Holiday Planning Tips

Traveling during the holidays has its pros and cons, but if you don’t plan your trip correctly, there will be a lot more cons than pros. While proper planning can be time-consuming, it’s still worthwhile.

Either you’re going to see family that you haven’t seen in a while or you’re taking a vacation to a special place, like Disney World or New York City. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need a few holiday travel tips to get you through the transportation portion of your trip.

If you’re traveling by car, then the first tip is simple. If possible, avoid interstates and major highways that run through medium or large cities. The best example here is I-95. If you plan on driving on I-95 during the holidays, you better be prepared for some downtime. This more so the case in the north than the south. Believe it or not, it’s possible to avoid serious traffic on I-95 in the south. All you need is a little luck, which usually means no accidents or construction. As far as traveling in the north goes, your best bet will be to leave at night. This can cut your trip down by a considerable amount. The only negative is that, other than interstate truckers, the people you find on the interstate at night are not often the best drivers. In some cases, they are either reckless teenagers or drunks. Use caution.

When traveling by road, another good tip is to pack your own sandwiches. Having to stop for lunch can really kill your momentum. If you insist on stopping because your legs will need a rest, or some movement, Subway is always a good idea. But choose the right Subway. When they’re in a gas station, they are not as well kept. The vegetables are not as fresh and the meat looks as though it has been sitting out all day. Finding a stand-alone Subway always gives you a better chance of a good meal. And there is always going to be a gas station nearby.

If you’re traveling with children, a good way to keep them from whining is to buy a backseat television screen. Trust me; it’s worth the investment. It will also last well beyond your road trip. As far as bathroom breaks go, make sure everyone goes even if they tell you they don’t have to go, but if you’re a parent, you already know this.

If you happen to be brave enough to travel by air during the holidays, pay careful attention. First and foremost, get to the airport three hours early. This might sound like a lot of extra time, but when you combine traffic and tight security, it’s actually cutting it close. If you arrive early, sit and read a book or play a game with your kids. Try your best not to bring any carry-on luggage. This can make the difference between a smooth trip and a disaster. If you do bring a carry-on bag, make it small. And when everyone is rushing to leave, take a deep breath and keep reading in your seat. You might be the last one off the plane, but your vacation will begin in an eased state of mind.

If you follow these general rules for holiday travel, you will increase your odds of having a successful and memorable trip.

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Holiday Travel Tips

With the added security measures we have in place today….Planning for your holiday vacation is more important than ever before!

Holiday travel requires maticulious preparation. You are bound to forget something,  but you can minimize these  from  these tips below..

Book direct,Online.

During the holidays,travel agencies  for making holiday travel arrangements are probably closed. To eliminate headaches,and save money,use your  I phone or computor to book online. Store front shops may be off for the holidays, but the internet is open for business 24/7. Off course,calling the hotels or airlines directly is always a good idea!

Don’t wait till the last minute.

Most everyone takes the holidays off,you should not assume someone will be open during the holidays. The holidays ,are definately,the busiest time of the year. Work on the phone, Stay online 24/7 if necessary,get the reservations in order,because even in the best laid plans there is always problems.

Try and think of everything.

Make a checklist. Especially if you’ve booking  a vacation home, cottage, or other accommodations that does not have room service. Bring nonperishible foods,cash,medicine,fishing tackle,bring whatever you we need to make your stay more enjoyable and save money.With most businesses being closed for the holidays,you can’t depend on  convenience stores. Before you head-out on your holiday vacation,make sure you have all the supplies you will need for your stay..

Get an early start.

During the holidays traffic is absolutely horrible  and that’s an known  fact. Get a jump on the traffic by leaving early. If you are late departing you are going to get caught in that traffic jam ! We’ve all been there! So plan on departing early.

Check Vehicle..

If you are driving to your holiday vacation,have a professional check your car,or if you do your own maintainence ,make sure to check,belts,engine oil,fluids,and  proper inflation in your tires.  fill the  tank with gas to eliminate unnecessary stops. Check the routes you will be taking ,before hand.If you don’t have a  GPS,use maps to determine the best routes.

Calculate  the number of rest stops required for your trip.Make sure you plan every aspect  of your trip, so you will eliminate the chance of making a wrong turn and getting lost.I have driven to Florida many times and learned that if you do turn onto the wrong highway,don’t panic ,turn around and go back to the place where you made the wrong turn.

Renting a car is a popular way to travel for you holidays,  choose a suitable vehicle for your vacation needs. Renting a sports coupe  may make a great choice for couple on a weekend getaway, but it’s not the perfect vehicle  if you’re going on a long run or traveling with a lot of gear.

If you are going to rent a car, make sure to read the fine print before signing any contracts for your car. Be sure to inquire about insurance for the vehicle,if something bad happens,you won’t be liable.

When something goes wrong stay calm.

Something probably will go wrong. Think about it. We always prepare for a vacation,to the best of our knowledge,and something still goes wrong.So when that little minor mishap,happens,don’t fly off the handle and stay calm!

After all,its the holidays! Be happy, forget about the minor hassles, and  look forward to having some great time-off when you finally get to your destination,and start your holiday vacation.