make certain you ask permission before you

Cheap Australian Holiday Tips

Are you in need of a relaxing holiday? Have you been working too hard and feeling tired and mentally worn out? Are you tired of working in the office all day without any leisure and fresh air?

Have you been to Australia? Or are you living in Australia but need a short cheap holiday but packed with value? Did you know Australia has one of the last remaining pristine environments left in the world? Our society is very friendly and welcomes overseas visitors to enjoy our beautiful environment and culture.

Then you need a holiday, not just any holiday, but a holiday down under is the best for you! Our environment in Australia is pristine! Our food is fresh and all this great experiences will help you recharge your batteries and make you feel great again! So come to Australia’s heaven, which will be your heaven!

Australia has one of the richest and diverse resourceful environments in the world, so don’t wait any longer and come down under to experience what this wonderful country has to offer you!

Many of our big cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth feature in the top cities to live in the world. Our environment consists of so many diverse animals and habitats.

We have many holiday choices available so you could choose one or all of these options, but these following experiences are a must if you ever come to Australia.

Here are a few must do if you come to Australia:

1. Go on a boat cruise around Australia

2. Laze on a resort on the Gold coast

3. Bush walk through the magnificent rain forests of northern Queensland

4. Trek in Tasmania?s wilderness

5. Go trout or fly fishing in Tasmania

6. Come to South Australia to try wine tasting in the MacLaren Vale or the famous Barossa Valley

8. Go whale watching in South Australia

9. Cruise and go fishing in the Northern Territory or watch the massive crocodiles in Darwin

10. Explore the beautiful coast in Western Australia

11. Snorkel in the great Barrier Reef

12. Hire your camper vans from as little as $ 300 Australian a week.

A brief summary about our cities:

Brisbane is one of the largest in Australia with the beautiful Brisbane River flowing through it. A must try is the mud crab or fresh coral trouts.

Adelaide is world renowned for its delicious wines and beautiful beaches. Transport is very easy here. If you have time, try exploring Kangaroo Island and whale watching or sea lions.

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House are a must see. There are so many top quality and well renowned chefs here, so ask a local for suggestions.

Tasmania is out of the way and beautiful untouched coastal towns. Try the delicious Tasmanian salmon or oysters.

Melbourne has the lovely trams make it so easy to explore this city. There are so many great foods everywhere.

Lakshadweep Travel Tips

Lakshadweep, India’s smallest union territory is the only coral island of India comprising of twelve islands, three reefs and five submerged banks, with a total of nearly thirty nine islands and islets. The region has 10 inhabited islands and 17 uninhabited islands. The main islands of Lakshadweep include Kavaratti, Agatti, Minicoy and Amini. The region located around 440 km from the coastal state of Kerala, offers tourist the perfect escape from city life or for that from civilization as a whole as the region due to its fragile bio diversity is a protected region and hence it is not much commercialized with only a limited number of hotels and small restaurants present in the region.

However, when vacationing in this beautiful islands these facilities or the lack of it don’t make much difference, as the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the islands gives you the perfect opportunity to adorn the beauty of nature, relax and also ample time to introspect.

But vacationing at this beautiful Indian island is not that easy, tempting tourists all over the region remains elusive and out of reach of many travelers, owing to the huge formalities that are needed to be duly complied with before you can set foot on these magical island. Hence to make things little simpler for tourists here is a simple compilation of few Lakshadweep travel tips.

Firstly, Lakshadweep is not a budget friendly holiday destination. Although the facilities offered are not much but I guess every good thing in life comes at a price, similarly the natural beauty and the peaceful surroundings of the region are just something money can’t buy.

Secondly, due permissions from authorities are required without which no tourists, Indian or otherwise are allowed to set foot on the Islands, in fact foreigners are further given only restricted entry limited only to few islands of the region.

Thirdly, having advance booking in a Lakshadweep hotel is an essential requisite to get the due permissions of authorities for entering the island.Fourthly, Lakshadweep enjoys a tropical climate with the temperature rarely moving above 28 degree Celsius and hence light cotton clothing should be carried.Fifthly, the region is not overtly commercialized and as such there is no such emergency medical services in the region, so do carry your essential medication and some first aid with you.

Sixthly, alcohol is not permitted on the islands, with the exception of Bagram islands, so do not carry any alcohol with you if visiting other islands of Lakshadweep.Lastly, Lakshadweep is still inhabited predominantly by tribal people, hence do respect local traditions and culture.

Lisbon Travel Tips

One of the safest metropolises in Western Europe is Lisbon, Portugal. When traveling to Europe, tourists oftentimes worry about being pick-pocketed while in major metropolises. Lisbon has the least amount of violent crime compared to other major European metropolises, and actually has the best value for your money. You can stay in the most luxurious hotels in Lisbon for an inexpensive amount.
Exploring the city will leave you very fulfilled as there is so much to do throughout Lisbon. Traveling to the major Western European capital is a cinch, especially if you are traveling from the United States, being that it is the closest capital from America. If you are looking to widen your European holiday and visit other cities it is around a 2-hour flight to any major city you would want to visit.
Blessed with being the only European capital situated so close to sandy beaches and miles of dune-backed sands, locals and tourists alike can come to gaze at the sea, delight in a refreshing day in the sun or enjoy water activities such as swimming and surfboarding. The climate in Lisbon is the best in Europe, usually warm even in the winter, much warmer than other major cities in Europe where the weather can be freezing. This enables you to revel in the gorgeous beaches 20 minutes outside of the city known for world-famous surfboarding are Guincho and Costa da Caparic, where the long stretches of sand along the coast seem to never end.
You can unwind and lay by the sea during the day while being able to enjoy the vibrant nightlife at night while visiting Lisbon. The picturesque views of the endless sandy beaches and the cobblestone streets throughout the city will gratify any kind of traveler. A vibrant, rich culture transudes throughout the city with coffee shops and eating places, stores and museums all within reach. As you are walking through the city you can experience the great lively sense of a caf culture.
For great shopping in the city, Rua Augusta is my favorite destination. A lively pedestrian street with mosaic pavements, this outdoor plaza features vendors who sell anything to get the attention of tourists passing by, international stores and outdoor coffee shops. The main pedestrian street in Lisbon, Rua Augusta is where you would go to get a keepsake or t shirt for your friends back home or if you require upscale shopping as well.
Whatever brings you to Lisbon, you will never run out of things to do in this coastal, historical capital that creates a beautiful setting for travelers and sightseers.

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