Nepal and Bhutan Tour: A Pleasurable Journey of South Asia

Nepal and Bhutan are the perfect tourists destination located in South Asia. Both the countries are famous for their heritage sights, wonderful mountains, royal monarchies, attractive art, etc. Nepal and Bhutan both have richness in all walks of life. The fresh and clear atmosphere of the place will make your trip pleasurable. You can experience number of new things from this journey. The astonishing landscape beauty of these countries will make you amazed. The unique culture and tradition of these countries attracts the tourists most. On this wonderful journey you can gather lots of new memories.

Let’s first talk about the home of world’s highest and stunning mountains “Nepal”. The country includes eight peaks from the ten highest peaks of the world which grab the tourist attraction. This is a best place for adventure lovers as it offers you the many adventurous sports like: Rafting, trekking, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Kayaking, Ultra light Aircraft, Hot Air Ballooning, Rock Climbing, etc. But from all these sports, Trekking in Nepal is unique and breathtaking because of the world’s highest mountain “Mount Everest”.

Apart from adventurous sports the other famous tourists attractions are: Mount Everest Trekking Route, Annapurna Range, Pashupatinath Temple, Royal Chitwan National Park, Changunarayan Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Golden Gate, Bodhnath Stupa, Syambunath, Hanuman Dhoka, Kali Gandhaki Valley, Kathmandu Valley, Langtang Valley, Sagarmatha National Park, Royal Chitwan National Park, Rara Tal, Phewa Tal, Gosikunda Tal, Pokshundu Tal, etc.

After visiting all the remarkable places of Nepal now move towards Bhutan “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”. It is a place where you can explore many astounding attractions. The two major attractions of the place are Thimpu and Paro valley. The other attractions which you can explore are: Wangdiphodrang, National Museum of Bhutan, Tongsa, Bumthang Valley, Mongar, Lhuntse, Rinpung Dzong, Folk Heritage Museum, Ta Dzong, Taktsang Monastery, Druguel Dzong, National Textile Museum, Chendebji Chorten, National Memorial Chorten, Bhutan Palaces, temples, etc. All these superb places will win your heart. Bhutan Tour Operator is a marvelous tour where you can enjoy a lot with new experiences.

The journey of these countries is incomplete without shopping. You can do the shopping from the best shopping points with hot and yummy cuisines. You can easily get the hand made items in the market. The things you buy will make you remember about the journey of these places. The ultimate nature of these countries will compel you to visit the places again. So come and visit the countries for exciting and inimitable experiences with your close ones.

Camel Safari: An Adventure Tour

Camel Safari in Rajasthan, India is one of the unique ways to discover the arid deserts and small villages and also is very attractive for ventures and nature lovers. Camels are also known as the ships of desert as camels are the only mode of transportation in barren deserts of Rajasthan and Ladakh. It also gives you an experience of the living, vibrant and friendly desert. It also gives you an unforgettable experience to ride through the rippling, windswept desert on camel and to camp out under the stars. The desert you find may be barren but can also be well populated.

Mainly Camel Safari is done in some parts of Rajasthan and also in some parts of Ladakh. Major parts in Rajasthan include Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar, Jaisalmer and Mandawa. The best time for doing Camel Safari in Rajasthan is from November to March because in summers the temperature reaches up to 50o C and the best time in doing Camel Safari in Ladakh is from July to September.



The Camel safari tour starts from Bikaner itself with the magnificent view of Junagarh Fort. Bikaner is also very famous for its various sweets and snacks. The journey move towards the villages of Baru,  is 333 km north-east of Jaisalmer. It is renowned for its interesting camel safaris, sweets, rugs and savory snacks. Camel safari starts from Bikaner itself, in which the magnificent view of old Junagarh fort can be sighted. The lovely fort of Leh Palace is second Naukh, Tadana Mohangarh located in the south part of the city and then the ride goes to Jaisalmer.


