Trekking Sapa, Vietnam

Travelers do not stumble upon Sapa, Vietnam. They travel there to see the awesome scenery and get a glimpse of the mountain communities in the area.

Most travelers catch night train in Hanoi and arrive in Sapa in the early morning. There are several departure times for night trains – try to catch the earliest. Watch for “phony porters” who will try to help you with your luggage and then try to extort $ 2 per bag for helping you. Avoid the whole scene by carrying your own bag to the train and keep your ticket in hand until you arrive at your assigned car. There will be a conductor at the car to take your ticket. Guard your ticket closely – you will need it when you arrive in Sapa.

Upon arrival in Sapa you will be offered a ride “up the mountain” by bus or taxi – unless you’ve made a reservation. Hang back and watch what kind of deal others are negotiating with drivers. Beware – there are “touts” that act a “middle men”. They get a % of the fare – the more you pay the more they get.

The trip to Sapa will take 1.5 to 2 hours. Hotels – you can make a reservation, consult a travel guide (online or book) for recommendations, or wait to see where the bus stops. Check with fellow travelers on the bus, some one may have been there before and has a good hotel in mind.

Or – you can ride to the end of the line. The bus will terminate at a hotel. Grab your gear, find a restaurant and have breakfast. This will give you time to survey the situation. Maybe talk to someone who is wearing a day/fanny pack (most people don’t carry all their gear with them when they are looking at the scenery) and find our if they’re at a “good” hotel.

Some people bypass Sapa and head for the mountain villages. You might check with a local tour agencies and see if you want to arrange a home stay tour for a night or two. This isn’t recommended because Sapa has a lot to offer on its own.

Before agreeing to a tour or guide services be sure to check the weather forecast and road conditions in the area you want to visit. Severe rain storms and landslides across roads are not uncommon around Sapa. If you’re traveling on to Dien Bien Phu be sure the roads are up to your standards.

Arrange to go to one of the local villages to see what life is like for the mountain tribes (known locally as “ethnic minorities”). It’s much different than that of ethnic Vietnamese. Take a trek through the terraced rice fields and the surrounding mountains. Have a plan to stop for lunch or take it with you.

You will have a lot of chances to meet members of the mountain tribes as they work in the fields or in their villages.

Home stays are very popular and offer more exposure to the mountain way of life. Their style of living is unique and well worth experiencing. Evenings are spent watching traditional ethnic music performances and village life. Celebrating has been known to get out of hand when local liquor is consumed. Early morning life involves preparing breakfast, feeding animals, housekeeping and working in the family garden.

Check the amenities when arranging a home stay. Be sure of the sleeping accommodations. Most home stays offer beds with clean sheets, pillows, mosquito nets and western style toilets.

Some home stays (and other tours) offer opportunities to do some serious trekking from one village to another. Some treks can be fairly remote. People are pleasant but be sure to be respect local customs of the people here and ask permission to take photographs.

Before you leave Sapa consider visiting the local market, the garden around Sapa Lake and the cathedral. If you stay in Sapa for most of your visit these attractions are within walking distance, as is Cat Cat Village in the valley below.

Most travelers return to Lao Cai to catch the return night train to Hanoi. The railroad station is rather austere, but there are nearby attractions. There are several restaurants and Internet cafes close by.

You will arrive early enough back in Hanoi to allow for a full day in Hanoi or depart for a trip to Halong Bay.

Adventure And Recreation In Vietnam

You cannot really know Vietnam before visiting this unique country. The real wonders of Vietnam reside in its towering mountains and dense forests, in its meandering rivers plus the expansive river valleys, and also the wonderful hotels in Vietnam. When visiting it you have the great opportunity to go cycling in Vietnam to explore the countryside or indulge in kayaking in Vietnam and take at the charms of the villages lying on the waterfront. The combined package of adventure and recreation in Vietnam won’t only look after your leisure hours, but can even unfold a hitherto not known side of Vietnam in your Vietnam holidays.

About Adventure and Recreation In Vietnam

You’ll find a variety of Vietnam adventure sports activities that are presented to the visitors. You are able to go golfing in Vietnam, probably the most popular of the Vietnam recreation modes, amidst the verdant greenery or in the event the adventure bug has bitten you then you’ll be able to go motor biking in Vietnam and experience the thrill of taking on the rugged terrains of the land. You will also have a good array of Vietnam hotels to stay in.

Hiking In Vietnam

By practicing hiking in Vietnam you will know it from close quarters. Uncover the mountains up north, revel in the mesmerizing all-natural setting into the Central Highlands of Vietnam or saunter along the grassy paths at the Mekong Delta in your hiking expeditions in Vietnam. Along the way, you’ll be passing through the quaint Vietnamese towns, villages and marketplaces. Take a detour through them and get friendly with the locals.

Jungle Trekking In Vietnam

A large part of Vietnam is covered with forests. There is an abundance of indigenous flora and fauna in these parts, most of it hidden in the depths of the jungles. Moreover you may have the many facets of a forest to find out in your jungle trekking tours: the deafening silence of the interiors interspersed from the sundry sounds which are particular only to a forest.

