Exotic Wine Country Tours from San Francisco

Life as such is pretty complicated and highly unpredictable. Every single day from the time it is dawn to the time it becomes dusk is a new mystery to us we do not know what might unfold for that day. As such we are entangled in a very complicated scenario where we do a lot of things simultaneously every single day with very little dedication or improper assessment. We lead a hectic life style by working 24×7 all through the week and throughout the year. Thus the consequences that we are put through are quite understandable and highly unnecessary. We need to make better judgments from the experiences we gain over the years.

Taking time off every once in a while is only good for us as it gets us get rejuvenated and find the zest we need to follow up in life. There are lots of stress related issues developed over the years thanks to the complicated lifestyle we lead. And ironically, it is because of us mankind that things have become such a pitiful state. Under worst case scenarios people even die due to various health related issues and diseases and some even committed suicide. All you need to do is take a Napa valley wine tour when you can to distress yourself. It is absolutely crucial that you do so. Besides, you will be rejuvenated of doing so which will only improve your efficiency and output at your work.

First thing you ought to do once you decide upon taking a holiday, is to decide a place to visit. Also figure out how many people will be accompanying you for the trip. It is always good to spend some quality time with the ones you love, your relatives and friends to nourish one’s relationship which helps a lot of people around us to sustain life in a happy way. Happiness is just momentary and vacations always fills your heart and minds with several moments you can cherish in the future.

Come to San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the beautiful cities of California wine country tour in USA. It has everything to offer you, things that you would need in a vacation to get rejuvenated. The cultural experience and the moments you take back with you will always be wonderful as you relish good times. You must visit the city especially if you are a wine lover. San Francisco is very famous for its wineries. It has two counties literally filled with several wineries namely Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. These two places manufacture the best wines of the world and these wines are highly exotic. You also get to taste them for free.

There are many websites online promoting many wine country tour packages which are highly substantial and wonderful. Much more they are highly organized and structured in terms of their itineraries. You can always make use of such packages to have a well organized agenda when you get there. Also you can stay there in many guest houses in case you wish to spend more time in the same places. All you need to do is research around and gather details. All the details are available online just for you. Make good use of them.

Planning Patagonia Tours For Adventure

Patagonia tours can allow you to see sights you may not see anywhere else in the world. You can go see penguins in their natural settings, dramatic mountains and glaciers, even historic nautical museums. There are many options available to you to plan for an interesting and exciting tour package that encompasses the area.

You might want to go for an ecotourism adventure hike in the Andes. Through these tours, you may explore natural wonders such as Grey Glacier, Perito Merino Glacier or Fitz Roy Range. If you love nature, take a day to camp out at Torres del Paine National Park.

You may want to see some of the world’s most dramatic icebergs floating free and crashing into the sea. Or, take in some whale watching at Puerto Madryn to watch the drama unfold with these giants of the sea. You can also see penguins in their natural habitat offshore at Magdalena Island or join along with a tour group on a wild safari on land to see different exotic animals.

Water adventures do not just have to be experienced with a group from a boat at sea. You may want to arrange for sea kayaking trips or whitewater rafting in northern Patagonia as part of your trip for some intense recreational experiences. You also can try scuba diving or windsurfing if you wish.

If you would like to experience more of the region’s people and their culture, a tour of one of cities in the area may be just the ticket. Punta Arenas can be an option before heading out to the neighboring Torres del Paine National Park. Located next to the Strait of Magellan, the town offers lots of nautical history, including a replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s ship that went around the world.

January can be a good time to travel to Patagonia, but each season has its own effect on the region, which can be a determining factor in what you see and do. Pack smart to include various items from fleece wear to T-shirts, so that you may be prepared for whatever the weather brings you. Rain gear also is essential to take along on your trip.

You can join a tour group that communicates in Spanish or English to help guide you through destinations and tourist sites. Cruise lines also offer their own tours if you want to see things at sea or journey farther out to visit different ports or go to the different islands in the area. You also can plan a trip yourself or through a travel agent who is familiar with the region.

Patagonia is rich in history, scenery and adventure for you to see and explore with a group or on your own with an expert guide. With the right vacation planning, your Patagonia tours of the region can be adventures to remember forever. You can go online and read more about the area and collect more information on sights to see and things to do. Your local travel agent also can help steer you into exotic journeys to the land of mountains and penguins.