This town is surrounded by golden sands and is full of medieval architecture. Your journey will start from Badabagh and take you to the Badanagh, where tombs of Bhatti Rajput Kings are located. You can visit a village called Baisakhi where you can take halt and then move to Ramkunds a place full of Hindu Temples.


Pushkar is famous for its Camel fair which attracts the riders to view the Camel dance also.From the hills of Aravalli Range you can watch the beautiful Sunrise and Sunset. Generally the safari starts early in the morning to cover the maximum distance and can reach their destination before dawn.


In Ladakh you will have to travel through bumpy mountain terrains on Camels. Here you can find the remote villages and beautiful landscapes and camp out under the sky.Glorious vales, Buddhist Gompas will excite you during the journey and also be able to see the beautiful Nubra Valley. Hunder, Tegger village and the camel ride along with the riverside to Pinchimic.

As you are going in winters you must carry lots of woolen clothes, sweaters, jackets, mufflers, sleeping bag and other necessary things that are required by you to carry during the journey. And also you should drink as much water you can because you may get exhausted during the journey and be alert while sitting on the camel.


Shimla Tour Packages

No matter whether you are looking for a trekking holiday, a family vacation or a romantic trip, is a perfect destination for all. The snow clad peaks, lofty mountains, flower strewn valleys have made Shimla a perfect holiday destination. Shimla is located ideally in the north western ranges of the Himalayas. Shimla is rich in culture and here you will see a perfect blend of old and new culture. This tourist destination includes wide range of tourist attractions ranging from the beautiful colonial style buildings to museum, temples to falls and many other attractions. Here you will find an enormous amount of history and heritage. For adventure freaks, Shimla offers wide ranges of adventure activities to indulge in. To make your trip to Shimla more memorable and full of fun then you can experience adventure activities in Shimla like trekking, skiing, golfing, river rafting, para-gliding, heli-skiing and fishing.

Finding the best Shimla tour packages for your vacation will help you plan your trip more efficiently. If you are looking for some Shimla holiday packages then there is great news for you that TravelHot has come up with exciting Shimla tour packages. By taking a Shimla tour package from TravelHot you will surely have a full of fun trip and experience a lot more things in a shorter period of time. TravelHot offers versatile shimla tour packages for tourists. Here you will get both cheap and luxurious Shimla tour packages.

Also, travelers can have Customized Shimla holiday package in which they are free to choose number of days, type of accommodation and sightseeing options. By booking your holiday package for Shimla from TravelHot, you will be totally free from any hassles that are involved in planning and booking trip. By just making few click you will be able to book and plan up your Shimla tour package. Here you will get Wide ranges of holiday packages for Shimla and you can choose any of the packages that suit both your expectations and budget.

Shimla, the most preferred honeymoon destination in India is visited by many newly wedded couples from all over the world. If you are planning your honeymoon in Shimla and looking for some Shimla honeymoon packages then you would be glad to know that TravelHot also offers honeymoon packages for Shimla. Now by making few clicks you will be able to book and plan up your honeymoon to Shimla. The romantic ambience and tranquil surroundings of Shimla have made it a perfect destination for honeymoon in India.

An adventure train tour from Beijing to Lhasa

The Beijing to Lhasa railway including the world’s highest railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, is an adventure tour route if you take a train from Beijing to Lhasa. The Qinghai-Tibet railway, which runs between Xining, the capital of Qinghai province, and Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet autonomous region, makes up the major part of the your Beijing to Lhasa train journey and authorities have been planning this project for a century. But it was only in 1984 that the first section of track – an 814-km stretch from Xining to Golmud – both in Qinghai province, was completed.

The Beijing to Lhasa train trip will cost you nearly 44 hours. The 44-hour train tour from Beijing to Lhasa is a zen-like way for those who want to slow their busy minds before arriving in Tibet. Once you choose the trip from Beijing to Lhasa by train, just feel the shocks this man-made world wonder will bring to you. Before boarding on the train from Beijing to Lhasa, knowing more about the track leading you to a heaven world will contribute more fun to your Beijing to Lhasa train tour.

