Let the Trek on Inca Trail change your life, according to CNN


Peru’s Inca Trail was recently named as one of CNN’s 49 Journeys that will Change Your Life.

The Inca Trail – which came in third on the list – was joined by other stunning adventures like a 10-week trip from Cape Town to Cairo or an elevator trip from the ground floor to the 89th of Taiwan’s Taipei Tower.

Built more than 500 years ago, the Inca Trail was part of the most extensive and advanced road system in Pre-Columbian South America. The Inca road system linked together some 25, 000 miles (40,000 kilometers) of roadways.

Traversing the Andes Mountain range, the Inca Trail offers travelers several different routes, each one passing through some of Peru’s unique ecosystems, ranging from cloud forests to alpine tundra.

Inca ruins along the way act as teasers for the final destination: the world-renowned ruins of Machu Picchu. Some of the routes take travelers as high as 4,200 meters above sea level – offering breathtaking views. Depending on the chosen route and stops made along the way, the trek can take anywhere from 2-5 days.

Other South American destinations named on CNN’s list included: a road trip from Turbo, Colombia to Buenos Aires, Argentina and a train ride from Esquel to Ingeniero Jacobacci, Patagonia, Argentina.

Top Hints for Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

The beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro is a famous brand of Africa as well as an inspiring hiking familiarity. Through the mopping landscapes of flatlands and also woodlands shareable approximately its platform, to the elegant ordeal of gazing at the sun rising from its peak, a Kilimanjaro trekking trip gives ambitious mood a watch of the globe’s huge and also uniqueness. It is usually, surely, one of the better physical problems you may easily specify yourself. In an attempt to get pleasure from the magnificence of the landscaping you firstly must to esteem that surroundings, see the approaches through which it will lengthen you, moreover gear up suitably. Prior to going, verify that you are well-versed in these pointers and you could be certain to make the most out of your exciting activities.

Have a look at which way is optimum for you. Looming from the southern part, the favored Marangu Path is well-used along with can easily be taken on more rapidly than the others. Its availability at the same time requires considerable opportunities in addition to stressful walkways, on the contrary,Serengeti National Park, which will charm to certain guests instead of others. A lovely solution is the Lemosho path, clambering from the western part. This is often a less-journeyed and thereby more complete Kilimanjaro hiking possibility, that takes more time as compared to a few selected others yet as needed generates acclimatisation holistic. Along with, using the not so quick Lemosho path not simply aids you to level yourself, although delivers one of the most beautiful natural splendor about the mountain ranges; you can proceed through wildlife-opulent woodlands along with take joy in the gorgeous views obtainable by the AA Plateau ahead of rising to the peak.

Kilimanjaro possesses its own very fine-weather conditions, its magnitude along with lustrous woodlands signifying that intense rainfall is standard. The extensive rains start from March to June and even the brief rains run from November to December. The temperatures relies upon on the day, elevation plus the period, however , one can find more dry months: January and February are the most wonderful, nonetheless July to September is definitely hotter and also less damp as compared with the entire year. Please remember to wrap up waterproofs wardrobe, safari hats plus sun block to keep the arduous sun light off at tall height.

Anyone who has the most irresistible together with pleasant Kilimanjaro wandering activities happen to be those who accelerate themselves. Certain light elevation affliction at these altitudes is complicated to quit, still could certainly be reduced by getting it steadily and also offering yourself to obtain the top. Have lots of water and constantly wander to a stage above that at which you are arranging to sleep at night. Height ailment needs to be obtained honestly so it doesn’t kill your travel, consequently acquaint yourself with the signals, like severe headaches, and ensure that you take heed to the assistance of your tour guide.

Instructional is sided – both mental and physical. Bodily, prepare yourself to withstand long, troublesome guides, on top of that don’t neglect to look at points just like hills and the heaviness of the items you will end up having. Furthermore, it is powerful to have a health and wellness check-up before going – you really need not risk to be handling the out-of-the-ordinary maladies midway up. To set up yourself psychologically, consult to men and women who definitely have been there or even, peruse an array of information to get a sense of the types of dilemmas experienced by contributors in Kilimanjaro traipsing. Just remember that hikes might propel you to the boundaries, that produces the bliss that is far more thrilling . Nurturing soul and body as you travel will ascertain that you have the exciting ordeal you ought to have.