Family Trekking Tours in Garhwal Himalayas

Garhwal is believed to be among the most scenic and beautiful places of Asia. It is also a very famous and popular spot for trekkers. It is not just restricted to professional trekkers but even families can come and enjoy trekking here. There is a wide range of family trekking tours in Garhwal Himalayas. You can chose among the many routes and trails available here. Some of them are listed below:

Valley of Flowers Trek
This is considered one of the best treks among all Garhwal Himalayas trekking options. Valley of flowers is a riot of colors, sharp in contrast with the pure white of snow. The trek is over a 20 km stretch.

Har ki Doon Trek
Situated in the Western ranges of Garhwal Himalayas, Har ki Doon is another most popular among various Garhwal treks. At an elevation of 3,556 meters, the trek from Netwar to Osla will take you through the dense forests of walnuts, willows, chestnuts, and chinars. On the way to the destination, you will pass through conifer forests, lush green land and terraced mountain fields.

Dodital Trek
The Dodital is a lake with a lot of mythological history attached to it and is also a happening trekking spot. It is the birth place of Lord Ganesha and according to ancient mythology has witnessed Ganesha’s beheading by Lord Shiva. At 3,307 meters above sea level, surrounded by lush greenery, this lake is a perfect spot for professional trekkers and beginners alike. The best season for a trek here is from January to June and September to December.

Gomukh & Tapovan Trek
Gomukh is one of the most religious places to visit for Hindus and is the source of the Holy River Ganges. The Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan trek is popular because of the religious sentiments attached to it.

Chopta Chandrasila Trek
This Garhwal trekking tour can be completed in 5-6 days. You can start your tour from Delhi and then go to Rishikesh, Chopta, Deoriatal, Tungnath, Auli, and then back to Rishikesh and then Delhi. This will give you a combination of walks, treks and drives through beautiful and scenic views of green mountains. This trekking tour is especially good for families with small children.

To conclude, if Himalayas trekking is on your mind, it is highly recommended to go for Garhwal Himalayas trekking. There is nothing more enjoying than planning a tour with your family. Not only are these treks filled with adventure, you will also be rewarded with beautiful landscapes and picturesque views. Set your self for this overwhelming tour.

Plan for Trekking Tours in Cotopaxi

Trekking is one of the favorite activities of people to explore the beauty that lies in a specific region. Unlike other adventurous activities like rafting, scuba diving, etc, trekking has nothing to do with special training or handling equipment. The only thing that trekkers need to do is to select their places of interest and plan out suitable days for this activity.

If you are an adventure seeker and want to have extraordinary trekking experiences, then consider trekking in Cotopaxi. It is located 28 km south of Quito, the capital of Ecuador and is amongst the active volcanoes in the entire world.

Cotopaxi is situated in the mountain ranges of Andes and measures an altitude of 5,897 m above the sea level. The conical shape of the mountain measures about 3,800 meters and its base stretches about 23 kilometers. On reaching the apex, trekkers can have spectacular views of the entire Quito. In 1803, a European climber first attempted to explore the mountain and with the passage of time, it has gained wide popular among adventure enthusiasts from different parts of the world. As of now, a number of tour operators are providing trekking opportunities by means of affordable tour packages.

If you are looking for adventure trekking tour programs, then look for those tour packages which includes trekking as well as wildlife tours to the Cotopaxi National Park. The protected wildlife park is located south of Quito and is home to innumerable variety of trees, birds, mammals and reptiles.

In order to capture the wild floras and faunas, you can trek through the dense forests and make great use of your cameras. Besides these, the rough terrain will lead you to some Amazon jungle lodges in the Ecuador. If you want to experience jungle tour at the fullest, then you can consider staying out in the lodges for some days. The lodges has been constructed with thatched roofs, bamboos and surrounded with bushy trees, all of which complement the eco-friendly atmosphere in the jungle.

Although highlands and forest areas offers adventure trekking opportunities, you cannot expect to have trekking anytime round the year. The change in climatic pressure may obstruct you to have successful trekking tours in Ecuador. In order to get detailed information about the best trekking time and places, you can seek guidance from tour operators in Ecuador. Besides providing information about the place, some operators offer safe and adventure trekking tour itineraries. So, get ready for trekking in Ecuador!

