The Inca Trail – A Peru Holiday

September 23, 2015  —  By

Situated in the western region of South America, the Republic of Peru is a beautiful multiethnic country with a vast number of hidden treasures. With Colombia and Ecuador on top, Brazil on the right, Chile at the bottom and the gargantuan Pacific Ocean on the left, it’s no wonder why this country is rich in culture and the atmosphere here is amazing. Foreign visitors have claimed Peru to be the ideal holiday experience, a balance between nature and civilization.

If you’re planning on making a trip to Peru, here’s the list of the top three tourist spots. The first spot that I would recommend which incidentally has the highest number of visitors would be the renowned Inca Trail. This trail is one of the most oldest and sophisticated trail in South America and was built during the Inca Empire ruling. The Inca Trail is also known as the Camino Inca and is divided into three parts. The most famous part of the trail would be the trail to Machu Picchu and an average tour of this trail will consume 4 days. The Inca Trail is also divided into three routes, the Mollepata, Classic and One Day.

Secondly, when in Peru, you must pay Lake Titicaca a visit. This lake is elevated 3810 meters above sea level and is located on the borders of Peru and Bolivia. The average temperature of water in this lake is 12 degrees Celsius and is home to a variety of endangered wildlife. When visiting Lake Titicaca, it would be advisable to stay in the Puno, a small town that sits nearby the lake. During the existence of the Inca Empire, this lake was believed to be sacred and spiritual. The Incans believed that the Gods that the prayed to had once dwelled in the lake.

When in Peru and once you’re done with its nature side, there not better place to unwind than Lima.  Lima, the largest and also the capital city of Peru is home to 9 million people. Home to Callao Port, Peru’s biggest harbour, Lima is filled with museum and mind blowing architecture. A walk through this city will teach you all that there is to know about the people of Peru. Besides its culture and history, walking around Lima has another positive attribute, food! With so many different cultures and flavour, this spot is knows to be a food haven.

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