Nepal – One Of the Best Trekking Destinations

Nepal is home to a lot of lofty mountains. This country is a real paradise for adventure lovers. It is the homeland of Himalaya, offering people sky touching mountain picks as well as ambitious hills. Therefore, Nepal is known as one of the greatest trekking destinations. Also, visiting Nepal, travelers will have the opportunity to see stunning langscapes, exotic wildlife and lush natural vegetation.

Nepal has a number of tourist destinations. Now let’s know about important trekking destinations in Nepal.

Ghorepani Poon Hill:

Ghorepani-Poon Hill offers all the best trekking in Nepal. Enjoy the wonderful view of Dhaulagiri and the Kaligandaki gorge during the trek. You will come in contact with charming villagers, spectacular mountain ranges, dense lushly forest and exotic wildlife in course of trekking this hill. You can accommodate at the hill in a teahouse in a very homely manner. The hill offers you wonderful view of Annapurna region at high altitude.

Mount Everest:

Trekking Mt. Everest can be a lifetime wonderful experience. It is among one of the most sought trekking destinations in the world and during the Nepal Trekking Tour. Trekkers can acknowledge with Buddhist monasteries and Sherpa villagers during trekking Everest. Some of the best trekking routes in these regions are Everest Base Camp trek, Lukla trek – Phakding and Kathmandu-Namche Bazaar trek. Enjoy trekking at these adventurous routes.

Annapurna region:

The sky-touching Annapurna is the best trekking region in Nepal. It is not for ordinary trekker. Only skilled trekker can enjoy best trekking here due to dangerous path. Interesting trekking route in Annapurna region are Kathmandu-Pokhara, Nayapul, Poon Hill, Base Camp, etc. During trekking you will also cross the home of Tibettan Buddhist and many Hindu pilgrimages. Muktinath is the great Hindu pilgrimage site that comes in the way. You can also see the world’s deepest river gorge here. You can also enjoy panoramic view of Nilgiri Hill and Dhaulagiri Hill from the Annapurna mountain range. Trekker can visit holy Kali Gandek.

Kanchenjunga region:

Kanchenjunga is the highest peak in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Sikkim. The region is a very rich in flora and fauna and offers an ideal habitat to various exotic animal and plant kingdom. Trekking here is a nit difficult but is considered challenging among trekkers and so they try to exploit this isolated trekking part.

Langtang, the valley of glacier:

This region is both a trekking spot and natural tourist spot. The area is dominated with snow capped mountain, thick lush forest, rare species of wildlife, flowing glaciers and Buddhist monasteries. Nepal Trek can be made more enjoyable while trekking in this naturally endowed place.

Some of the other popular regions for Trekking in Nepal are Mustang, Ganesh Himal, Arun Valley, etc.

Famous Trekking Treks in Zanskar Valley

Leh Ladakh’s famous tour packages would always revolve around trekking tours in Zanskar valley. Majority of the visitors of the place are trekking experts who travel around the world just to explore various trekking adventures. Here are some of the best trekking packages that you should not miss along with what it can amazingly offer you.
Frozen River Trek : Frozen River Trek is the famous name for this trek in Zanskar Chadar. The term Chadar means white blanket or sheet and that is exactly what you will see with all the snow around for this demanding tour. If you are more of a daredevil, then you definitely should not miss this. The general temperature of the place can be as low as negative 30 degrees and even more. You can set up your own campsites to make things warm when night time comes.
Darcha Padum Trek:This is one of the favorite treks of the expert trekkers since this is also known as the ‘Lost World’. The entire trek begins in Darcha and down to Padum which can be found in the Zanskar Valley. With this trek, you can get to visit other monasteries of Mune and Burdun as you head your way to Padum.
Indus & Nubra Valley Trek:This trekking tour will introduce you to the two important valleys that have served as a crossroad for various commercial operations in and around India, Tibet and including Central Asia. It will also lead you to the very amazing monasteries that are located in the Indus Valley.
Lamayuru Chilling Trek and Lamayuru Padum Trek: This is one of the most gorgeous treks you can ever avail for a package since it will bring you to the most antique monasteries in the land. This includes the 11th century monasteries by Lotsawa Rinche Sangpo. Their well famed monastery is what this trek package is most proud of to offer.
Markha Valley Trek : Markha Valley Trek is one of the longest yet most diverse treks you can do in the Himalayan region. It would introduce you to stunning peaks and cliffs and other thrilling surprises. It would also give you a view of the summit monasteries which include the Tibetan temples and the parapet. If you would be lucky, you might even get to see the flurry leopards. But what is best about all these is the amazing visual treat that nature has in store for your once in a lifetime trekking trip.