When you are on the 1,142-km railway between Golmud and Lhasa, the most amazing engineering feat occurring in 2001 might come into your mind. The 30 billion yuan ($ 4.7 billion, 3.47 billion euros) high-altitude railway project employed about 100,000 engineers and construction workers for four years, and many staff had to use bottled oxygen and endure temperatures of minus 45 degrees. It is truly one of the engineering wonders of the world.

The railway climbs from 2,829 meters above sea level at Golmud to 3,641 meters at Lhasa and it is crowned the highest railway in the world. More than 550 km of track is laid on permanently frozen earth and its highest point reaches 5,072 meters above sea level.

If you are on the Beijing to Lhasa train, you should feel so lucky. You know, before the Qinghai-Tibet railway was built, travelers had to take a train as far as Golmud followed by a grueling 48-hour bus journey to Lhasa. Now you can take a direct train from Beijing to Lhasa, or from Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing to Xian to Lhasa. In the near future, the Qinghai-Tibet railway will be extended 300 km west of Lhasa to Shigatse and then all the way to Nepal. Until then, you can take a direct train from Beijing to Kathmandu.

The T27 train from Beijing to Lhasa leaves Beijing West Railway Station at 20:09 daily and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station at 16:00 on the third day. It has 15 coaches and can hold 867 passengers at one time. There are three classes of tickets: soft sleeper at 1,189 yuan, hard sleeper at 766 yuan and hard seat at 363 yuan.

In addition to a train ticket, foreigners need a special travel permit to enter the Tibet autonomous region, that is, Tibet entry permit. Tibettravel.Org can normally handle this procedure for tourists who want to enjoy a train trip from Beijing to Lhasa of a lifetime. As the Beijing to Lhasa train trundles along, picturesque scenes of North and West China drift by. On the second day when the train leaves Xining at dusk, it rides onto the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, an enormous highland 3,500 km across, with an average altitude of 5,000 meters.

The Beijing to Lhasa train previously runs at a speed of 160 km/h on the plain and then slows to 120 km/h at the high altitude plateau.

Though the altitude is as high as enough to cause high altitude sickness owing to the lack of oxygen, but do not worry too much about it. Oxygen-enriched air will be pumped through all the carriages. Personal oxygen masks are also available. However, smokers must refrain from smoking for the oxygen-enriched air is highly flammable. We advise you to get rid of it by focusing on the rich gourmet choices. Classic Chinese cuisines such as stewed beef, fish filets in hot chili oil, stir fried shrimps with gingko nuts and Mapo tofu are served in the restaurant car. Or just enjoy the beautiful views on the plateau.

The stunning scenery along the Beijing to Lhasa railway is also a compensation for any discomfort for those passengers who suffer from high altitude sickness. Vast farms, mines and the high-rises will be seen on the first day of your Beijing to Lhasa train trip. As the train enters the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau special sights can be seen. Flat plains and the snow-topped Kunlun Mountains give you another shock. Prayer flags string across glacial, fast-flowing rivers and streaming colorfully down steep hillsides; people dressed in chubas harvest barley, or rest beside yaks harnessed to primitive ploughs; and stone walls around old stone houses. Every thing on the Tibet Plateau is so peaceful and harmonious.

When you are entering the area of Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, also known as the last fairyland of wild life in China, you will catch sight of hordes of Tibetan antelope and yak. They frolic about the open grassland or stop to enjoy their grand banquet. If you are lucky enough or travel to Tibet in a proper season, you will see other wild animals in this area where there are a total of more than 230 species of wild animals, among which the Tibetan antelope is a unique species of China. Some wildlife conservators may worry about that the living condition or migration habits of these wild animals are destroyed or disrupted for the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It’s not strictly necessary for a bridge of three to four meters high was built for them.