Kashmir Adventure Tours

Jammu & Kashmir is the most visited place of India. It is situated in the northern India. The hill places, blue valleys, different shapes of mountains and Lakes increase the prettiness of the Kashmir. Always Kashmir invites the all type of tourists like new married couple, family and friends from its natural beauty and unrivaled wonderments. So, it is called the “Paradise of earth”. There are thousands and thousands of foreign and Indian tourists come to visit and enjoy here. The Kashmir tour also famous for honeymoon tours. Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi, Leh Ladakh and Srinagar are the popular tourist destinations of the Jammu & Kashmir. These are the astonishing places of India. This is the India’s top most tourists Place because of its pilgrimages, Lakes and mountains.

Gulmarg is the most famous place of Kashmir tourism. Your trip will not be completed if you will not visit the Gulmarg because it is the place where you can full enjoy and makes your tour memorable. It is about 56 kilometers from the Srinagar. The mountains, green lush environment and hangouts are the main attractions of the Gulmarg. The best time to visit is April and June. The nearest railway station is Jammu. You can do several types of activities like skiing, horse riding, Khilanmarg etc. the best activity is Gondola ride to Apharwat. Thus, if you choose the Gulmarg tour then it is your best vacation deal. You can do shopping of Kashmiri shawls, kashmiri carpets, Tibetan handicraft items etc. There are popular temples are also be presented where lots of devotees come to visit here that is Mata Vaishno Devi temple which is the most visited place of Kashmir. It is one of the oldest shrines of India, located at a height of 5300 feet on the holy Trikuta Hills of the Shivalik Hill Range. Several travel agencies provide the full packages of Vaishno Devi Tour in which all best offers are to be presented. The package is designed in such a way that your pilgrimage to the home of Goddess Vaishno Devi would be smooth.

If you are planning to visit Kashmir then you should choose the best travel agency in India who offer the all best facilities that is hotels with dinner & lunch, guides, transportation and special facility for older and kids. The following tourist spots are to be included in the Kashmir Tour Packages:

Gulmarg Tour which is the most attractive tour of Kashmir.
Srinagar Tour which is famous for splendid beauty.
Vaishno Devi Tour which is most visited place by thousands of devotees.
Leh ladakh Tour which is famous for its superiority beauty.
Sonmarg Tour which is popular of its natural beauty and water spotrs.
Amarnath Yatra Sighseeing.

Kashmir is incredible place of India. It is an exotic holiday destination. Some of the popular ones are Srinagar – the capital of the state and very popular for Shikara rides on the Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens and houseboats, Gulmarg – called Meadow of Flowers. Kashmir holiday Packages offer the mind-boggling and most enthralling destinations. This is the place for nature lovers and devotees.


Adventure Tours In Egypt

Fishing in Lake Nasser, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh:
One of the most famous places for fishing all over the world is Lake Nasser. It is approximately 310 miles in length (1550 square miles) and can reach a depth of 600 feet. Lake Nasser has arguably the best freshwater fishing in the world for both Nile perch and Tiger Fish. There are also several species of catfish; the legendary giant Vonda being the biggest. Two species of Tilapia also inhabit the lake and give a good account of themselves on a fly rod. There are some thirty two species of fish in the lake.

Birds Watching in Egypt:
There are about 150 kind of resident birds in Egypt. Egypt is a migration corridor which attracts some 280 additional kind of birds because it occupies a unique geographical location as a bridge between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa and therefore millions of birds pass through the country on their way from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Siberia and Central Asia to Eastern and Southern Africa each autumn, and on their way back each spring. Migration begins in the Winter months. Summer migration begins in early August.

Cycling in Egypt:
Bicycling along Egypt roads shaded by Sycamore Trees, flanked by fields of wildflowers and banks of the legendary Nile and let the wealth of Egypt hidden treasures and quiet beauty comes to life. Riding a bicycle has a way of turning the world into an ever-unfurling ribbon of sights, scents and sounds. Our trips feature road biking along Egypt’s most scenic lanes. Experience Egypt Unique History, Architecture, Art, Oriental Dance, Music, Food and Folklore. Our Multilingual Tour Guides And Staff are passionate and informative, and devote themselves to unveiling the charms, traditions, history and culture of the Country. Allowing you a peek at daily life and the opportunity to be part of it.

