Famous Trekking Treks in Zanskar Valley

Leh Ladakh’s famous tour packages would always revolve around trekking tours in Zanskar valley. Majority of the visitors of the place are trekking experts who travel around the world just to explore various trekking adventures. Here are some of the best trekking packages that you should not miss along with what it can amazingly offer you.
Frozen River Trek : Frozen River Trek is the famous name for this trek in Zanskar Chadar. The term Chadar means white blanket or sheet and that is exactly what you will see with all the snow around for this demanding tour. If you are more of a daredevil, then you definitely should not miss this. The general temperature of the place can be as low as negative 30 degrees and even more. You can set up your own campsites to make things warm when night time comes.
Darcha Padum Trek:This is one of the favorite treks of the expert trekkers since this is also known as the ‘Lost World’. The entire trek begins in Darcha and down to Padum which can be found in the Zanskar Valley. With this trek, you can get to visit other monasteries of Mune and Burdun as you head your way to Padum.
Indus & Nubra Valley Trek:This trekking tour will introduce you to the two important valleys that have served as a crossroad for various commercial operations in and around India, Tibet and including Central Asia. It will also lead you to the very amazing monasteries that are located in the Indus Valley.
Lamayuru Chilling Trek and Lamayuru Padum Trek: This is one of the most gorgeous treks you can ever avail for a package since it will bring you to the most antique monasteries in the land. This includes the 11th century monasteries by Lotsawa Rinche Sangpo. Their well famed monastery is what this trek package is most proud of to offer.
Markha Valley Trek : Markha Valley Trek is one of the longest yet most diverse treks you can do in the Himalayan region. It would introduce you to stunning peaks and cliffs and other thrilling surprises. It would also give you a view of the summit monasteries which include the Tibetan temples and the parapet. If you would be lucky, you might even get to see the flurry leopards. But what is best about all these is the amazing visual treat that nature has in store for your once in a lifetime trekking trip.

Morocco Treks – Planning Before the Big Adventure

The High Atlas Mountains are the most popular destination for trekkers. This region is largely unexplored by anyone other than the Berber tribes, due to its remote nature as well as Morocco being un-traveled. The treks one can take vary from short walks through cedar forests to difficult treks up steep and rocky slopes.

Areas of the High Atlas Mountains cannot be reached during winter because of the treacherous mountain paths. Other areas turn into winter wonderlands with small ski resorts and plenty of downhill skiing fun. A location for trekking Morocco you might find most exciting is the rarely traveled Jbel Sarhro. Jbel Sarhro runs along the Anti Atlas and High Atlas mountains. From the area it is possible to overlook the Sahara desert in the distance. There are mesas, gorges, and volcanic pinnacles which are softened by the growth of palms and almond groves. It is an arid country with wild landscapes just waiting for the next visitor.

Treks through the Jbel Sarhro can take five to twenty days depending on what you wish to see. The different walks are almost endless when it comes to choices. The first place many travelers choose to see is Bab n?li. This High Atlas trekking experience brings you to rock formations which are geologically strange. For example the Tete De Chamaux or Head of the Camel cliffs which rise above Igli are distinctive. The cliffs are also impressive in size and magnificence. There is also the Taggourt Plateau. The plateau is the perfect opportunity for trekkers to look back at what they left behind. It is a stunning green and red landscape which is a marvel for anyone who has ever seen it. There are numerous peaks, plateaus, and rock formations to examine throughout the area.

Tizi n Tazazert is a two to three day hike up a pass. From this area it is possible to take a five day loop from N?ob to the Handeour Valley where dry river beds await the adventurer. Tadout n?ablah is another plateau of the region. The most magnificent area in the Jbel Sarhro region is Jbel Bou Rhdad and Tamouline. They are twin peaks you can trek. While these peaks do not reach the 4,000 meters of Jbel Toubkal they are no less impressive than the tallest High Atlas Mountain. Since the mountainous area of Jbel Sarhro was once littered with active volcanoes you have even more to add to the trip’s sites. Volcanic rock can still be found near the pathways for you to marvel over as the rocks are very old.

Costa Adeje Trekking and Beaches

Costa Adeje is a fabulous resort offering the best action and excitement that the Canary Islands have to offer. Whether you want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife or simply relax on the beaches, there is something in Costa Adeje to suit even the pickiest holidaymaker! If you want a holiday but not sure how much you can afford, you can stay confident that this resort caters for all tastes and budgets. Many tour operators offer unbelievably good package deals to the area, perfect for those looking to avoid hefty credit card bills that often come hand in hand with summer holidays.

Costa Adeje is located on the west coast of Tenerife, one of the most popular islands in the Canary family. The idyllic setting and lively atmosphere ensures that once you arrive in the resort immediately to escape from everyday life. Couples, families and groups of young travellers are popular visitors to the resort, each find their perfect holiday mix.

One of the key elements of the resort is a long promenade that is lined with bars, restaurants and gift shops. Day and night, this area filled with tourists enjoying a stroll or taking a bite to eat. The popular promenade is overlooked by the majestic Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain and a great place to enjoy a trip during a vacation to Costa Adeje. If you prefer to stay active during your holiday there are plenty of sports and enjoy recreational activities within the resort.

Golf is a popular choice, there is a large modern course is located in Costa Adeje which caters for both novice and expert players. Tennis and bowling facilities are also available along with jeep safaris and camel rides for the more adventurous traveller! Take to the seas and enjoy a spot of deep sea fishing or boat trips to the dolphins and whales, a great experience for the whole family will remember watching.

Adeje Old Town is a great place to explore if you fancy learning more about the history and culture of the resort, with its picturesque harbor that more restaurants and bars. The beach is Costa Adeje is one of the main attractions of the resort, covered with fine black volcanic sand; the beach is full of exciting facilities including water skiing and snorkelling to try during your vacation.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder Costa Adeje is one of the most popular Canary Islands resorts. But you want to spend your vacation; you can find it in this truly unique holiday haven.