Go for Gorilla trekking Before They Go Extinct

Uganda and Rwanda are known for gorillas which are about to become extinct. A huge damage to their population was done during the civil strife that gripped the region in the early part of the 1990s – there was no safety cover that could protect gorillas from poachers. There were nearly 700 gorillas in 2002 which has been reduced to 260 in 2008. The curiosity to see the endangered gorillas forces travelers from around the world to come and know the close ancestors of human from close – they share 97% genetic material with human beings.

Increasing Popularity of  Trekking

The ORTPN Park is known to have rare Giant primates or the Legendary Mountain Gorillas in Africa. Travelers who do Safari at the park can have an opportunity to see these gorillas; however, a major problem is that the creature does not often come out and it depends a lot upon the time and luck that a traveler can have a view of them. Generally, gorillas come out when they are hungry and that too at the nearest food.

The endangered gorillas are also found in Africa’s Virunga Volcanoes Mountains. Another species that attracts travelers is Golden Monkey which is found in Thousand Hills. The subspecies of blue monkey, Golden Monkey are common sites in the bamboo forests of the volcanic mountain chain that is spread in the parts of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwenzori trekking

Rwenzori Trekking offers exciting adventurous traveling experience to travelers with its terrain and wildlife. Also called the Mountains of the Moon, Rwenzori Mountains are a mountain range of central Africa. Located between Uganda and the DRC, the mountain has an height of 5,109 m. Most of the time, the peaks of Rwenzori Mountain are snow-capped which can be considered ideal for mountaineering and trekking. Travelers from far countries come to expedite the tough terrain and feel victorious after reaching atop the hill.

The range of mountain has diverse flora and fauna that attract travelers and enchant them a lot. Vegetation, ranging from tropical rainforest to alpine meadows to snow can be considered a major attraction; such diversity is unparallel and unfound anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, the animals found in the range of mountain can be considered exquisite ones. Animals ranging from forest elephants to giant heathers to senecios and lobelias, etc. amongst others can be seen anytime at these mountains.

Getting Prepared for Tibet Trekking

Tibet trekking is a unique experience to savour while you are travelling to this part of the world. Preferably known as roof of the world, Tibet is home to a lot of undisclosed secrets of the natural splendour. Untold mysteries and spiritual wonders go side by side here that attract the world wide travellers to pay a visit to Tibet at least once in their lifetime. If you are a great enthusiast of mountaineering, you will surely enjoy a gala time over here. All your latent dreams and desires can be fulfilled. This place will offer you enough opportunities to let you experience the unravished beauty of the snow capped mountains, the wilderness of the environment, and the cordiality of the local people in the most explicit manner.

Tibet is not a destination for an ordinary traveller who seeks leisure in a tour. Rather, Tibet tours will surely offer a lot of discomforts. However, if you can persevere the difficulties, the chalice waiting for you at the end is quite worth for. But before you come to Tibet you must find a professional tour operator who will take care of your travelling in this part of the world. They will guide you about all that you require to do and about which route to follow. Also these organisations are quite efficient in managing the necessary permits, etc., for their clients. So, you can enjoy a complete hassle free Tibet trekking with one such an organisation. This time, when you are coming to Tibet, do not forget to book your tour operator well in advance.

No matter whatever your guide asks to carry while you are preparing yourself for a trekking in Tibet, you must opt for few necessary equipments. These include a sleeping bag, a tent, and a stove for preparing your foods. You could quite easily find these things available in Lhasa on rent. It is not good to buy these items and compensate with the quality as you you will require them only for a short time. It is better to go for a canister stove instead of a western liquid fuel stove on Tibet trekking. This is because the white gas required to fuel the western stoves are hard to find, while the pressurised fuel canisters are easily available all throughout the Tibetan capital.