Above is only a few of the reasons that stimulate many tourists choose taking a train from to Lhasa. Once you are on the train, you will experience much more than that we could tell you.

Tour to Morocco – A Limitless Adventure

Morocco is at a crossroads between the East and the West, both culturally and geographically. There are several exciting Morocco holiday packages to explore the cultural and natural diversities. Moreover, the Moroccan government has also demonstrated a persistent dedication to boost up the travel and tourism industry as one of the major drivers of this country’s economy. Since 2006, Morocco has liberalized its air transportation, which has meant new opportunities to expand the tourism industry. Morocco offers some of East Africa’s beast beaches for surfers and swimmers alike. Coastal cities of Essaouira, Agadir, and Taroundante offer a chance to enjoy Morocco’s maritime culture in the hassle-free environment of tourist-friendly towns.

Holiday packages are the best thing to have ever occurred in traveling. Holiday packages help you book a hotel, plane flight and/or activities for your vacation at an affordable budget. Tailor-made Morocco holiday packages make your tour to Morocco memorable and act of a lifetime. Morocco is a great place to go hiking or mountain trekking. The best place to depart on your trek is either Marrakech or the village of Imlil. Hiring a guide is recommended as a guide will be able to instruct you about surroundings as well as ensure your safety in the unfamiliar territory. Morocco has numerous golf courses. The Royal Dar es Salaam Golf Club in Rabat is considered one of the finest golf courses in the world. On your tour to Morocco, different cities of the country will offer a kind of nightlife that bedazzle and astound your morocco travel experience. The diverse mountain scenery is ideal for trekking as well as to the oasis in the pre-Sahara desert. The best time for a camel trek is during the cooler dry months, from September to May.

There are several Morocco travel agencies, which offer flexibility and reduction of cost that will make your itinerary more economical. You must take the services of a well known Morocco travel agency. Vacationers from around the world come to Morocco to explore its destinations and its spell-bound artistic inclination. There are other fun activities that do not run as late into the night as the Djemaa scene or are as elaborate as dining in the Riad. Besides majestic destinations, shopping the souks or visiting the art galleries, seeing a show at the Theater Royal, or exploring the Mellah and the old Jewish ghetto are the part of your tour to Morocco.

China Plans to Open South Sea Xisha Islands Tour

China plans to open Xisha Islands tour, an official from Hainan tourism development commission said last Friday.

Xisha Islands is a group of islands under the administration of Hainan Province. Located 330 kilometers southeast of Hainan Islands, the Xisha Islands are one of the four big island groups in the South China Sea, together with the Dongsha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands.

Xisha Islands composed of the Yongle Islands, and the Xuande Islands, floating in the over 50 million square kilometers of ocean, beautiful and pure. It is very similar to the famous island resort, Maldives. Both are surrounded by the sea, one central large island surrounded by dotted islands large and small, and they are about the same size. The scenery is beautiful and moving. Therefore, the Xisha Islands is called “Chinese Maldives” by some tourist fans.

Pure and primitive beauty of the sea is the most charming scenery in Xisha. Madam Gan Lu, a tourist expert said, half water and half fish, fishing and diving are two favorite activities in Xisha Islands. A wide variety of flora and fauna on the islands make you dazzle. If you are lucky enough, you can even see dolphins jumping in the sea! Water around Xisha Islands is very clean, and it is a great place for diving.

Xisha Islands is really beautiful,and it is primitive beauty. Its beauty is no less comparable to the Maldives. But on the other hand, it is very fragile, Gan said. If formal development of tourism begin, protection of ecological environment is also a top priority.

How to go to Xisha Islands? The answer: from Haikou or Sanya to the most north of the northern islets.

According to the Communications Department Hainan, the Hainan Strait Shipping Co., Ltd. approved to operate the the Xisha tourist routes.