Water Sports In Vietnam

Vietnam’s rivers and the alluring of its beaches offer you excellent opportunities for adventure and recreation in Vietnam. Go cruising in Ha Long Bay and prepare to be bowled above the spectacular and almost surreal scenery herein. Go scuba diving in Vietnam, at Vung Tau and Nha Trang beaches and explore the myriad colors and shapes of Vietnam’s watery world. Things to do in Vietnam’s waterfronts are so many. The Pong Nha riverine caves come with ample scope for caving in Vietnam, while you may also go windsurfing in Vietnam on its countless pristine beaches.

In Vietnam, adventure and recreation possibilities come with promises of loads of thrills and feast for the eyes. You may be certain that your Vietnam vacations will pack in numerous feel-good factors, and also your hotel in Vietnam could be doubtless the most comfortable on the earth.

Best Vietnam Travel Destinations

Vietnam borders Cambodia, Laos and China and has a population of 86 million. It is not uncommon to see children riding buffalo while women in conical hats tend to their rice fields. Along the Mekong Delta you’ll find sleepy villages and incredible fish markets with delicious fresh caught fish. The Vietnam people are very friendly and hospitable to tourist.

If you have a good cheap travel insurance and like to get your adrenaline pumping, kayaking Halong Bay or exploring the caverns of the Phong Nha cave will give you a thrill. The secret lagoons and limestone peaks along the Halong Bay are a top rated destination for anyone visiting Vietnam. Phong Nha cave is the largest cave in Vietnam. The sites are stunning and it’s a must see for anyone who wants to experience the natural beauty of Vietnam.

For a taste of history visit the small historical town of Hoi An. Hoi An avoided many on the conflicts in the successive wars in Vietnam, so many of the pre-war traditions are intact. The local People’s Committee crack down on crime and keeps the streets safe for visitors. The small town of Mai Chau is another destination that has been able to keep it’s customs and history in tact. Mai Chau is in the vallys and is more secluded than Hoi An, if you are looking for a charming, low key destination.

For arts and modern culture, check out the art museums in Hanoi, and if you time your trip right you can catch the Hue Art Festival in the imperial capital of Hue. Hanoi offers many art museums that will inspire you. Top rated galleries include the Apricot Gallery, the Mai Tai Gallery and the Oriental Gallery. In the imperial city of Hue you can feast your eyes on ancient palaces, tombs, and temples. The bi-annual art festival features modern and ancient art, giving you a taste of what Vietnam has to offer.

When planning your trip to Vietnam be sure to compare travel insurance to get the best deal. This will save you money for the many experiences you will have in Vietnam.

An adventure holiday in Vietnam

Looking for a haven away from the drudgery and monotony of the daily grind? Want to break out of the rut? A trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is likely to recharge your batteries. Vietnam is one place on the map you definitely don’t want to give a miss. The breathtakingly beautiful country encompasses stunning scenery, intriguing history and fascinating picturesque locales. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in a multitude of adventurous activities. There are plenty of thrills for the adrenalin junkie including snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving. Furthermore, exploring the crystal clear blue waters of Nha Trang is sure to leave them mesmerized.

Adventure-seeking tourists ought to explore Vietnam. An action-packed Vietnam tours will regenerate their mind, body and spirit. It will help them unwind and de-stress. There are many things to do in Vietnam. Exploring the floating markets in the Mekong Delta is a must do activity. Crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnel will also leave an indelible impression on your mind. Incidentally, the Vietnamese New Year is not to be missed. Tourists from all over the world come to experience the wonderful fireworks, acrobatics and other events. There are reasons galore to visit Vietnam.

The sublime beauty of Vietnam’s natural setting will leave you awestruck. The vibrant atmosphere of the country is further enhanced by attractive monuments, spacious boulevards, exotic restaurants and more. It is also a shoppers’ paradise. Uncover the hitherto lesser known facets of the country. Contact a reputable Vietnam tour operator to book at the earliest. You can choose from various packages tailored to meet your exact needs. Feel free to explore adventure Vietnam travel tour packages online. There are two day packages, five day packages, twelve day packages, sixteen days and more. They cover myriad destinations and interesting highlights of Vietnam.

Like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are also ideal for those seeking adventure, rejuvenation and relaxation.  A family holiday to Laos can help you reconnect with loved ones. Spending quality time with family members can get you closer to them. What better way than bonding over adventure sports. Cycling adventures from Thailand to Laos and biking tours from Luang Prabang to Hanoi are not to be missed. Moreover, the markets in Vientiane and Luang Prabang are well worth your time. Ditto for sightseeing and nightlife! There are many activities to keep you entertained and engrossed. Rest assured that you will come back with beautiful memories etched in your mind.

Gear up for an adventure holiday in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. You can opt for the three country travel package to make enormous savings. Customize your tour and save a great deal of your time and money. Check out special promotion packages online. Get in touch with a reliable Vietnam tour operator to have your tour organized in the most professional way. Let your hair down to revel in an experience of a lifetime!