Equally important is carrying a set of warm clothing and a good pair of mountain boots. If you have some doubts about any other equipments you need to carry for a successful trekking in Tibet, you can ask your trekking advisers to help you out in this regard. So, while on Tibet tours you must get hold of a highly competent trekking solution provider so that you can enjoy your trip in a great manner. Come to Tibet and enjoy exploring its uninhibited beautiful landscapes. And you will surely love to carry these memories back to home and talk about them to your friends and family.

Trekking Sapa, Vietnam

Travelers do not stumble upon Sapa, Vietnam. They travel there to see the awesome scenery and get a glimpse of the mountain communities in the area.

Most travelers catch night train in Hanoi and arrive in Sapa in the early morning. There are several departure times for night trains – try to catch the earliest. Watch for “phony porters” who will try to help you with your luggage and then try to extort $ 2 per bag for helping you. Avoid the whole scene by carrying your own bag to the train and keep your ticket in hand until you arrive at your assigned car. There will be a conductor at the car to take your ticket. Guard your ticket closely – you will need it when you arrive in Sapa.

Upon arrival in Sapa you will be offered a ride “up the mountain” by bus or taxi – unless you’ve made a reservation. Hang back and watch what kind of deal others are negotiating with drivers. Beware – there are “touts” that act a “middle men”. They get a % of the fare – the more you pay the more they get.

The trip to Sapa will take 1.5 to 2 hours. Hotels – you can make a reservation, consult a travel guide (online or book) for recommendations, or wait to see where the bus stops. Check with fellow travelers on the bus, some one may have been there before and has a good hotel in mind.

Or – you can ride to the end of the line. The bus will terminate at a hotel. Grab your gear, find a restaurant and have breakfast. This will give you time to survey the situation. Maybe talk to someone who is wearing a day/fanny pack (most people don’t carry all their gear with them when they are looking at the scenery) and find our if they’re at a “good” hotel.

Some people bypass Sapa and head for the mountain villages. You might check with a local tour agencies and see if you want to arrange a home stay tour for a night or two. This isn’t recommended because Sapa has a lot to offer on its own.

Before agreeing to a tour or guide services be sure to check the weather forecast and road conditions in the area you want to visit. Severe rain storms and landslides across roads are not uncommon around Sapa. If you’re traveling on to Dien Bien Phu be sure the roads are up to your standards.

Arrange to go to one of the local villages to see what life is like for the mountain tribes (known locally as “ethnic minorities”). It’s much different than that of ethnic Vietnamese. Take a trek through the terraced rice fields and the surrounding mountains. Have a plan to stop for lunch or take it with you.

You will have a lot of chances to meet members of the mountain tribes as they work in the fields or in their villages.

Home stays are very popular and offer more exposure to the mountain way of life. Their style of living is unique and well worth experiencing. Evenings are spent watching traditional ethnic music performances and village life. Celebrating has been known to get out of hand when local liquor is consumed. Early morning life involves preparing breakfast, feeding animals, housekeeping and working in the family garden.

Check the amenities when arranging a home stay. Be sure of the sleeping accommodations. Most home stays offer beds with clean sheets, pillows, mosquito nets and western style toilets.

Some home stays (and other tours) offer opportunities to do some serious trekking from one village to another. Some treks can be fairly remote. People are pleasant but be sure to be respect local customs of the people here and ask permission to take photographs.

Before you leave Sapa consider visiting the local market, the garden around Sapa Lake and the cathedral. If you stay in Sapa for most of your visit these attractions are within walking distance, as is Cat Cat Village in the valley below.

Most travelers return to Lao Cai to catch the return night train to Hanoi. The railroad station is rather austere, but there are nearby attractions. There are several restaurants and Internet cafes close by.

You will arrive early enough back in Hanoi to allow for a full day in Hanoi or depart for a trip to Halong Bay.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan is a unique tourist location resting in the southern regions of the Himalayas and widely known as ‘the land of the thunder dragon’. Bhutan Tour is popular because it comes under the world’s top travel destinations. Perched on high altitudes, you witness mystical beauty spread across acres of land. The Bhutan kingdom is manifested by its natural beauty of flora and fauna, and is also home for varied species of animals. Bhutan’s sacredness, culture and heritage, in essence, make up its unique identity.

