Volunteer Travel to Peru

March 11, 2014  —  By
volunteering Peru

If you travel to Peru, many organizations will charge you a fee to participate in their program and some are not cheap. They argue to cover your living expenses but others are totally free, we suggest that you try to do as much research as you can about the projects since costs and conditions can vary greatly. The more informed you are, the more realistic your expectations will be. Volunteer travel to Peru article has a list of some of the organizations that don’t charge anything:

http://workaway.info Workaway is a cultural exchange, you offer a few hours of volunteering in exchange of food and accommodation.

http://www.peruforyou.com/ Provides volunteer placements in the Peruvian Highlands in Huancayo with special interest in caring for the underprivileged children in our area.

http://www.kiyasurvivors.org/ Offers support to young mothers and violated women.

http://www.volunteer-conservation-peru.org/ Conservation projects in the jungle

http://www.mundodeania.org/ Volunteers children rainforest Peru

http://www.kuychi.org/ Cares for deprived children in the Urubamba region, to offer education and to support that child in finding a worthwhile place in Peruvian society.

http://www.amigoslink.org/Provides unparalleled leadership and community service opportunities for young people

http://www.habitat.org/ Habitat for Humanity International

http://www.earthwatch.org/ Promoting the conservation of natural resources

http://www.bruceperu.org/ Projects include teaching street kids who are not attending school in a bid to bring them up to a suitable standard so that they can be re-integrated back into normal schools again

http://www.unreadmothers.org/ Bring basic education to the poorest mothers and their children

http://www.comunidades-unidas.org/ Promote an in-depth cultural exchange between volunteers and rural communities and families in the Inca Sacred Valley and the cultural section of the Manu Biosphere Reserve

http://www.mosoq-ayllu.org.pe/ Created to help people in economically depressed communities to improve their living conditions

http://www.nexosvoluntarios.org/ There are placements in reputed projects related to education, health care, environment, small business management, human rights and fine arts

http://www.esperanzaperu.org/ Improving the quality of life of the residents of the Central Andes in Peru living in extreme poverty

http://www.carismaperu.org/ Improving and developing the abilities and skills of children and adolescents that live in the rural and high Andean regions of the central sierra of Peru

http://www.ayni.footboot.net/ Empower children and their families by removing or alleviating some of the obstacles that people living in extreme poverty typically face

http://www.prosaludperu.org/ Improve the standard of living amongst the poor through the development of health care and the foundation of economic alternatives

http://www.peruschallenge.com/ Work with communities in the Andes of Peru to create opportunities for children and create a self sustaining community

http://www.aldeayanapay.org/ Work to alleviate the social injustices faced by the children of Cusco

http://www.senordehuanca.org/ Raising the levels of education by offering the children and adolescents access to our library, computer room, english & music lessons

http://www.volunteeringinperu.com/ Improves the quality of life of the poorest people of our community by means of institutional support at orphanages, public schools, welfare houses, hospitals, and medical centers

http://www.machupicchuschool.org/ Environmental humanitarian sectors, conservation jobs, wildlife work as well as internship, seasonal work and cultural work programs in Cusco.