Mountain Climbing in St. Catherine in Egypt:
Mt. Moses, also Mt. Sinai, is honored by the three great monotheistic religions. The path of Moses, starts in a gentle slope and gets steep on the last bit where it ends at the valley of Elijah. The final steep climb leads over rocky steps to the summit. Just below the summit in a natural hollow in the granite the imprint of a camels foot can be made out. The magnificent view from the summit is worthwhile the effort of a 3 hour long climb to the top of Mt. Moses. 3600 steps skillfully arranged by a monk on penalty – lead to the gate of Stephanos, where he heard the confessions of the pilgrims and giving them absolution before letting them pass. The steep way down leads to points with extraordinary views, always the smell of herbal plants and the chirping birds at company.

Windsurfing in Egypt:
Cross shore, consistent daily thermal wind means you can set off and return easily from the sandy beach. It is shallow enough to practice beach or water starts or to feel confident you are not going to stray too far from home. There is flat water inside the moon shaped bay, with chop in the middle section and swells outside up to 4 or 5 feet during the windiest season, providing plenty of starboard hand ramps to play on. There is heaps of space and its easy to sail further upwind, blast downwind or to take advantage of the little Hookipa Bay. Here the swells wrap round the point to give small but perfectly positioned ramps. Great for learning jumps with coaching video feedback! Ideal conditions to let you just get on with your windsurfingall day

Desert Trekking in Bahariya Oasis, White Desert and Siwa Oasis in Egypt:
20 million dollars for a trip into space when you can go to the moon for so much less? OK, its not really the moon, but the landscape is surreal; alien in every way, and it changes from one moment to the next. It is the type of place that creates wonder in adults, where such feelings were long ago thought lost. It is a land not yet fully explored, with twists and turns that reveal ever changing landscapes. This is the Bahariya Oasis, and the nearby, or rather, encroaching western desert. The evenings bring simple pleasures, including well made meals cooked by the Bedouins on open fires, songs from shared cultures, a little primitive dancing accompanied by one real drum, and much handclapping, the Bedouins sing a traditional song incorporating the events of the day, which, as the trekkers begin to be caught up in the music, encourages them to dance. We sleep under the stars which, with not even the glow of a nearby village, sparkle and shine with the glow that few people will ever experience.

Trekking Tours in Nepal

Nepal, the only Hindu country in the world exudes an old worldly charm to the travellers who come to visit this country all round the year. The vibrant capital city of Kathmandu, the picturesque natural landscapes and above everything the presence of the mighty Himalayan Range is what makes Nepal an inevitable tourist attraction in the global map.

A trekking expedition is what an adventurist tourist undertakes when in Nepal. The tourists and travellers, who come here with the intention to trek, cannot go on their own without the help of the ever innocent ever smiling local Nepalese porters or trekking guides who are always present at the tourist’s service. Also, now there are several trekking agencies and various big and small concerns who pledge to make the trekking experience a memorable one for the trekking enthusiasts. Trekkers coming from over the world go for the four most looked for trekking expeditions here in Nepal. Those four principle places are Mt. Everest Base Camp, Everest Base Camp and Island Peak, Everest Circuit and Mountain Range.

One such trekking agency in Nepal is Trek Climb Ski which is founded by Australian adventurist traveller Nick Farr in 1995. This agency renders professional help to the trekking enthusiasts who want to make their trekking experience any kind of hassle free, safeguarded and want to remember their adventurous journey all through their lives. Therefore trekking in Nepal becomes an adventure which the tourists love to indulge into more than once in their entire lifespan. Trekking in Nepal, particularly in the Everest mountain regions involves risks of different types. The moderate to high altitude areas need proper acclimatisation. Keeping that in mind, the trekkers who choose this agency are provided with sufficient rest days to undertake more trekking expeditions into deep of the mountains. The trekkers are provided with the most advanced trekking amenities and instruments of highest standard. Nepal trekking tours are organized by the agency in particular times of the year, especially between June and October. They provide the trekkers ample opportunities of sightseeing and give them luxurious accommodation and choicest foods.