Touring Bhutan

The mountain ranges are home to sacred monasteries. Bhutan is known for many spiritual people, with Buddhism practiced by majority of the nationals. A trip to Bhutan covers destinations like Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, Gogona etc. These places expose the natural splendors and cultural highlights of the place. Bhutan tour includes visiting museums especially the National Textile and Folk Heritage.

The Trekking Paradise

Bhutan Tour is specially enjoyed if you love trekking and adventure. This trekking helps you get close and personal with nature. The landscapes, with deep valleys surrounded by dominating mountains are perfect for long treks. There is a whole list of trekking routes, taking you to various places such as Phobjhika valley, Khotokha and Gogona villages, juniper and magnolia forests and other remote villages. These routes give a glimpse of Bhutan’s magnificent glacial valley. The forests, fields and meadows make the trek an exciting experience.

Trekking in Bhutan offers breath-taking views of the Himalayan range, mountain lakes, and monasteries. As you pass through rocky and rough trails you will encounter rare endangered species of birds like the magpie, woodpecker, and black-necked crane. Bhutan protects and preserves the natural habitat of many rare species in the animal and bird kingdom. Trekking in Bhutan is one of a kind because the environment is as diverse as the culture.

Seasonal Trekking

Spring, summer, autumn, winter are the four seasons found here? Taking a trip to Bhutan in each of these seasons has its own delightful pleasures. Summer trekking unveils green-covered valleys and blossoming flowers. Most trekkers enjoy trekking between March and May. Spring brings in colorful meadows and wildflowers. Autumn is the season which brings in the maximum number of tourists. There are treks specific and suited to winter. Some of the hardest treks in the world are covered in winter. These are challenging, yet adventurous treks, leaving explorers with a lifetime experience. A Bhutan tour truly reveals so much of its richness that is usually hidden in the hills.

Tibet Trekking

Tibet is one of the best destinations in the Himalayas that are known for its adventure sports. So, do not underestimate this place as yet another hilly region of the Himalayas. There is a lot more to this place than just Buddhism and monasteries. The high altitude in Tibet allows the solar radiation to hit the earth’s surface directly with extreme intensity. Hence, you need to protect your skin and eyes from this heat. So, whenever you are going out always use a sunscreen and sunglasses that will help you to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are opting for a tour to Tibet then choose to visit it in between April and October. You can go to Tibet during the winter months because the rush is not that much and you can enjoy yourself thoroughly.

There are numerous trekking routes and regions, which you can choose to go for during your tour to Tibet. One of the most popular is the Everest region. Trekkers explore zones that have never been visited by anyone before. You can opt for an Everest trek tour from Kathmandu drive through the beautiful and charming Nepalese countryside till Zangmu the Chinese border town before the road goes up into the deep gorges of the Sunkoshi River. You can choose to trek past the Tingri village to the base camp from where you can witness the wonderful dimensions of the Mount Everest.

Another very well known region, which you can use for trekking during your tour to Tibet, is the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. For more than thousand years pilgrims have made their way to Kailash Mansarovar just to pay their respect to the mystery of the mountain. It is a prehistoric ritual of devotion that is continued even till this day. You will find that most of the primary passes lead to Kailash Mansarovar. The main ones in the Kumaon area are Nuwe Dhura, Jayanti, Lampiya Dhura and Unta Dhura. With the help of the Chinese Government and the External affairs ministry Kumaon Manadal Vikas Nigam are coordinating tours to Kailash Mansarovar across the Lipulekh pass.

If you want to explore another region for trekking during your tour to Tibet opt for the Namchag Barwa. It is a great short trek for amateur botanists and nature lovers. The trek includes Rong valley and the Nyima La. The route starts in the small village of Pei. A ferry crosses to Timpe a site of the Guru Rinpoche monastery and cave. A wonderful trail leads to the northern part of Nyima La via some of the flower gardens and virgin forests in the southeastern part of Tibet. During your Tibet treks you will pass through wonderful groves of flowering. You will get tremendous views of the Himalayas during your treks, which you will surely enjoy.