The cruise which will be used for this route is “Coconut Princess “, which is currently upgrading for two months.  President of the Strait of shares Board of Directors, Mr. Zhou told the Morning News reporter that the Xisha route is aimed as high-end eco-tourism, which is expected to become China’s first luxury cruise route.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan is a unique tourist location resting in the southern regions of the Himalayas and widely known as ‘the land of the thunder dragon’. Bhutan Tour is popular because it comes under the world’s top travel destinations. Perched on high altitudes, you witness mystical beauty spread across acres of land. The Bhutan kingdom is manifested by its natural beauty of flora and fauna, and is also home for varied species of animals. Bhutan’s sacredness, culture and heritage, in essence, make up its unique identity.

Touring Bhutan

The mountain ranges are home to sacred monasteries. Bhutan is known for many spiritual people, with Buddhism practiced by majority of the nationals. A trip to Bhutan covers destinations like Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, Gogona etc. These places expose the natural splendors and cultural highlights of the place. Bhutan tour includes visiting museums especially the National Textile and Folk Heritage.

The Trekking Paradise

Bhutan Tour is specially enjoyed if you love trekking and adventure. This trekking helps you get close and personal with nature. The landscapes, with deep valleys surrounded by dominating mountains are perfect for long treks. There is a whole list of trekking routes, taking you to various places such as Phobjhika valley, Khotokha and Gogona villages, juniper and magnolia forests and other remote villages. These routes give a glimpse of Bhutan’s magnificent glacial valley. The forests, fields and meadows make the trek an exciting experience.

Trekking in Bhutan offers breath-taking views of the Himalayan range, mountain lakes, and monasteries. As you pass through rocky and rough trails you will encounter rare endangered species of birds like the magpie, woodpecker, and black-necked crane. Bhutan protects and preserves the natural habitat of many rare species in the animal and bird kingdom. Trekking in Bhutan is one of a kind because the environment is as diverse as the culture.

Seasonal Trekking

Spring, summer, autumn, winter are the four seasons found here? Taking a trip to Bhutan in each of these seasons has its own delightful pleasures. Summer trekking unveils green-covered valleys and blossoming flowers. Most trekkers enjoy trekking between March and May. Spring brings in colorful meadows and wildflowers. Autumn is the season which brings in the maximum number of tourists. There are treks specific and suited to winter. Some of the hardest treks in the world are covered in winter. These are challenging, yet adventurous treks, leaving explorers with a lifetime experience. A Bhutan tour truly reveals so much of its richness that is usually hidden in the hills.

Tibet Trekking

Tibet is one of the best destinations in the Himalayas that are known for its adventure sports. So, do not underestimate this place as yet another hilly region of the Himalayas. There is a lot more to this place than just Buddhism and monasteries. The high altitude in Tibet allows the solar radiation to hit the earth’s surface directly with extreme intensity. Hence, you need to protect your skin and eyes from this heat. So, whenever you are going out always use a sunscreen and sunglasses that will help you to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are opting for a tour to Tibet then choose to visit it in between April and October. You can go to Tibet during the winter months because the rush is not that much and you can enjoy yourself thoroughly.

There are numerous trekking routes and regions, which you can choose to go for during your tour to Tibet. One of the most popular is the Everest region. Trekkers explore zones that have never been visited by anyone before. You can opt for an Everest trek tour from Kathmandu drive through the beautiful and charming Nepalese countryside till Zangmu the Chinese border town before the road goes up into the deep gorges of the Sunkoshi River. You can choose to trek past the Tingri village to the base camp from where you can witness the wonderful dimensions of the Mount Everest.

Another very well known region, which you can use for trekking during your tour to Tibet, is the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. For more than thousand years pilgrims have made their way to Kailash Mansarovar just to pay their respect to the mystery of the mountain. It is a prehistoric ritual of devotion that is continued even till this day. You will find that most of the primary passes lead to Kailash Mansarovar. The main ones in the Kumaon area are Nuwe Dhura, Jayanti, Lampiya Dhura and Unta Dhura. With the help of the Chinese Government and the External affairs ministry Kumaon Manadal Vikas Nigam are coordinating tours to Kailash Mansarovar across the Lipulekh pass.