The evergreen Himalayan Mountain Range is the centre point of attraction for any Nepal Trekking tours. The lush green mountain valleys, the wide and powerful mountain rivers and rivulets containing crystal clear water and the picturesque landscape are there to make the Nepal Trekking Tours the most cherished memory of life.

Jungle Safari And Camping Tours In Tanzania

Tanzania camping tours will typically involve game viewing all evening lengthy. You may invest the nights in the bush exactly where you may check out the sky with hundreds of thousands of shinning stars. You might hardly stop hearing the noise from birds, insects and lions roaring from the distance. Because the night falls, it will be like the beginning of yet another journey, exactly where gazelles will make their method to a water drop in search of water. Together with your cameras prepared, you may have good photo shoots on curious Baboons which will arrive to inspect your tent. You need to nonetheless carry enough clothing to cater for the cold nights though you may want to remove them during the day once you will experience hot weather.

Tanzania camping tours are done in 4 by four wheel drive land rovers having a pop-up-roof to existing outstanding wildlife viewing. Meals are prepared by properly experienced camp cooks. Serengeti National Park is the most well-known park in Tanzania and also the Biggest. Numerous tourists come to this site to witness the migration of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest each and every year.

February is the best time for you to visit the park when these herds of wildlife are gathered all over the Serengeti Plain to graze about the short grass. It is also during this time many calves are born and you may not regret watching the newborn calves sucking and jumping up and down as their mothers graze.

With Tanzania camping tours, you might journey the Olduvai Gorge site, via Serengeti exactly where Dr. Leakey discovered fossils of animal and human ancestors dating again pretty much two million a long time in the past. Tour the Tarangire National Park which is 2,600 sq km. This park contains a concentration of wild, bird and plant existence. The park is named after the Tarangire River which is the only lasting river passing via the park. All wildebeest in Tangarire National Park rely on this river. This park also offers an amazing watch of grass, the acacia and baobab trees.

Tanzania is situated in southern Africa. Swahili is the main language utilized. Tanzania camping tour will get you to Mount Kilimanjaro which is the largest mountain in Africa along with the tallest free standing mountain on earth. Here you might have an exciting climbing and hiking. Tanzania camping tours also give Honey Moon Safaris for couples from all elements of the world. Visit Tanzania and experience the most effective vacation vacations you may ever before imagine.

Morocco Adventure Tours

Morocco is a country that showcases such a varied historical background and flaunts rich cultural heritage.  The country became a popular tourist destination because of its magnificent cities highlighting their scenic as well as architectural beauty. Amongst several tour packages that are designed specifically for the families, there are numerous Morocco adventure tours as well, which would let tourists have loads of fun on their way to some of the magnificent cities of the country.

Adventures tours are common amongst people who have the ability to walk for hours. However, several tourists opt for adventure tours to experience the thrill of living life like Berbers with a Berber family. The Berbers are basically nomads who shift their places from the lower Dades Valley to the High Atlas Mountains during summer season and vice a versa.

If you are an adventure freak, availing Morocco tour packages from a reputed tour operator can find you the best deal. The best way to experience the adventure is to walk through the scenic beauty of the desert enriched country till your heart feels content. Moreover, adventure touring is also a sure shot way to test your physical strength and endurance. Traveling with Berbers would be a mind blowing experience as they take you along through muddy sand dunes and impassable routes that otherwise would have been difficult to approach. Best part of travelling with these indigenous people is that they decide the speed and distance of the route by the pace at which their herd and livestock are moving at.

The Morocco adventure tours are usually carried out in the Dades valley and rise to the world’s highest mountain range, the great Atlas’s. The charm of going on adventure tours is that it is not planned. Whether enjoying camping during nights or traveling with the nomads of the region, can simply be an unforgettable experience for adventure loving people.

Moreover, apart from all the adventure related to the country, Morocco is known for the hospitable people, desert safaris and authentic and delectable Moroccan cuisine. The landscapes and the contrasting intrigues embark a reason for the adventure enthusiast to visit Morocco again. If adventure does not fascinate you and relaxing is the prime objective, then luxurious hotel accommodations are ideal destinations waiting for you. Thus, avail diverse tour packages to travel and explore the magnificent and majestic country of the North African continent, Morocco and live life to the fullest.