Before you head out for a trek tour you must know that there are no independent treks allowed in Tibet. You need to be a part of a group or take the help of a local travel operator who can arrange a trek tour for you.

Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori trekking is one of the right ways of make your dream come true of climbing. The compelling attractiveness of the Rwenzori Mountains keeps you mesmerized for a long time and persuades you to come here again and again. Rwenzori trekking is surely the right way of venturing a trip to the Uganda-Congo border. This beautiful and amazing mountain range stretches more than one hundred and twenty km from corner to corner the border and stands high at the altitude of 4.500 m.

According to geographical records and surveys, Rwenzori Mountains are the biggest mountain ranges in Africa with its six distinguished mountains that are Mt. Stanley, Mt. Speke, Mt. Baker, Mt. Gessi, Mt. Emin Pasha and Mt. Luigi de Savoia. All the aforementioned six mountains are known for snow capped peaks along with lush green cover of the mountains. These mountain ranges truly offer exceptional amalgamation of beauty and escapade, and are a enjoyment for any hiker.
Rwenzori trekking endows climbers with an experience that give then an adrenaline rush. The trekking to this mountain range starts from village of Nyakalengija, along the Mobuku River, then taking the slope of Mt. Baker till one reaches the most important trail leading to Margherita peak of Mt.Stanley that is the highest peak of Rwenzori Mountain range.

Today, with the increasing interest of people towards jungle safaris, especially Rwenzori trekking, leading tour and travel operators have come up with attractive tours packages to Rwenzori trekking. The leading tour operators offer attractive packages that include pick and drop, comfy accommodation, sightseeing, camping with security in the jungles, multi-cuisine meals and a number of other things. Getting an attractive tour package to Rwenzori trekking would surely be an amazing experience for you to cherish for lifetime.

In order to get the right tour package to Rwenzori trekking, what all you have to do is simply select the right tour provider and place your order online. Booking a tour package in advance is the right way of saving your time and money and making your Rwenzori trekking hassle-free and memorable. So what you are waiting for, book your tour right now to enjoy the real wildlife in the East Africa.

Family Trekking Tours in Garhwal Himalayas

Garhwal is believed to be among the most scenic and beautiful places of Asia. It is also a very famous and popular spot for trekkers. It is not just restricted to professional trekkers but even families can come and enjoy trekking here. There is a wide range of family trekking tours in Garhwal Himalayas. You can chose among the many routes and trails available here. Some of them are listed below:

Valley of Flowers Trek
This is considered one of the best treks among all Garhwal Himalayas trekking options. Valley of flowers is a riot of colors, sharp in contrast with the pure white of snow. The trek is over a 20 km stretch.

Har ki Doon Trek
Situated in the Western ranges of Garhwal Himalayas, Har ki Doon is another most popular among various Garhwal treks. At an elevation of 3,556 meters, the trek from Netwar to Osla will take you through the dense forests of walnuts, willows, chestnuts, and chinars. On the way to the destination, you will pass through conifer forests, lush green land and terraced mountain fields.

Dodital Trek
The Dodital is a lake with a lot of mythological history attached to it and is also a happening trekking spot. It is the birth place of Lord Ganesha and according to ancient mythology has witnessed Ganesha’s beheading by Lord Shiva. At 3,307 meters above sea level, surrounded by lush greenery, this lake is a perfect spot for professional trekkers and beginners alike. The best season for a trek here is from January to June and September to December.

Gomukh & Tapovan Trek
Gomukh is one of the most religious places to visit for Hindus and is the source of the Holy River Ganges. The Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan trek is popular because of the religious sentiments attached to it.

Chopta Chandrasila Trek
This Garhwal trekking tour can be completed in 5-6 days. You can start your tour from Delhi and then go to Rishikesh, Chopta, Deoriatal, Tungnath, Auli, and then back to Rishikesh and then Delhi. This will give you a combination of walks, treks and drives through beautiful and scenic views of green mountains. This trekking tour is especially good for families with small children.

To conclude, if Himalayas trekking is on your mind, it is highly recommended to go for Garhwal Himalayas trekking. There is nothing more enjoying than planning a tour with your family. Not only are these treks filled with adventure, you will also be rewarded with beautiful landscapes and picturesque views. Set your self for this overwhelming tour.