If you want to explore another region for trekking during your tour to Tibet opt for the Namchag Barwa. It is a great short trek for amateur botanists and nature lovers. The trek includes Rong valley and the Nyima La. The route starts in the small village of Pei. A ferry crosses to Timpe a site of the Guru Rinpoche monastery and cave. A wonderful trail leads to the northern part of Nyima La via some of the flower gardens and virgin forests in the southeastern part of Tibet. During your Tibet treks you will pass through wonderful groves of flowering. You will get tremendous views of the Himalayas during your treks, which you will surely enjoy.

Before you head out for a trek tour you must know that there are no independent treks allowed in Tibet. You need to be a part of a group or take the help of a local travel operator who can arrange a trek tour for you.

Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori trekking is one of the right ways of make your dream come true of climbing. The compelling attractiveness of the Rwenzori Mountains keeps you mesmerized for a long time and persuades you to come here again and again. Rwenzori trekking is surely the right way of venturing a trip to the Uganda-Congo border. This beautiful and amazing mountain range stretches more than one hundred and twenty km from corner to corner the border and stands high at the altitude of 4.500 m.

According to geographical records and surveys, Rwenzori Mountains are the biggest mountain ranges in Africa with its six distinguished mountains that are Mt. Stanley, Mt. Speke, Mt. Baker, Mt. Gessi, Mt. Emin Pasha and Mt. Luigi de Savoia. All the aforementioned six mountains are known for snow capped peaks along with lush green cover of the mountains. These mountain ranges truly offer exceptional amalgamation of beauty and escapade, and are a enjoyment for any hiker.
Rwenzori trekking endows climbers with an experience that give then an adrenaline rush. The trekking to this mountain range starts from village of Nyakalengija, along the Mobuku River, then taking the slope of Mt. Baker till one reaches the most important trail leading to Margherita peak of Mt.Stanley that is the highest peak of Rwenzori Mountain range.

Today, with the increasing interest of people towards jungle safaris, especially Rwenzori trekking, leading tour and travel operators have come up with attractive tours packages to Rwenzori trekking. The leading tour operators offer attractive packages that include pick and drop, comfy accommodation, sightseeing, camping with security in the jungles, multi-cuisine meals and a number of other things. Getting an attractive tour package to Rwenzori trekking would surely be an amazing experience for you to cherish for lifetime.

In order to get the right tour package to Rwenzori trekking, what all you have to do is simply select the right tour provider and place your order online. Booking a tour package in advance is the right way of saving your time and money and making your Rwenzori trekking hassle-free and memorable. So what you are waiting for, book your tour right now to enjoy the real wildlife in the East Africa.

Trekking tour attractions in Nepal Region

Nepal country is worldwide famous for its adventure trekking tourism. Trekking in Nepal is one of the well-known adventure tourism attractions for adventure lovers. Large numbers of mountain ranges of Nepal offer wonderful trekking adventures. It is the most admired tourism adventure the country Nepal. Trekking in Nepal also offers exposures of local culture and natural picturesque beauty of the country.

Great Mountain Himalayan in the Nepal, offers lots of tourism places and attractions. This region also emerges as the hub of the adventurer tourism. The Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal contain some of the best places in the world for trekking tourism. These areas are not accessible by the road or any means of transport which makes it more exciting for trekking adventures. This region is become most popular for trekking tourism in adventure lovers. This region has the unlimited possibilities of trekking and other adventures tours.

Various attractive trekking routes are the major tourist’s attractions of adventure lovers. Peoples form all over the world travel to Nepal for its trekking attractions. Nepal is one of the most famous trekking tourism attractions in Asian continent. The most famous trekking sites of Nepal are following. Annapurna Region

This region is placed at the north of Central Nepal. This is one of the world’s best trekking trails for adventure lovers. The major attractions of these sites are Annapurna peaks, Mount Dhaulagiri, River Kali Gandaki and numerous other famous peaks. Spring and autumn seasons are the best time to come at this place and enjoy. Everest Region

This is located in the north-east part of Nepal. It is one of the most beautiful regions in the Nepal and a most deserving place in Himalayan Trekking tours. The Solukhumbu is the highest peak of the world, the Everest Mountain at height of 8,848 meters, is the most visited part of this region. Everest Base Camp, Lukla, Pike Danda, Dudh Kunda, Salleri, Chiwong Circuit, Hinkhu, Hongu Valleys and Arun Valley are the most famous trekking areas of this place. Katmandu Valley

This is the capital city of Nepal. This is the most famous place for short Nepal treks tours in the country. Shivapuri area, Sundarijal to Budhanilkantha, Godavari to Phulchowki, Nagarkot to Changu Narayan are the most famous treks in surrounding of city Kathmandu.

If you are trekking and adventure lover’s Himalayan region is the best place for trekking attraction in Nepal. Choose a reliable trekking agency in Nepal .Himalayan region and enjoy the trekking adventures at this beautiful place. A reliable agency provides the all kind of facilities for your trekking tours and makes it memorable.

Kashmir Adventure Tours

Jammu & Kashmir is the most visited place of India. It is situated in the northern India. The hill places, blue valleys, different shapes of mountains and Lakes increase the prettiness of the Kashmir. Always Kashmir invites the all type of tourists like new married couple, family and friends from its natural beauty and unrivaled wonderments. So, it is called the “Paradise of earth”. There are thousands and thousands of foreign and Indian tourists come to visit and enjoy here. The Kashmir tour also famous for honeymoon tours. Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi, Leh Ladakh and Srinagar are the popular tourist destinations of the Jammu & Kashmir. These are the astonishing places of India. This is the India’s top most tourists Place because of its pilgrimages, Lakes and mountains.

Gulmarg is the most famous place of Kashmir tourism. Your trip will not be completed if you will not visit the Gulmarg because it is the place where you can full enjoy and makes your tour memorable. It is about 56 kilometers from the Srinagar. The mountains, green lush environment and hangouts are the main attractions of the Gulmarg. The best time to visit is April and June. The nearest railway station is Jammu. You can do several types of activities like skiing, horse riding, Khilanmarg etc. the best activity is Gondola ride to Apharwat. Thus, if you choose the Gulmarg tour then it is your best vacation deal. You can do shopping of Kashmiri shawls, kashmiri carpets, Tibetan handicraft items etc. There are popular temples are also be presented where lots of devotees come to visit here that is Mata Vaishno Devi temple which is the most visited place of Kashmir. It is one of the oldest shrines of India, located at a height of 5300 feet on the holy Trikuta Hills of the Shivalik Hill Range. Several travel agencies provide the full packages of Vaishno Devi Tour in which all best offers are to be presented. The package is designed in such a way that your pilgrimage to the home of Goddess Vaishno Devi would be smooth.

If you are planning to visit Kashmir then you should choose the best travel agency in India who offer the all best facilities that is hotels with dinner & lunch, guides, transportation and special facility for older and kids. The following tourist spots are to be included in the Kashmir Tour Packages:

Gulmarg Tour which is the most attractive tour of Kashmir.
Srinagar Tour which is famous for splendid beauty.
Vaishno Devi Tour which is most visited place by thousands of devotees.
Leh ladakh Tour which is famous for its superiority beauty.
Sonmarg Tour which is popular of its natural beauty and water spotrs.
Amarnath Yatra Sighseeing.

Kashmir is incredible place of India. It is an exotic holiday destination. Some of the popular ones are Srinagar – the capital of the state and very popular for Shikara rides on the Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens and houseboats, Gulmarg – called Meadow of Flowers. Kashmir holiday Packages offer the mind-boggling and most enthralling destinations. This is the place for nature lovers and devotees.